Diana's Cruel Reality

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  1. i have a dog and it is sad that its the same for me -_-
  2. *sighs* i wish i was a god to that bitch *giggles because she really is* but nooo the only thing im good for is reaching her toys when they fall off the couch and she is to lazy to get them.....i hate her high pitched bark so i always get it for her.
  3. D:

    i r doomed
  4. dont worry if you want i shall be with you and i will teach the kitty some manners...i actually did teach old cat a trick once...she could sit when i told her to
  5. So my cat's really plotting to kill me? :O
  6. lol cats are ALWAYS planning to kill you....they think they are god lol lol lol
  7. Copper the kitty is not the only thing plotting to kill you *evil smile*

  8. Actually, I'm the emperor
  9. yes...yes you are
  10. Let this be a warning for you all so that you understand you are never safe either in the real world or the virtual world.


    Cats are everywhere, but you may call us legion; for we are many.
  11. -flashbacks into that summer day when I threw a rock at a cat and it started chasing me- THEY ARE EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! EVIL!!!!!!!!!!
  12. why the fuck did you throw a rock at a cat...they are not evil you are >D
  13. ...IDK I was only 12! I was bored and it seemed fun at the time until it started chasing me around the neighborhood... Luckily, my grandpa came out with an umbrella which seemed to scared the DEVIL CAT away.
  14. Devil child!
  15. ...im acting like im all holy when i actually go to a farm once a year and chase the baby chickens trying to catch them....they so cute how can you not want to huggles them....well i do want to huggle them until the big bad cock comes around and scares me....that thing is evil and i eat chicken just to prove i am human and i am above it >D
  16. See? How can you do that ? Pfftt You eat chicken yet you love the little ones. >_>
  17. A cruel reality for Diana would be one without plot bunnies and devoid of smut.