INTEREST CHECK Diana's ChaRP Scheduling for October! You wanna be in one of these plots? Give me some dates!

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  1. In October I plan to host several CHAT ROLEPLAYS! Before I start claiming dates, I would like to see which plots people are interested in and what dates and times they can actually roleplay.

    If you have never played in a chat roleplay before, my Chat Roleplays are a very good way to start. 8D They are chat rp newbie friendly and roleplay newbie friendly. All you need to have is your character concept, and to be able to type up quick, short replies, and have at least 5 hours of free time to play. Unlike forum RPs where you see big paragraphs, chat roleplay posts should be around 6 sentences. The object is thinking quick in the moment! (If you're a one liner forum poster or a speed poster, chat roleplays are PERFECT for you!)

    Below are my list of plots I've selected for October. I may not be able to do all of them, but I'd like to schedule the most requested and the ones I can get the best turn out for. So reply to this thread and let me know what DATES AND TIMES you are most able to roleplay.

    Of course, if you have any questions about any of these plots ASK!

    Modern Supernatural Horror
    A ghost town has been discovered in near perfect condition, inspiring a team of archeologists to explore and see if ancient legend about curses are true. They are seeking a book, something containing history about the town, but they are not the only ones there. The town is haunted by condemned souls and nightmarish creatures. Is the pursuit of history more important than their own lives…?

    Modern Supernatural Horror
    Family fun or just trying to scare yourself, this HUGE haunted house used to be a large hotel. Newly opened just this year, it’s the first time anyone has seen the insides of this haunted house. They tell you when you walk in that everyone dies by the end. Do you believe it…? You should. Far from cheap parlor tricks and bad special effects, the things you run in to are real. Dangerously real.

    Space SciFi Thriller
    A colonizer ship has set out from Earth to find a new habitable planet. Because space travel has yet to be perfect by humans, it still takes hundreds of years before reaching new systems and galaxies. The majority of the occupants on board must be kept in a cryo-sleep, only to be awakened when they reach a new world. These people are cared for by a small team of people that live out their lives simply for the sake of keeping the colonizer ship functional. Occasionally new people are awakened from the cryo-chambers to take over. It’s been ages since the colonizer has left Earth and it’s coming in to the territory of inhabited space. A planet with the perfect conditions for human life is drawing closer. Yet, something is going wrong. An unknown lifeform has gotten on to the ship and the Keepers must stay alive to ensure the future of the human race.

    Modern Potterverse
    Alt universe Harry Potter adventure aaalll about Halloween silliness. Yay! Yes, yes it will be in the same universe as my Drosselmeier roleplays. 8D

    Fantasyland Spooking
    The Festival of the Damned is a local yearly tradition where a town does a lot of superstitious things to keep the Damned happy and from rising up to claim the living. A group of troublemakers have decided to hang out in the town's cemetery for their own little party of drinking and games. And they may just inadvertently awaken something that has not been seen for centuries...
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  2. I want in all of the roleplays. All of them.
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  3. I'm interested in all of them! I don't really have any commitments right now, but will hopefully be getting some kind of job so anything involving dates and times is iffy right now. I'll try my best ot make all of them though :)
  4. Two possibilities:
    Month of Fear with one roleplay featured each weekend for a month. It might have to bleed into the next month, though... but I'll bet nobody will notice.
    Scream Week with one roleplay featured every day for a week, from Monday to Friday, possibly culminating in Halloween Night (a sixth roleplay, perhaps?)

    ...since we all seem to agree each idea is amazing! ^^
    Does this help your dilemma any, Diana?
  5. Oh, I am already invested in doing all of them. I just need to know when people are available to play! >:3
  6. I'm usually only complexly available on weekends, but If we're allowed to jump in a little late I'd like to play any or all of them.
    Definitely want to be a part of the scifi and Harry Potter ones if possible.
    One question though, would people be allowed to play as monsters or ghosts, or are these more we're human and encounter the monsters/ ghosts?
  7. Interested in all of them except the scifi, actually :3