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  1. (Ooc: So, I decided to make a fan fiction kind of rp. Inspired by Wattpad!)

    Broken. Thats what she was. She was only nine years old, but she's been through more than anyone could ever know. It all started with her parents. She would get beat, starved, and even... something else. Then she was taken away from CPS, and was put into a foster home. But that didn't do anything good for her. Her longest time with a family was one week, barely. She would go from home to home, and they were all the same. Either physically, mentally, and sexually abused. She would come back to the home with more marks, but the foster home would just try to cover her up, and when parents came looking for an addition to the family, they would often keep her upstairs to keep their good reputation. She blamed herself. She would always say, "You should've been a better kid."

    She never fell into depression, though many times she's come close. But she tries to keep her head up and stay strong, but it gets harder everyday. As she likes to say, "Someday, I will be strong, enough to lift, not one but both of us."


    Hailey sighed, writing in her small diary on her worn out bed. People were here again to adopt, and like always, she was to remain unseen. For some reason, everyone was excited about the ones coming in today. Hailey was curious as to why, but didn't pay much attention to it. She won't be adopted anyway.

    She wore grey sweatpants, white socks, an oversized white sweatshirt, and wore her medium lengthed carmel colored hair in a messy low ponytail.

    Soon the foster home was quiet, and Hailey knew that the visitors had arrived.

    (Ooc: Need 1 of: Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam, foster home maid, foster home caretaker (takes care if kids.), older kid (they serve as mentors and friends to the other kids.)
    Can have as many other characters you can think of as you want!
    Any questions? Feel free to ask!!)
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  2. (ill take the role of an older kid)
    Winter sighed as she started to unpack her things, what little there was. Her long golden blonde hair hanging down her back her blue eyes tired. Shes an orphan at 14....sent to this foster home where everything was new and confusing. She was told to go to a room and unpack while they had adoptions downstairs my papers wernt ready so I couldn't be adopted yet. She's wearing a black long sleeve turtle neck with worn out blue jeans holes in the knees from obvious use and old white sneakers. As she starts unpacking a small black suitcase she notices a young girl in a room across from hers writing in a diary, frowning she wonders why the girl isn't downstairs
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