Diana, your parents were right about you.

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  1. You are running a porn site.

  2. Oh good, now I don't have to worry about giving donations, she must be making money on this site by now.
  3. Oh....god.

    I mean, I knew it was true, but seeing it in print is kinda depressing...or sexy, either one works.
  4. Emo Sexum?
  5. Just depressing :(
    Now I feel dirty for telling people about Iwaku, too.
    There goes recruiting IRL friends.
    I don't want to be known as "that friend that tried to get us to join a porno site".
  6. YAY i joined a porn site that didnt give my computer a virus.....
  8. I thought this was common knowledge...

    Pretty sure when I signed up one of the mentioned perks of membership was: Free interactive porn!! Don't miss out!
  9. I for one support this virtual zugzug. It gives an android like myself something to do on the weeknights.
  10. omg i love you just for using zugzug right....now if only you had a seeing eye lizzard then i would marry your ass and hunp your motherboard till i get the blue page of death
  11. *is Leo's seeing eye kroot*
  12. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with running a porno website -smiles shyly and mildly blushes-
  13. This means I win...

    Right? RIGHT!?
  14. I.. don't think I'm in Kansas anymore. ._.
  15. Also, has anyone noticed that a good thirty percent of our Smut RPs are about incest?

    I guess tentacle rape and catgirls are so last year?

    *gives himself a vasectomy*
  16. I'm not making ANY money off this anymore.

    >:[ Where is my money? WHERE IS MY MONEY?
  17. So the Staffies..are they the directors? Like...do I film the...

    No. NO.

    DO NOT WANT. - ^ -
  18. its in the pokets of your users who are spending it on other things like *gasps* other porn sites
  19. Those assholes.