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  1. [​IMG]

    Seriously though this new site aesthetic is nice. Symmetry is sexy. I hope this uniform unf-tastic colour scheme stays rather than the rainbow vomit that was the front page before. :ferret:
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  2. The RP resume thing under your name is ugly as fuck though.
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  3. New style sucks dick. I give it a 0/10. I like it.
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  5. sour about that
  6. That video is satan.
  7. All the versions of Iwaku are nice. I just wish someone would pick one and stop changing it!

    It's possible I'm a little bitter because I was posting during the update and didn't get to finish.
  8. I feel like every link and header is shouting at me now.
  9. Black void of dooooom under my posttttt~
  10. I feel like my son temporarily possessed Diana to type that.

    I like the new style! I have my purple back. <3
  11. I prefer having my page zoom on 90% for this new style, actually. It's quite nice.
  12. I like the new site too. I still have to get used to a couple changes but overall, a good change.
  13. My name is cut off as Azart on the top of my screen. Ive never seen such an unflattering take on my username.

    This is fantastic I hope it never changes.
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  14. It's not quite as mobile friendly, and the new posts highlight isn't very distinct (at least not for me).

    Otherwise, I can get used to it. I'm kind of in the "wake up after a house party and being unable to discern where I left my house keys" mode right now while I stumble around and test things out.
  15. Serious feedback, I think the shade of teal you chose doesn't have enough contrast with the obsidian background.
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  16. Well this is driving me absolutely mad to be honest. With the default text being white and the background being pure black it hurts my eyes to read it. Everything seems to be boxed in now which aesthetically makes it boring. When I get a new alert I have to highlight it to read it because the background of it is pure white on pure white text. The roleplay resume does not fit there, and it makes anyone that does not have one leave a large blank gray space beneath their avatar.

    2/10 to be brutally honest
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  17. Using Bright Lights here. Shit is all white and crisp and shit.
  18. I like the new Style, except that ugly long resume thing under our avatars, whoever thought this is a good idea, and whoever agreed to put it in, both must have been playing a drinking game of who passes out first.
  19. I don't actually mind too many of the changes at all including the availability of my RP resume - and I love blue, so the teal is just fine. The one thing that's making me a little crazy though? Is there ANY way to change the text choices for our screen names, or on the forum headers? I loathe the new font style, especially in bold, that's been put in place there - sorry (that said, if there's no way to change it, I'll get over it, but still... :( ).
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  20. I told you we should have made the entire site white, Diana.

    That way, no-one would be able to see enough to type bitchy responses.
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