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Diana Day!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jumi, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Happy Birthday, Diana

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  5. Have a good one, or try to.
  6. Viva la Contessa, beeches

    *Gives a cupcake with star shaped icing on the top & a lone candle*
  8. Happy Birthdaaaaaay!!! Danana has another present coming her way. XD >:)
  9. Why thank you, thank you! On this great day of my glorious birth, I hope that all have a pleasant existence! :D
  11. I may not have a present but I hope you accept this. Happy Birthday Di !

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    And hats off to you :)

  12. Happy Birthday, you sassy lady. :]
  13. *Appears in a party-pooper costume*
  14. *kicks Torsty in the shins* HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANA! <3 Viva La Contessa~
  15. So I come out of my lurking status just for this...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANANANANANANANAN! -touch- ♥ -touch- ♥ -touch-!

    Love you so! Hope you have an amazing day and all your wishes come true! ♥ :birthday:
  16. You're awesome!!

    Happy Birthday Diana.
  17. Happy birthday, Diana! May you have an awesome day!
  18. You guys! :3 You make me moan and blush!
  19. Happy birthday, Diana!


    There was another crown I was gonna use but it was like sideways but that's kinda lame to give someone a sideways crown.
  20. All the best, Diana! Here, have some well-intentioned thoughts just for you! *thinks really hard about happy things in Diana's general direction*