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  1. This is a private RP for myself, @york, @Zizikitty, and @Ethereal
    The OOC Thread


    Long thin fingers tapped at a keypad, pausing every now and then as tired eyes reviewed the missive. Blue veins stood out beneath fragile skin as the hands resumed their work, coping the request into several different message windows to be sent to each party individually.

    16:00 – 29th day, Earth month, July


    My name is Christopher Pierce. I am a merchant and the CEO of Pierce and Bremman’s of which you may have heard. While I have a rather large base of operations and a wide array of resources at my disposal I have recently found myself in the position of requireing a retrieval of a more discreet nature. That is why I am contacting you. I would like to propose a job.

    It has recently come to pass that I am in a position to acquire a small cargo of great value. As such I am in need of a crew, for a ship I will provide, capable of retrieving said cargo and bringing it safely to me. Everything about this venture is perfectly legal, I can produce documentation upon demand, however pirates have been known to frequent the area, particularly the dread crew of the Galactic Fury, and the safety of this cargo is paramount. You came highly recommended and it is my hope that you are in a position to work with several others and successfully complete the retrieval without drawing any unwanted eyes. I will provide extremely generous compensation.

    It is my hope that should your schedule permit it, and if you are inclined to accept this proposal, you will be able to meet with me and the other members of this expedition at 19:00, the twenty first day of the Earth month August, on Pier 29 of the Laskaris free port.

    Tap, tap, tap. One final stroke completed the task.

    Data uploading . . .
    Messages sent.

    Laskaris – Pier 29 – August 21 – 18:50

    Laskaris, the hub of the eastern sector. Not only the center point for a number of trade routs, and the home of the base for a number of large and important organizations, but the capitol city (which shared the name of the planet) was known for being a place where anybody could find nearly anything they wanted to purchase. Fashion, food, the best shipyards in the industry, Laskaris had it all, including the potential for launching a number of lucrative careers. Denton Wallace Maxeam would settle for earning enough cash to pay off the last of his medical bills. Others had their own reasons.

    A variety of people walked the streets, pushing past him. People of all race, gender, or biological makeup. People from different worlds or no world at all, considering some were space nomads. Each had their own goals, their own path, their own dreams. Not two of them were exactly the same. It was this that made the planet a hub, a cultural melting pot. It was this that made this place perfect for a randevu.

    With the setting of the second sun the city was awash in the glow of twilight and numerous luminescent signs advertising the best and latest for their respective businesses. However it was not a shop Den was looking for, but the main walk through the free port that led directly to the main lobby of Pier 29, one of Laskaris’s more mediocre ports and the assigned meeting point of the job that had promised him generous compensation in exchange for his services. Den needed the money.

    A scrolling sign at the head of the lobby ran through the various platform numbers next to the name of the renting party, and upon reading “platform 8 – Pierce” Den made his way to the location in question without bothering to look to see if anyone else was headed there as well. The navy fabric of his flight suit rustled as he shifted his pack against his shoulders. A gloved hand reached up to run fingers through short-cropped, light-brown hair.

    Lights positioned around the parameter of landing platform eight highlighted a single ship set in the center. Den whistled appreciatively. Small enough to go nearly anywhere and be flown by a single pilot while still comfortably large enough to house up to ten people, she was one of the older cruiser class ships, yet had obviously been keep in very good repair. Dull neural tones adorned her hull, the kind that wouldn’t reflect light, and the words “Cosmic Voyager” had been stenciled along her nose.

    “What I wouldn’t give to take this beauty for a spin!” he whispered to himself as soft foot fall announced the presence of others approaching. He turned then, taking in his first impression of the people who, like him, had accepted a job with little to no specifics attached to it; the people who were about to become his companions.


    At 19:00 exactly the main hatch of the Voyager opened with a hiss and out of it, escorted by a tall, lean, black shrouded assistant, was a human male of obviously advanced years seated in a little black chair of unknown origins. His nonfunctional legs covered in a ocher blanket, what little hair was left on his head white and wispy, piercing blue eyes set within folds of wrinkled skin. It was obvious why Christopher Pierce needed someone else to retrieve his cargo. He was too old to do it himself.

    “Thank you,” he wheezed as his little chair hovered to a stop and settled to the ground with a low hum, his assistant standing directly behind. “Thank you for taking a risk for a little old man like me.”
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  2. Laskaris - August 21

    Kleo had been in Laskaris for a long week now. She hated being away from any ship and the life aboard it even if she was just a passenger on one, however, she had a task, a task that she now was going to meet face to face with. It had been a while, and it had become a self-fulfilling prophecy, but the last crew was destined to break apart, and Kelo was fated to find another. Speaking of which, Kleo was not one to care if the assignment was sketchy, since they all were in some facet, she had grown up in the muck of the world and it was utterly delightful. It was something that she could sip tea to as her thoughts played out reminiscently of her younger, pre-adolescent days. All she worried about was what exactly the compensation was. On a far off planet that was known to be the Switzerland of the Galaxy, Kleo had a hefty bank account in which she always wanted to add more too. If this prospector didn’t offer what she was working for, there were others who would hire her.

    Letting her seemingly frizzy hair, which was actually a genetically craved texture on her home planet, fall free to her waist as she walked, which made it bounce off her futuristic suit, she strutted confidently to her destination. She was wearing a white suit, that had some blue trim and see-through material, as well as boots that resembled that pattern above. There was basic applied make-up, which again matched, and her planetary custom scales were worn. She remembered her coming of age ceremony where the scales were sealed to her flesh by a potion that was passed down from times before and was always extremely happy that she went through with it instead of running off beforehand. The “scales” which acted like bracers and a small helmet were some of the key factors of why she had won some fights, which Kleo fought many, many times.

    Walking through a building looking at everything it had to offer she took a few tours of the place, or actually being lost until something pointed her in the right direction of where she needed to go. How she was directionally-challenged off the ship made no sense to her, but she refused to allow others to have insight on that weakness of her’s. Looking around the pier and what was around. All she saw was two men and a funky, older ship. Well at least maneuverability would be easy with it. There was no time like the present, so Kleo went heel-to-toe over to the two men and put her hand on her hip. The last thing the geezer wheezed out was that he was so thankful, blah, blah, blah. Onto the real stuff. So you are Pierce? I am going to be straight up with you. All I am concerned about is what you are offering to me. If it is of value, you can be more than guaranteed that my role as tactician will be exceeding your expectations.” Kleo puffed out in a quick continuous sentence. “Also, I presume you will introduce everyone.” The aquatic-looking woman said as she up and downed the second male. "Because," she just randomly guessed, "the boy in the flight suit would not like to be called Biotic."

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  3. Ewin - Pier 29 - Laskaris - 08/21

    Ewin Rodes was walking amongst the busy area of Pier 29 in Laskaris, this wasn't his first time navigating the place as he had been through here a few other times during a few repair jobs he had. When he arrived at the lobby despite his calculations, he had been just a little early; the scrolling sign up ahead read a few numbers of other platforms and other names before it finally displayed his and the platform number which he was going to. "Platform 8 huh... I better head there quick then, hope the pier hasn't gone under an overhaul since last time." Ewin thought to himself a little fretfully, as he started towards the location he had seen the pier was at during his last trip, it was not uncommon for him to do this sort of thing in his travels, he wasn't known for the best of luck in terms of navigating an old area sometimes. As he was walking his foot ended up accidentally kicked something jolting him out of his own thoughts rather suddenly, Ewin looked down to see what he had absentmindedly kicked to find a rather decrepit but still intact robot, the faded universal red plus sign on it's chest on its chest told him that it had once been utilized at one of the many emergency medical stations. It was a shame that something like this was just sitting here wasting away and it could probably be fixed up as long as he had a little time to himself to figure out what was wrong with it. With a small sigh he figured it could be done once he got to the ship, so he bent down and picked it up with a little effort "Not the lightest thing here are you..." he thought making a quiet grunting sound before he continued on his way towards Platform 8.

    Thankfully it was still where he had remembered it, and as he got closer he noticed the words "Cosmic Voyager" stenciled on it's side, but before he could think about it much he noticed the 3 others that were standing there already. A strange looking woman with a stranger looking armor was the first that caught his attention, whatever she was wearing was engineered in a way that puzzled him; he'd never seen something like it before, but it wasn't too surprising, he had yet to have experience with all the technology all the races had. It could be presumed that whoever she was, she definitely wasn't a human like he was, but it didn't matter too much, despite clearly being on the same ship as him, he'd probably be doing his own thing, perhaps he could just ask her about it more later. He glanced at the other man who was there too, judging by his uniform he had once been a racer and it could be assumed he was their pilot, it also seemed that he had a mechanical left eye which intrigued him almost as much as the armor the women with them was wearing. Then an old feeble croaked a grateful thanks that they were willing to help drawing his attention to the rather ancient looking man standing in front of the ship with what could be assumed to be his assitant by his side, it was rather obvious that this old man was Christopher Pierce, and by now his reasons for hiring them were rather obvious.

    Ewin hadn't come onto here because he wanted the money, he just liked the idea of working on mechanical devices, and considering the risky territory they were traversing, this would definitely give him alot more to do than his average repair job which excited him. The thought that his life would be at risk never seemed to cross his mind when he had accepted the offer the old man had offered he simply nodded at the old man and spoke "Glad I could help... Hope you don't mind if I bring this little guy in with me, he could be usefull if I fix him up a little." he added with a hopeful expression on his face as he gestured to the small robot he was holding in his arms. He mostly wanted to have something to do in his spare time other than sit around and get lost in his own thoughts on the ship, plus, if any of them were ever injured, it might come in handy if the onboard medical station was too far away, or was compromised.

    Robot Appearance (open)

    (It's not holding a first aid kit and looks alot more banged up and broken down though :P)
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  4. Laskaris was tame for her tastes, not rowdy enough, not loud enough and certainly lacked that dangerous flare that the ockrum thrived in. But she’d been promised a lucrative deal, or rather the ability to be paid to shoot people. It had been a while since an employer was in need of a weapons specialist so she was eager to take the job. Especially since she’d gambled and drank away her last payout. Heavy thudding black boots beat the dock as she walked along pier 29. Black cargo pants matched the boots as well as a worn leather jacket, which sported various repaired bullet and knife holes in it. Her white tank top was barely visible under the zipped up jacket. The various races gave her a wide birth, something that she was used to.

    Perhaps it was her race? Ockrum were a massive bulky and cumbersome looking race with large imposing statures and varying shades of green skin. Even for a female Magroza Boomhammer had an imposing six foot two frame which was very muscular and fit. Possibly the only feminine thing about her was her soft flowing deep plum hair, which all was tied back but her bangs which covered her right eye, and the long lashes that surrounded her blue eyes. Ridges flowed sharply on her nose and cheek bones, almost looking like scales.

    Or perhaps she was given a wide birth because of her gear. There wasn’t a place on the woman that didn’t have a weapon of some kind. Daggers, pistols, grenades, throwing knives peppered her arms, legs, and waist. Though most obvious was the four foot M 345 lashed to her back. On her shoulder was a large black duffle back which looked big enough to stuff a body into.

    In either case, Mag didn’t mind the room. With a cigar smoldering softly between her teeth she walked down the pier. Blue eyes scanning the dock she spied a fine looking ship. A newer ship. Briefly reading the name ‘Cosmic Voyager’ she then made a hasty assumption and scoffed. If it wasn’t a war ship, it wasn’t worth a second look. People dwindled until there was only three other people on the pier, waiting presumably for entry onto their ship. Were they her comrades? Her eyes gave each a quick once over before the hiss of the ship drew her attention. She opened her mouth to greet what she assumed was her employer when the small female spoke first.

    Mag tilted her head at the girl. “Geez, you talk a lot for something so small.” She smirked as she shifted her weight. The boy next to her spoke and it drew her to a handsome sight. Battered and beaten but obviously useful, she adoringly looked at the little medic bot. “Dat’s so cute. I think he could be useful. I get shot a lot.” She looked back to the old man, who looked like he was nearly dead as it was. “Er yer welcome?” She said unsure of how to respond. Nobody usually thanked her, since most people saw her as a hired gun. She looked back to the aquatic woman. “If you call him Biotic then we can call you Fish.” She was joking but her jokes usually were more offensive than anything. “Mag here. I’ll be your cook.” She mused with a grin.
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  5. Den only grunted in response to what he saw as a rather rude comment related to his artificial eye which was the most obvious of his modifications. The electric blue of the iris surrounded by a hint of metal and a thin line that ran down the plane of his cheek. This was going to be an interesting endeavor if they all were as abrasive as she at first appeared to be. He sincerely hoped it was the stress of attempting to make a good first impression that was getting to him. But then the Ockrum woman jumped in with a comment about fish that led Den to crack a smile. There was at least a chance of a decent working relationship with this one, and after a moment's reflection Den decided that the kid didn't seem half bad either.

    "It is customary to introduce one's self before demanding names," Christopher Pierce reprimanded Kleo, the corner of his mouth twisting in a small, "And if you're going to determine nicknames by physical parameters, they might as well call you grandma. It would be a bit more fitting than "fish" I think. You are older even than me are you not?"

    Den suppressed a snort at that. The old man wasn't half bad. That or he was too old to care what anyone thought of him anymore.

    "As for your compensation," Pierce waved a hand and the shrouded assistant handed Kleo a data pad with a rather large sum typed out on the screen and other details written out below it. "I hope that will prove more than adequate? The details of your mission, as much as we know for certain, are on there as well. As for the crew, this man," he waved at Den, "is Denton Wallace Maxeam. If you do not know the name already I apologies for you will have to figure out the rest on your own. He is your pilot and I expect you to listen to what he has to say in regard to course decisions. For it is a pilots job to know the in and outs of the capabilities of both himself and the ship he drives.

    "This young man," and here Pierce turned to look at the youth who was carrying what looked like the wreckage of a medical bot, "is Ewin Rodes. He is your mechanic and a superb one if what I have heard is true. Mr. Maxeam, I trust you will find his abilities extremely useful. Mr. Rodes, your little friend is of course both welcome and needed, though I trust you will make sure that he is in fact in perfect working order before allowing him to perform and invasive medical procedures?

    "Mag has already introduced herself," Pierce continued nodding polity to the Ockrum woman, "and I think in her case the chance to watch her in action will explain more than any words ever can, and so I will leave you to get acquainted.

    "The ship is your home. She has been outfitted and stocked and is ready to leave whenever you are. I hope and trust you will ba able to work together to complete this task, but due to the nature of this mission I will not be able to speak with you again for some time. In the data I've provided to Miss. Kleo," here he smiled kindly to the woman in question indicating that he had meant no harm by his earlier quips, "I have included the names and locations of old contact of mine should you need to get me a message, but I do ask that you use that information as sparingly as possible. Once the cargo has been acquired you may find me on Kataris Prime."

    Christopher Pierce beamed at them and then gave as much of a bow as he was able before his assistant escorted him away leaving the crew and their sip behind. Den glanced around, trying to keep his features blank, though his natural eye danced merrily with excitement in its grey depths.
    "Well," he said simply, and giving them all a shrug he stepped forward onto the ramp and was the first to board the Cosmic Voyager.
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  6. x
    Laskaris - Cosmic Voyager - August 21

    It was almost miraculous that everyone appeared before Pierce started his little gracious spew. Somehow Kleo felt that they were a little more welcoming to the idea than she was even the Ockrum woman who looked quite unsure of herself when it was said. Though it already appeared that she made a dent in the introduction, she must have been a little too harsh. It was alright though he, Denton, would learn to take the comments; people who travelled with herself always managed to get a backbone either in spite or because of her. Her thoughts were intervened when the second kid came along asking to bring a robot, which looked like a low-grade piece of shit to Kleo, to fix it. If he was able to fix such a thing, then the boy, Ewin, would be deserving of some respect, though he felt a little too reserved for her liking. Then the hulk of a woman, Mag, introduced herself and though Pierce added that seeing her fight was totally worth it, Kleo only was able to recognize a few weapons on the woman and felt like she had only seen a portion of what was in store for whomever decided to get in the woman’s way; Kleo liked that.

    When Mag took her turn to speak further, she heard a comment of fish being made towards her and her eyes opened up in curiosity, she had been compared to this before… Ah yes! It was little scaly things found on the planet Earth her kin’s ornaments looked like gave her the appearance of this. Then Pierce added the fact that she should be called ‘grandmother’ instead of ‘fish’ and Kleo bellowed a laugh that was unfathomable for her petite size. “Nice one Pierce. Though, I hope age is just a number if I am so far ahead of these people. Which you seem confident this is so, so I will go with it.” She told the man before grabbing the data pad from the assistant and blinked to take a second look at the numbers. Not too bad, not bad at all. The last time there was such a high quantity of money was when the pirate ship she was on had stolen from an imperial ship and that was when she was a wee lass.

    Getting back into the conversation Kleo heard that the ship had been fully stocked and was ready to go, which was a good thing for her, because she didn’t want to waste anymore time. She was itching for the money and to get back out into space where she belonged. When the old, but probably younger, man informed the crew that there were contacts in the data pad Kleo made a mental note to check them out, she wanted to see just who this man kept ties with.

    Watching the old man leave Kleo heard a comment and smiled. “Yes we might as well get aboard, there is no time like the present.” She chirped and walked in behind Denton. It had the smell of home, the metal and typical, cheap cleaning products which eased a smile onto Kleo’s face. The thing that she would typically be interested in was the sleeping quarters, but right now was not the time to race around to find them and claim a bed, besides Pierce didn’t seem like the person to put two beds, one sleeping bag, and one blanket out as the choices.

    Going to the end of the hall then taking a look both ways before looking down at the data pad and going to the map of the ship. Following the map she took a right down the hallway and then two more rights and found herself in a small little conference room. Turning to the others she smiled her devilish smile. “Well mates, it looks like we are in it for a long haul. Lets have a good ride but try not to get too sentimental with one another. The first thing that I want to bring up is making something of a schedule.” She told the group as she pulled out a chair and proceeded to sit down. “A said schedule will allow for us to make a routine, allow for others to know where a said person would generally be in a specific time, thus allowing for quick communication. And the most important thing of a group tactic is communication. Second off, we will want to discuss sleeping quarters. From the map there is four rooms to sleep in so that means that we all get our own room. Is there any place that people specifically want to be. As long as I get a nice bed I am perfectly fine with the layout so if there is a specific room that you want, go ahead and say it. But if you snore I honestly don’t want to sleep next to you, my sleep quality is dependent on that.” Kleo told everyone in a voice that started out very professional, though brutish, then which became prissy.

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  7. Ewin
    Ewin nodded at what Pierce requested of him while simultaneously introducing everyone; a clever way to go about things in, a very organized and orderly, yet fast way to go about things, it seemed he had plenty of experience in making introductions like those, either that or he was just good at improvisin. He looked at the little robot he was holding in his arms knowing he'd be able to keep it in a well working order, but perhaps if he was being swamped by work too much, he could try installing a simple self maintenance system within it. Whatever it's name had once was should be revealed if it was even functioning right when he booted up, but he'd worry about it later. Sfter Pierce left, he just silently followed the girl with that interesting yet foreign armor who had been identified as Kleo, it seemed he wasn't the only one who was eager to get aboard, but he wasn't sure if it was for the same reasons that he did.

    Once they were aboard, instead of finding a room to make his own like most others he had met usually would, he figured he'd go look for a suitable place to start working on fixing up the robot he was holding in his hands, but Kleo seemed to have other ideas. Being their captain, she kept walking down the hall following what seemed to be a map heading towards a particular area of the ship, Ewin couldn't help but glance around at the cozy but rather high quality ship that they were in. It was definitely in better condition than most he had been assigned to work on, but it seemed to have had seen a fair share of action itself, not a bad place to be working on, especially with a considerably large pay if he did his job right. Before he could think about it much more, they were in what was evidently a conference room.

    He looked forwards at Kleon whom has a rather devilish smile on her face without making direct eye contact(something he had plenty of practice with by now, direct eye contact made him feel a little uneasy) sitting down in the nearest chair he could find right before she started to speak. She talked about making a schedule, sitting down in one of the chairs too as she did so. Despite her prissy tone, she made some pretty good points about her plans as having routine schedules would allow for better communication, sleeping quarters were also a good thing to plan out right now as he had seen the results of the scrambles commonly happening for particular rooms otherwise. Ewin himself didn't mind where he slept though, he didn't snore much so he shouldn't bother others, and he just figured he'd use his room to work on that robot if he couldn't find another place to put it. If his room was so small though, the map table here in the conference room was a rather decent place to put it, he was so tempted to put his robot down on it right now, but common sense prevented him from doing so, or at least until this little "briefing" was over.​
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  8. Mag followed in relative silence, that is except for her heavy boots thudding the metal floor. This ship was too pretty for her. It lacked those battle scars of combat and war. The interior reminded her of an empire ship. Too clean, too neat. Where was the dirt and grime that showed she’d been used? She winced at the thought of what weaponry the ship had. She followed Kleo but she wasn’t honestly listening. Captains were all the same. Bossy hard asses that felt the need to plan, plot and bark everything detail that needed to be said. But she never took this harshly, order was needed in a chaotic world.

    The conference room looked way to shiny for her liking but she kept her words to herself. Instead she plopped her heavy duffle bag on the table with a loud thud, sitting in a chair midway down the table. From which she promptly lounged back and plopping her crossed boots on the table. Draping one arm over the back of the chair while placing her weight on the other one as her hand moved the cigar to the other side of her mouth. Mag looked about as comfortable as she would in her own home. Her selective hearing only catching the tail end of the conversation.

    “I don’t recommend you sleep next to me then. I’ve been told I snore like a korkron boar.” She grinned. “While you got them pretty specs in your hand, mind letting me have a look? I need to see what armament and weaponry this shiny fairy of a ship has…” Her tone suggested she wasn’t happy with the ship but she at least didn’t berate it openly.
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  9. 19:10

    “Closest to the bridge,” Den grunted the moment rooms were brought up as he settled into a chair beside Ewin, having waited for the others to choose a seat first. He very pointedly did not say anything about snoring. If he did, and he was no longer sure of that, whoever had to listen to him was just going to have to get over it. He was a pilot, it didn’t make sense for him to have to run the length of a ship to get to the helm in an emergency situation, and that was all there was to it.

    Out of the corner of his eye he watched the kid and eyed the robot. A slight smirk twitched in the corner of his mouth as he nodded at the little mechanical being and then tapped an empty stretch of table beside Mag’s duffle bag. In other words the gesture seemed to say ‘go ahead and put it down’. Den’s own pack had been dropped unceremoniously on the floor by the conference room door.

    His smile faded, however, when Mag voiced what seemed to be concern over the ship’s arsenal. Not that Den didn’t think she had a right to check that stuff, rather her comment had simply reminded him of a few things he needed to go over before they got this little gem in the sky.

    “Ewin,” he jumped in suddenly, “we should check the engines.” The comment was blunt and to the point, but it was meant as an attempt to show what many called team spirit.
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  10. Ewin
    Ewin looked to be in thought as Mag mentioned the ships arsenal, in all that had happened he had almost forgotten to check out how the ships arsenal was faring so far not to mention the med bay, the life support systems and pretty much everything else. Den's sudden statement that he should check the engines with him made him jump a little but he nodded, though he knew taking the robot he had in his hands would be a bad idea, and he wasn't about to place the thing on the floor since it would most likely get kicked around. Eyeing the map table again her approached it and without much further thought placed it on the map table temporarily, it shouldn't bother anyone since he was going to move it... Right? Then he just started out the doorway waiting once he was almost out as if wanting Den to follow him, it was his suggestion to check the engines after all. ​
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    Laskaris - Cosmic Voyager - August 21

    To be honest, Kleo was surprised at the amount of attention she was paid, with them just getting to know each other. Because, had someone else been in charge of this shit, she would have been going through the ship to explore and look over things. However, she was the captain and she had a lot of expectations, so she hoped that she could do that job well, that is, without trying to attack other ships, because that was not what this job was. Though she Kleo had reception from Mag and Denton, though she wondered if everything was “there” with Ewin, he did not even want to make eye contact; who did that? And Mag! She was so funny, she said she snored like a boar. Kleo remembered back to the years she was at home, she loved riding boars on the waters, since it was rare that her kind would even get close to water. Though the only sound that she remembered was the splishing and splashing of the oars by it or the rock that the currents gave to the wooden shell.

    “I agree with Denton that he should have the room closest to the hull. And since there seems to be no major problems with sleeping, we will fall in line to when we get tired. That means bedroom, two through four… no, five, two through five is open.” She said with a surprised noise custom to her race, it sounded like that of a soft cat’s meow.

    Then Mag asked if she could hold the data pad that she was working with and she looked at it then to her, then back like four or five times. “Uh, sure. I want it back when you are done with it. I, uh, haven’t finished going through stuff yet.” She told the woman, sounding weird. She was possessive of technology she received and so she was going to stare at Mag until she could receive it back. Passing it like a baby to Mag, Kleo keenly analyzed her every move and ignored the other two shipmates, even the dastardly act of placing what she still thought was unfix-able trash on the map table. “You do, uh, know how to, uh, work that right?” Kleo said a little shifty. This was actually standard action when people took things or needed things of hers, prior to the violent stage.

    There is literally a communication error between Mag and Kleo, Boar sounds like her native Boat. So Kleo literally is thinking that Mag made a joke.
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  12. Not much phased Mag. She'd seen it all. Heard it all... Till an aquatic humanoid make a sound like a kitten. The sound was so odd and caught the woman off guard, she jerked her head back to look at Kleo a little more clearly. Somewhere deep inside she found it ironic that something that resembled a fish made a sound like a cat. Cats, even on her world, ate fish. But Mag kept all this to herself and just took the pad when it was offered. Although the care that was given to the object was not shared by Mag.

    She grabbed it casually, something that was borderline rough. Bouncing it in her hand as she righted it, tapping her heavy fingers on the screen. Swiping her finger flippantly as she looked at the heat this pretty bucket was packing. At first she paid Kleo no mind as she looked over the specs. "Wha'evers left is what I'll take. I'm not picky... Twin Mac'Kron cannons? Nice..." She mumbled as she looked briefly. Then a double take on the women staring intently at her. Her last question roused a sneering chuckle from Mag. "Yes. I do. And I wont break ya toy... And no I wont eat it..." She had to add in. It was something she was asked before and she worried the question might pop up again.

    The weaponry on the ship was impressive and she silently recalled her previous callous thoughts about the ship. It was too pretty but it was like an ocrkum during their initiation rights, it just hadn't a chance to prove its self in combat. Mag went to hand the pad back, but being the bitch she was she feigned dropping it. Making a sharp gasp and a jerky movement. Upon seeing Kleo's face she busted out laughing, something that might come off as intimidating and raucous.
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  13. Den rose to his feet and followed Ewin to the door before preceding the younger man out. Neither had a map, but Den was familiar with the schematics of a variety of ship families, and while he had never been on this particular ship before the general locations of the engines should be relatively easy to get to.

    A short time later he knew he was right. The door to the engine room slid open and Den whistled as he looked inside. “It looks like somebody gave this baby an upgrade!” he exclaimed stepping inside and giving one of the cylinders and appreciative pat, the way other people might show affection to a pet. “If everything truly is as good as it looks, this beauty should be able to pull off any maneuver I need to put her through.” It was the longest speech he had made since joining the group, but as he poked around Den didn’t look as if he were inclined to say any more.
  14. Ewin
    Ewin followed Den quietly out the door letting him lead the way, they both lacked a map but Den seemed to be more familiar with the ship than he was. Looking around, marveling at the many facilities that he saw as they continued along the hall it seemed like almost no time had passed before they arrived at the engine room. Den's comment summed up what he presumed when he looked inside, the "default" engines the ship must have beem made with had been replaced with some rather bulky looking ones, while they looked like a bunch of cylinders, in reality he knew these "cylinders" were actually a newer model of engines designed for maximum fuel efficiency as well as speed. It looked like it had been well maintained, but even so, he was really curious what their inner workings were like, perhaps he'd get the chance to explore that sooner or later. He nodded at Den's statement, these engines seemed like they'd accomplish the job nicely, as long as their coolant systems were working properly of course, he'd need to check on that first before anything.​
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  15. Laskaris - Cosmic Voyager - August 21

    Kleo watched intensely as she handed over the digital device to her crew mate but cringed when she saw how Mag was handling the thing. It was to be treated as if it were a soft, fragile baby, not a sheet of titanium. Biting her tongue and the inside of her lip she peered over the pad so she could see what Mag was looking at and it was simple things like the cannons and other weaponry. Hmph, that was not necessary for the pad. She could have gone and looked herself, it was a spite thing wasn't it. When Mag answered her question Kleo started to feel a twinge of relief but then when she said she would not eat it, her eyes widened. "Who would even conceive of eating that? Did you eat technology before?" The Vinvera asked now asked un-assured and just wanting "her" pad back.

    When Mag was going to hand back the device she went to get it from her but Mag almost dropped it and Kleo nearly had a heart attack. She even went to dive for the little square apparatus but Mag kept it secure. After taking a breath in Kleo started to take the pad back into her control and she started poking at the screen to make sure that everything she had up was still there. "Next time you need something with the pad just ask me and I will get it all to you really quickly." The woman said becoming slightly protective over the instrument. "But, uh, we should explore and look more into the ship. Is there any place you are wanting to go? I know I will check out the rooms at some point but I am interested in what technology would be on the ship." She commented as Kleo went back to the map of the ship. "The males are in the control room, where should we head?"

    I hope this post is alright Zizi.
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