Diamonds in the Rough [Private]

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  1. This is a private RP for myself, @york, @Zizikitty, and @Ethereal

    The IC Thread

    Diamonds in the Rough

    They didn't know each other until he hired them.
    Hired for a job they were assured was legitimate, yet the specifics were never disclosed.
    They were to meet at pier 29 of the Laskaris free port,
    19:00, the twenty first day of the Earth month August.
    As Mysterious as this job is,
    It is the journey that will change everything.

    Character File Skeleton.
    (This is what our mysterious benefactor knew when he chose the characters for the job)

    Experience level in that Profession:
    Other: (optional)
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  2. Name: Ewin Rhodes
    Age: 18 (is about to turn 19)
    Profession: Technician/mechanic
    Experience level in that Profession: He has operated and maintained a variety of contraptions from mining lasers to fully armed military spaceships, he is known for his skill with mechanics and operating machinery. Ewin has been in duty for about 1 year, picking up experience at an exponential rate from the day he's been enrolled in his job(s), most say he's a "natural".
    (He doesn't smoke though :P)
    Other: Looks rather normal but often finds himself stuttering in conversations due to the lack of social contact he has (he'd been concentrating in his own personal work rather than building relationships but that will soon change)

    @Falcon Done!
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  3. Name: Magroza “Mag”

    Age: 27

    Profession: Weapons Specialist and Cook

    Experience level in that Profession: If it can kill someone and Mag doesn’t know how to use it, she figures it out quickly. The bigger, the louder, the messier, the more in love she is. She favors rifles, usually personally modified to her liking, but she never goes anywhere without her hunting daggers. Mag comes from a long line of weapons designers and warriors. Her skills and passions are handed down from the generations. She also loves to cook, which has nothing to do will the carnage she likes to inflict.

    Appearance: Mag is an alien race known as ockrum, and like her ockrum kind her skin is a pale green and even though she is female she still has an imposing 6’2” frame that is sturdy and muscular. She has ridges along her nose bridge and on her cheek bones and has small pointed ears. Her hair is a deep purple almost black and is styled long with her bangs often covering one of her sky blue eyes. Her left eyebrow has two hoops and the wears three ear rings in each ear. Along with that she wears the teeth of her first maorbow worg kill, a huge wolf like creature that lives on her home planet. On her face she bears two scars. One across her nose and one on the left side of her face.

    Other: Despite her imposing appearance, Mag is actually quite friendly. And although her deeds may not always be for the good, they are done so with honor and pride. She, like all her ockrum people, value honor and bravery above all else. Once she makes a friend she is fiercely loyal and protective. Her greatest wish is to die in the fires of a great battle.


    ((The full image is crazy big! And I drew this in record time.))
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  4. [ Name ]

    [ Age ]

    [ Profession ]
    Navigational Tactician

    [ Experience ]
    Kleo has a total of two-hundred and forty three years of experience on a ship. Twenty years was spent as a deck assistant until Kleo got a little more comfortable with the ship and the crew came to trust her. After that she worked withe the artillery and, though it is not said much, she did work for pirates at one point so she has experience with traversing a deck. After about fifty more years of the arsenal, Kleo was promoted to a tactician but because she had that job she was an on-and-off navigator. She has filled many positions on a ship but tactics and weaponry are the ones closest to her heart.

    [ Appearance ]


    [ Other ]
    Kleo is from Devenarius (Devan-air-us), a planet made up merely of caverns. There is a lot of gravity on her planet, however, the races on Devenrus tend to live dramatically longer lives than many species and are considered one of the slowest aging races in the galaxy; that being said it takes about two-hundred years for the races to achieve maturity.
    Kleo's race is known as the Vinvera (Finfera), a higher-cavern dwelling race that eye's can adapt well to light, similarly to that of a cat. There is very little water or liquid available to her race, so it will be apparent that she does not drink a lot, if she did she would get sick.
    Even though they look like aquatic fins, and decor, she has nothing scaly on her. She comes from a culture that makes gloves and head ornaments made of a clear metal that looks like Earth's element glass.
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  5. Name: Denton Maxeam aka Den
    Age: 29
    Profession: Pilot
    • Pilot's licence issues twelve years ago, renewed regularly
    • Current record holder for the fastest to complete the qualifier track
    • Has worked for a variety of employers, comes highly recommended.
    • Tri-galactic relay entries = 10, wins= 4, 2nd = 3, 3rd = 1, crashes = 1 (only survivor of those involved)
    Appearance: See image (hurrah for Photoshop) 5'9"

    • Bio-mechanical modifications required during reconstructive surgery after the Tri-galactic crash of ---10. Has not raced since.
      • Endurance improved
      • Strength improved
      • Left eye artificial
    • Possible Leakin heritage (a race known for excellent reflexes and speed)
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  6. Good job on your profiles everyone! I am super excited to start role-playing with you all. The characters are going to be fun!

    What are you wanting to know about a ship? Like what kind are we going to be on, the all-out about a ship, is it small or large, or something else? I do think that it would be important to know that stuff, especially since I am going to be looking up tactics and keeping measurements to help make a viable plan.
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  7. @Ethereal I was just wanting to know if anybody had any ideas at all about the ship.

    I like that Idea a lot. Medium-small and comfortable with a reliable history. Maybe it's old enough that some sort of new tracking technology won't work on it or something?

    Does anyone have any other ideas or things they want to add? special requests? Name Ideas?
  8. Millennium Falcon!!!!!

    JUST KIDDING. Ugh I'm such a Start Wars fan girl. I just need to stop. :C

    Name... Uh... yea drawing a blank.

    But I do like the idea that a tracking device wont work on it. I suppose the employer wouldn't someone following his priceless expedition.
  9. Those are the best ideas for a ship, I do have to agree.
    As for a ship name, hmmmmm.

    The Cosmic Charter?
  10. Hmm I got one: Interstellar Voyager? (Galactic Fury? Only if it was a decomissioned or still operational ship meant for combat o.o)
  11. Hmm, What if we combine those names?
    Cosmic Voyager?
    Interstellar Charter?

    I think I’ve got enough to start working on the IC with so I’m going to aim on having that done by the end of the week :)
    Is there anything specific I should mention about the Hub planet that we haven’t already discussed, or is it better if I just focus on the port where they’re all meeting and everyone can add in their own flair as we go?
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  12. Hmm, I think we could just add out own thing as we go for now o.o unless something specific suddenly calls out to any of us >.<
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  13. I like Cosmic Voyager. :D And I think it might be less of a strain on you Falcon if you focused on the port where they meet. Then you can expand from there.
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  14. @Falcon
    I agree, please don't strain yourself too much, we have to work together~ I cannot think of anything that has to be present on the hub planet, rather than the port. If you need to throw around ideas feel free to post here and I will do a toss around with you. I also like the Cosmic Voyager

    I have been meaning to tell you this; I feel so bad for the cat in your signature. Octopuses have beaks so I hope it didn't hurt the kitty. :(
    Do you know what happened later to it?
    Lastly, we need to start a group called Club, so I can join it because I am so ready to say "I join the club" since we have a lot of similar opinions.
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  15. Don't worry, I'm not about to start doing things on my own. I enjoy having people who are willing to plot with me! =D
    I was mostly trying to make sure nobody had any last minute ideas they wanted to toss out before I started writing the IC.

    And Cosmic Voyager it is!
  16. X3 Galactic Fury could indeed be used for a pirate ship maybe o.o just throwing it out there
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  17. I was thinking that too! I know octopus have nasty little beaks. And I don't think it's biting the cat? I mean the kitty isn't screeching for flailing? So I think it's just stuck there. :C Which is the only reason I was able to laugh. If the kitty was being harmed it wouldn't be funny at all to me. *Loves cats WAY too much* I actually have no idea what happened to it. I found this on some random site. I wish I did know. I'd like to know how they got the thing off the cats face. XD

    Haha and I was noticing that too. Great minds think alike. :D

    @Falcon Plotting is I think my favorite part of a role play. ^_^

    @york I think that's a great pirate ship name. It insights fear... Or it should XD
  18. @york
    Yes that would be a great pirate ship!

    That is very much true, that is why I've literally paused and watched it trying to see if it is biting it or merely holding on to the head. It would be a sad day if it bit its nose or mouth though, and we would see more of a reaction. Sorry I am a complete nerd I try to figure out what is going on when I don't know. XD
    I love cats a lot too, I worked as a vet tech when I was younger, for a family friend, and I just loved cats ever since. That would be a funny thought too, the cat would try to walk it off, because, you know, cats are like that.

    I cannot say it any better myself. ;P
  19. Oh! Uh...@Falcon Do you have an ETA on the IC post thing? o-o
  20. Tonight, which means I met my self imposed deadline early :)
    I just have to format things.
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