Diamond of Light.

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  1. In the years of old human’s believed in supernaturals from elves, Vampires , Werewolf's to Pixies, Boggy men and the Man on the Moon. But over the years they have become fiction, firstly seen as hero’s or monster and then as love interests and idols. But as technology grow and the things of tails became a thing of the past, humans forgot there begins of the true beauty and wonder of the world around them. There life's got more hectic the working week got longer there was no more family time and no time to relax. Days turned in to Months Months turned into Years in a blink of an eye and the true magics of the world forgotten.

    But here within is the truth the old magic is dieing the world of the supernaturals is coming to it's end all must be saved can a mere omega wolf and a rude obnoxious elf be the answer to all, can they save the day for all who now live within the shadows, the ones who walk among the humans who still feel the wealth of the world. Or will the ones who want it all to end stop them??

    There enemy are many........... allies few who knows what lay ahead for these two.

    Unfortunately the person I was going to do this rp with can no long do it so until she is ready this will be a rip rp
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  2. Gideon was out hunting as he did and had done since he was a mere babe the deer was in his sight and the string of his bow taught with his breathing calm and his heart steady he watched and waited for the best moment to strike so the animal felt no pain. With a few more deep cleansing breaths he prepared to let flight to the arrow in his long fingers when he heard a rustling come from afar "Gideon Gideon where are you???" he knew his longest friends voice as if it where his own.

    With a roll of his eyes he watched as the deer ran deeper into the woods "be safe my friend until we meet again" he whispered to the deer as it run out of sight. "Gideon come on this is important" he could still hear Gena calling him and with a sigh he strapped his bow to his back stood and placed his unused arrow back into his quiver "Yes Gena what is it?" he inquired as he approached her from behind.

    Gena visible jumped as she hadn't heard his approach the smirk on Gideon's face proved that he had meant to make her jump "stop trying to kill me with my heart and get back to your father it is urgent he speak with you" she said as she crossed her arms over her breast that was still heaving from the shock. But Gideon had no time to mock her as he turned tail and ran to his fathers side.

    Without a thought on his quick trip he knocked before entering his fathers chambers "Come in" boomed the voice on the other side of the door and Gideon knew it was far more important then even Gena had let on. Upon walking through the door he saw his father sat at his desk with maps and scrolls all around him "Ahhh my son I'm glad Gena found you" but before Gideon could say a word his father continued.

    "As you know the woods and it's inhabitants have not fairered well of late, and also our own people are not thriving as we should, you also know this is in part to do with how the outside world has forgotten how abundant mother nature truly is" Jacob Gideons father took a quick breath but continued "well I do believe I may have found something that will please mother nature and help us to truly be how we should I also believe that it will save all of the old kind." Gideon listened hard and was already mentally packing for his quest as his father stood and walked around to him.

    Jacob placed his hands on Gideon's shoulders "This will not be easy, there are some of our kind as well as others who have become one with the humans and no longer care for the old ways they will try to stop you if they can but you are my son and our village depends on you, you are my only son and are worthy to take my place but you need a place to take over when it is my time. Do you understand I only have this map and a few scrolls with a rough idea of what you are looking for and where" Gideon didn't hesitate "Yes Father I understand I will do what I must" "I'm proud to call you my son enjoy tonight you will leave with the first light" With that Gideon went to his own rooms to pack with mixed feelings of worry, joy and excitement.
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