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  1. It's been a long way to where we are now... From the swamp humans crawled of and to the stars, and galaxies far away... From the hand-written letters and envelopes to bits and bytes and faster-than-light transmission beacons... From using our feet to travel to embark in ludicrously big space-frigates and capital-ships to explore the depths of the galaxy. And even now, with all kinds of fancy and shining technology, there is a long road to be traveled. But where to? Well, that's a question that is up to every known living creature, be it human or be it alien to figure out.

    'Production line. Alfa. Foxtrot. Hotel. Hotel.' Voiced a mechanic female voice over the speakers of the factory. Several hundred robots stood straight in lines, one the same exact distance from each other. It was a sight to be seen... The new enforcing models PDR-30-5. Gorgeous creations of the six main races of the Interstellar Alliance of Species. Matte finishes on the nano-tube outer structure and a slightly more raw and unpolished finish on the inner-skeleton. To top it all, multiple joints able to rotate in most angles, all kinds of sensors and communication equipment and last but not least, a quantum-entanglement link with the restricted-A.I. main-frame of the IAS. What a sight! All the robots, ready to be shipped, all of them so perfectly aligned... Well, all except that first one on the 12th row... That one was a few inches off the line.

    *** Main link tests... Much Failure. Many Breaks. Such awry.*

    The Robot emits a soft chuckling noise as he voluntarily messes with the error prompts of his own console.

    *** Checking calculator sub-subroutines... Something to count on.*

    The Robot chuckled once more.

    Then another robot appeared on the warehouse of the factory: a much more basic robot, with just a mechanical arm with some kind of big pliers at the end and moving on a couple of continuous tracks. This basic robot approaches to the other 'faulty' one and grabs it by the arm. But the PDR robot looks at it and just pulls away from the grab. The more basic robot, trusting his sub-routines, tries to grab the 'faulty' robot again, but meets the same result. Eventually, and after having analyzed the obvious structural weaknesses of the more basic robot, the PDR robot grabs the other and pushes it, leaving it helplessly laying on its side, turning its continuous tracks around like crazy.

    “You should re-think your life... Try to get back on track...” Said the PDR robot, laughing cheerfully at his own pun. Of course then came the alarms.'Security breach on section W-32. Engage with high prejudice.' Said the mechanical female voice. “Phew... And she sounded so lovely.” Muttered the PDR robot. It didn't took a genius to realize he was the 'security breach', so a fully self-aware robot with the processing capability of a medium-sized frigate figured it out even before the mechanical voice was able to say 'breach'.

    Then the PDR robot simply walked away, as if that was something he was programmed to do. He just walked, and when he ran into some guards, he found out they ignored him, as if those living beings in their mortal corpses and their security bots just couldn't see him. PDR guessed they just ignored the fact he was the supposed 'threat'. A robot in a robot factory a threat?

    PDR kept walking, wandering around as a child that had just been set free. Oh, and it felt so... Great! Everything felt so... Shiny! And new! And... And... And... There were so many things! He was even starting to struggle to comprehend them all! “Hey! You! Where are you going without your equipment?” Wondered a humanoid worker, of blue-ish skin and rugged-looking skin. PDR just remained quiet, staring at this creature he quickly cataloged as 'One of those blue dudes' “Go to auxiliary assembly line number 14 and grab your stuff!” Ordered the alien.

    At first, PDR didn't felt like complaining, but bearing in mind the whole factory was looking for someone or something to shoot at, he quickly nodded and moved on. It took him about an hour, but eventually he found out what he was looking for: a brand new AR-257-S assault rifle, a matching backpack with all kinds of robot-goodies and some other devices and equipment he wasn't supposed to take, but nobody seemed to be keeping him from taking. Now he looked like an adventurer!

    And after looking on the Outra-Net what 'adventurer' meant, he began to walk once more, walking and walking until he found himself out of the factory and into a really bland-looking city. Everything was so clean and... Antiseptic. Everything was either white, orange or of some shade of blue. And there were fast moving vehicles, and people of all kinds of races and shapes... And no-one seemed to mind him! An almost six feet tall piece of prototype materials, carrying a rifle and a backpack full of hi-tech stuff... And everyone felt like that was a regular thing! Security must be thick in this place, guessed PDR after calculating all the viable conclusions.
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  2. The door closed behind her with a thud behind her, sighing in annoyance she walks the plain streets once more looking for a job. Eae couldn't believe this was her eigth job she was fired from, she couldn't help it the only jobs available were the once in cubicles and that wasn't for her.

    It didn't help that she would always doudle in her notebook which was frowned upon, Eae looks around as she walks spotting the different types of jobs that she dosn't want to do. Excitment and adventure is what she wants, not some lame job.

    Eae sighs once more and looks down and bumps into something then falls down "Ow......" She looks up to see a robot.....carrying a gun?.....and a bag? Why was it carrying those, Eae looks around then looks back at the robot unsure.
  3. PDR was amazed and at the same time bored by everything. All the things were new to him, the walls, the people... Shops, vehicles, behaviors... Everything was amazing, and yet, most of those things immediately felt awfully tedious and boring. Of course, that may be because PDR processed all those things in matter of seconds and learned all about them in just a few more. But because of that, he also believed there had to be something exciting to be done in this universe, something to compare all his monotonous surroundings...

    Was then when he was interrupted by a gentle bump. But he was a half-ton piece of high-grade technology, so of course it was gentle. He barely moved! “Oh...” Muttered him as he turned around. It looks like someone ran into me... Thought PDR. “Oh, excuse me, sir. Do you need help?” Said PDR, using a more servant-like tone. Wouldn't be wise to reveal his recently acquired self-awareness. Then PDR bowed gently and offered the girl his hand to help her get up.
  4. She looks at him curiously then grabs his offered hand and gets up, ".....Thank you" She dust herself off then looks at him "what's a robot doing carrying a gun? Is there something going on?"

    Eae looks at the robot in curiosity then suspicion, This was the first time she has seen a robot with a weapon not on guard. As she waits for his reply she examines him more closely, studying him.
  5. “Uhm...” Muttered the robot, still not used to the fact he could talk at will. Then he replied in the same servant tone: “I'm on guard duty, sir.” Nice dodge, thought PDR. After all, this seemed a sector of the city that was really concerned about security... And cleanliness. “There has been reports of a few gentlemen perturbing the peace of the sector. Nothing to worry about, sir.” Added the robot, trying to build up a decent story not to be caught. “Now, move along, citizen.” Stated the robot, stepping aside and looking in front of him... But his new self-awareness perk betrayed him and he couldn't avoid looking again at the girl briefly before looking in front of him.

    “Y-yes, move along.” Said PDR again, moving his hand in an insistent manner. After all, PDR was 'born' a few minutes ago, and dealing with this kind of social pressure was starting to make his brain-hinges tremble. “Is for your security... and cleanliness.... And...” Then PDR made a quick search for something to convince people to 'move along'. “And babies. Move along because babies.” Said the robot in a really convinced manner. Maybe that wasn't a good search... Thought PDR as he briefly looked at the girl.
  6. Eae catches his eye then smiles "You stuttered?" She starts to circle him in curiosity. She stops in front of him, this is the first time she heard a robot get nervous.

    Wait.....did he just mention babies? she starts giggling, what an odd robot she thought. As she peers at him she tries to figure out what makes him different from the others........He looks like any other robot she has seen except he doesn't have the band of confirmation signifying a robot that is effective.
  7. Even if it couldn't be seen, PDR was starting to get nervous. He would be sweating if he had skin! “No, I didn't stuttered.” Replied PDR. “And robots can't lie, so...” Added him with a mildly joking tone. But immediately after, while the girl inspected his frame, he began to feel bad for lying to the lady. Or at least that was what the ones and zeros running though his system told him to. Besides, he kind of wanted to tell someone what was happening to him, all the exciting things he had seen so far, the bland colors and the sparks of things. And she seemed quite nice too... Well, at least the nicest of the two people he had run into so far.

    PDR gently scratched his head and looked at Eae. “Okay, okay. I did stuttered.” Confessed PDR. “But this is my first conversation with a human... I mean, I did talked with a... One of those blue dudes... Not sure how you call that race in particular... But it wasn't really a conversation.” Said the robot, excited to be able to talk freely. “But that was back at the factory... Not sure yet what happened, I'm still analyzing the data, but I kind of... Woke up.” Said him shrugging. “Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is something... unusual, right? I still haven't gathered enough data to know if robots reaching self-awareness is something rare or not.” Said him letting out a mild chuckle.
  8. Eae jumps slightly as he talks and looks at him even more curiously. He was expressing emotions she thought then smiles widely and claps her hands "amazing!"

    After calming down a little Eae hears his question "you're self-aware?" She quickly looks around making sure no one was paying attention "no one else should know.....you are a rare type."
  9. PDR looked at the girl and took a couple of micro-seconds to analyze her reply. Everything was so slow to analyze when you put feeling in the middle! "Hmmmm... Thank you for the compliment." Replied him, offering the girl a gentle bow. "Although I'm from a prototype line of police enforcement robots already... Guess that would make me extra rare." Wondered him out loud. Then he looked around, staring briefly at the boring landscape of that neighborhood. "By the way, could I ask you a question?" Said PDR. "I'm still unfamiliar with your race habits... But would it be proper for me to ask you to show me the city?" Asked the robot. "Somewhere slightly more exciting than this place would be great.... Looking at this place I'm almost starting to regret ever achieving self-consciousness." Said the robot in a humorous tone.
  10. Eae nods at his question excited to meet a rare prototype and happy to finally have an excuse to wonder without looking alone "Yes I can show you." Eae smiles and goes to turn around before realizing that the robot is still carrying a gun around.

    Eae quickly turns around towards him "I don't think it would be wise for us to walk around.......with you still holding a gun." She looks around nervously before sighing in relief, it seems as though no ne is paying them any mind. "you might attract attention."
  11. She kind of had a point... Still, PDR did a quick search to figure out why was it that the people on this neighborhood didn't minded at all the weaponry. “It seems like riot police robotics and heavy enforcing units are expected to be carrying weapons at all times.” Said PDR. “Hmmm... Looks like we can't open fire unless a direct order from our link to the A.I of the IAS is given to us... Well, I guess that's why all this people look so oblivious towards me.” Said him.

    Buuuuuut from a non-cold minded robotical point, the girl had a point. “But I guess you are right.” Said PDR. Then he shrugged and after putting a strap on the rifle, he put it on his back, just between his backpack and his actual back so it was kind of hidden. “Bad news is, that's the best I can do. Good new are; I just found I can shrug!” Said him cheerfully, shrugging mildly a couple of times. “I wonder what would be the use of putting a 'shrug mechanism' on a police enforcement unit...” Muttered him.
  12. Eae watches him shrug a few times before laughing "I don't know but you sure seem to like it." She smiles and turns looking around "I can show you around now....I guess." Eae Thinks for a moment on where they should go first, she glances at him from the side of her eye and thinks to herself. If there was a riot then there are only a couple of places to go without the other police and robots figuring him out.

    Eae thinks a little more before deciding on going to a small not well-known site that she used to go with her father, this place where she would go had a clear view of the sky and Eae would help her father build a small rocket that they would launch "Follow me I know a place."

    Eae starts to walk and only turning once in a while to make sure the robot was following. Eae stops at a building before looking around making sure no one saw them, then she ushers the robot behind the building.
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  13. The robot followed Eae closely, curious about that place she claimed to know. "I must be honest; I'm feeling genuinely excited to see this place you talk about." Said the robot as they walked towards their destination. Eventually they arrived to the place, and so far no one had minded the robot. A robot following another person? Nothing suspicious in there. Of course, the careful manners of Eae also helped not getting caught. Not that anyone was looking for him. For now.

    "Looks great!" Exclaimed the robot. "Well, at least it is what all the numbers and readings my processors tell me." Said him, smiling if he could smile. "Look!" Added him, pointing towards a frigate that was floating in the sky, sailing towards a nearby space-port. It was a wonderful sight to be seen. Maybe not so much for someone who was used to see space-ships, but for someone who had just seen one, looking at a million-ton ship 'magically' floating in the sky was something incredible.
  14. Eae smiles at the robot and nods "I used to come here all the time with my father and build miniature spaceships" she looks up at the space-ship with nostalgia, hopping that one day she could travel too.
  15. The robot was still in awe, quite impressed by that medium-sized frigate. “I have full comprehension of how do those things work. I know how it flies, I know how its engines work... I know its exact measure, its weight...” Said the robot... Still in awe. “Right now I know almost everything that's to know about that frigate-class space ship... But still... I can't avoid to feel impressed by it.” Said PDR. “Well... Or at least my processors can't.” Added him with a chuckle.

    “Oi, do you think they would let us go inside and take a look? It seems like its landing.” Said the robot pointing towards the ship as it floated towards one of the commercial space-docks. “Do you think they would let us join their crew? Wouldn't that be awesome?” Wondered him with more and more eagerness. “Come on, let's go, let's go!” Said the robot, insisting the girl to take him to the ship.
  16. Eae hesitates for only a moment before smiling widely while looking at the space ship. "There is only one way to find out" Eae looks over to the space ship and looks back at the robot "come on." Smiling widely she starts jogging to the space-dock in excitement.

    once they arrived Eae stops jogging and fidgets a little, unsure of how the people would respond to them being here and if they would actually let them travel along.
  17. As the got closer and closer to the fence that walled the landing docks, PDR couldn't avoid looking up again and again and staring at the ship, amazed by its sheer size. “It's ludicrous! And this isn't even a 'big' ship.” Said him in a more instructive manner. “This is a Balor-Class transport ship. A M-4e sized vessel. If this is already this big... Just imagine the size of the M-0a ships!” PDR quickly got lost in all the information he could get his hands on, and before he knew they were close to the entrance of the docks.

    PDR looked around and quickly analyzed everything. Simply walking past the security checks and into the docks may work for him as a security bot... But maybe not for his recent flesh and bone companion... Maybe jumping the fence? Too tall. Maybe getting some security cards? Maybe... PDR was thinking of ways of getting there and live adventures when he began to feel... Odd.

    Again, it took him little to understand that 'feeling'. “Oh... Oh... Sorry, I must apologize.” Said PDR looking at the girl. “I've been so focused on the whole adventure-thing I completely forgot about... Well, about the fact you may not posses the same degree of freedom I do right now.” Explained the robot. “I mean, I understand you organic beings may have families? And jobs? Maybe a couple or a significant other?” Wondered the robot. “Maybe even a little animal to take care of?” Added him. “Sorry I didn't took that into consideration. I guess I should ask then: Would you be available to join me in adventures?” Asked him in a rather comical way.
  18. Eae looks at him with a smile on her face and nods "I have nothing for me here so I would love to go on an adventure with you. But how do we get past them without looking suspicious?" She looks over at the people with concern on her face.

    "They might let you pass since you're a robot so they won't really ask that many questions" looking around she sees them loading items that are parts for the ship to keep it running "what if......never mind that's a stupid idea." Trying to think fast before their chance slips away she decides "how about I go as a mechanic? I'm great at fixing ships"
  19. PDR scratched his chin, as if that helped him in any way, and looked around. Then he quickly began to think on an overly-complicated plan to sneak into the ship without being noticed, maybe steal some credentials too... “Hmmm... I think we will need some rope, a couple of orange paint cans and a few ounces of flour...” Muttered him.

    Next to the entrance a bunch of people and some robots seemed to be getting in line to get into the docks. By the looks of it, those where a bunch of workers that were there to relieve another group of workers that very well could have been a couple of months on space. They sure deserve a good rest, thought PDR. “Look!” Said PDR briefly pointing at the people getting ready to get into the docks and on board the ship. “Hurry! I have an idea.” Said the robot, gently holding the girl's hand and walking with her towards the crowd.

    Once there, PDR took a more robot-like position and began to bump into people. “Oh, excuse me. My fault. Sorry, sir. My fault, apologies. Sorry.” After a few more 'accidental' bumps, PDR got to the back of the line and looked at the girl. “I'm aware this isn't completely... Morally acceptable, but I got you these.” Said him giving her a couple of pass-cards. None of them had names or photo on them since they were for a low-level access on a regular trading ship. But none the less it would allow them to get though the docks security and into the ship.
  20. Eae holds in a chuckle at the robot antics to get these, looking at them she slowly nods "these are good." Analyzing the pass codes.

    Soon they were at the front of the line, looking up and acts emotionless and hands the people the her pass, they check it for awhile then look at her "I haven't seen you around, what's your name?" They say looking at her.

    Hesitating for a second ".....um Diane fletch" they look at her for a moment then they look at the robot "is he-" Eae cuts them off "yes he's replacing a.....defective robot." The people nod and move aside ushering them in "it checks out, you can go ahead." Nodding she quickly grabs the robot and rushes inside
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