Dialing it Down

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  1. Dialing it Down
    I'm sure you're wondering what I mean by 'Dialing it Down'.
    This Workshop is dealing with...

    God-modded Characters...
    And How to Fix it.

    Hello there. I am Shadow, or Djae, whichever you prefer.
    And this is a workshop helping you 'dial down' your God-modded characters. I have found in a lot of role plays that people don't realize when they're 'god-modding' characters.


    Plot: In 2045, there's an institution for super-soldiers, trained to fight under the worst conditions with the worst provisions. They're prepared for anything, even nuclear war. They live in this institute, Casen Institute for the T.P.S.S., all their lives.

    Character 1: Zach, 34, male, grey-eyes, brown hair, super-fast, seemingly can read minds, and can use any weapon. He has a suit that can protect him from practically anything and can heal most injuries. He fights on the front lines.

    Character 2: Amy, 30, female, light-blue eyes and blonde hair. She's very athletic and flexible. She trains in the stealth department as a sniper/backup soldier. She can see fairly well in the dark and she has a faster reaction time than most people.

    Character 3: Zale, 26, male, short black hair, brown eyes. He's fairly well built, having spent a lot of time at the gym, and he's agile thanks to plenty of laps in the pool. He works well with most weapons after he gets a little time to get used to them and he's very loyal. He's trained for the front-lines.


    Now it may not seem like it, but Zach is a bit God-modded for this role play. Look at the other characters. See the advantage he has? It seems he has higher-tech, and abilities that don't really fit in compared to the other characters. In most role plays, this will either get your character declined, get you kicked from the role play, or make others drop out because they don't want to write with a character like that?

    Well let's see. Instead of being super-fast, say he has a high endurance/stamina from running for 2 hours every day. Instead of having an impossibly high-tech suit, perhaps he created his own armor from a strong alloy that protects him from several bullet shots and certain knives. Maybe, instead of 'reading peoples minds', he can correctly predict someone's next move 50% of the time because he's been around people enough to understand body language.
    See the difference?

    So, next time you create a character, double check it. Is it god-modded?

    Ask yourself the following questions:
    1) Does he/she/it have any abilities that seem superior to the other characters?
    2) Is he/she/it seemingly impossible to kill?
    3) Does he/she/it seem like they were created by the gods above or the demons below?

    The answer to most, if not all should be no, and if so, you've got a non god-modded character. If yes, maybe you should go back and adjust a few things to make them seem less overpowered.

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  2. Well said, Shadow. Perhaps you could expend this further into realistic expectations.

    I.e. 2 characters are fighting:

    Bob is 5'9", 165#. Tom is 6', 220#.

    Both are athletic and have comparable fighting skills.

    Time and time again, I see bickering because Bob's player refuses to acknowledge that Tom could overpower Bob.

    While on the reverse side of the coin, Tom's player won't admit that Bob has greater agility.

    I feel like this could fall into your topic because each player often (too often) believes his or her character can do it all.

    Great post, homie! Just wanted to add my 2ยข.
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  3. Ah, I had forgotten about that ^^"

    Thank you!

    In all honestly, I think before two characters should fight, the rper should pm the other person in the fight and they should plan it out before putting it in the thread *if it is a group rp*

    If it's 1x1, I think they should still plan it out a little, but yes, what you said is completely and totally correct ^~^
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  4. I have a rough draft workshop for GMs detailing how to avoid conflict over combat. I haven't spent any time on it, however, because I can't say no to RPs. -_-
  5. That's cool! I'd be willing to help if you would like any~

    Haha, yeah, I know what you mean ^^"
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