Diablo III character builder



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So, I figured I could hardly be the only one who is very much waiting for the release of Diablo III and in the meantime looks up as much as he can about the game.

So when I stumbled upon the character builder and spent a few hours experimenting with different classes and the builds I thought I'd share some of them with you all.

Firstly we have a strange melee specced build for the wizard:


Or how about this witchdoctor build that tries to get the most out of passives?


Or this build for a monk that tries to minimize the damage coming in while keeping health up.


Maybe you prefer this demon hunter build for maximum single target damage?


Or finally, when single target damage is not your thing, this barbarian AoE build will be to your liking...


Anyways, try it out, show me your builds! I'm not the only one eagerly waiting.... right?...