Dia de los Muertos (:


Rayne Dolore

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Hello everyone!
Yesterday and today is Dia de los Muertos. Day of the Dead for those of you who didn't know. Anybody celebrate or gone to visit a cemetery? Maybe went and decorated a tombstone? I just had Pan de los Muertos ( Bread of the Dead) and couldn't get enough of the stuff. It was phenomenal (: So put anything cool you did celebrating yesterday and today or what you wish you could have done if you didn't know about it.

P.S. The sugar skulls taste pretty badass too :D
I don't celebrate my self, but lots of my friends and people in my neighborhood do.
Well I listen to old-schol sepulchral rotting death metal every day, so yes, I celebrate mortality and denying life practically every day. Feels good bro.
If I would have realized it was the day of the dead, I would have done something special. D: I think I'll try to make the effort next year. >:D Would be fun.
I dunno dude... pan de los muertos is pretty dry, I had to chug a Heineken to get it down my esophagus. The sugary top reminded me a lot of bitso-bitso. D8 And Stillbirth, it's about remembering the dead! Cabron!