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Welcome to Dheynor, brave traveler.
You have chosen a bad time for your visit. The realm bleeds as it has never bled before. In the north, the Emperor has died, leaving the dogs to squabble and fight over the remains of his kingdom. His sister, Lady Marei, has set up a matriarchy in the east. In the west, the Crouching Tiger is growing bolder by the day. In the south, the old kings of Dheynor still weave their plots and make castles in the air. Nothing is going as it should.
And it does not end there. There are bad tidings from outside, too. I have heard the sailors talk about how the traders of Enden are starting to crave our land. You're not from Enden, are you? Good, good. And I hear the Prince in Chreina is starting to make his move too. These are distubed times, young traveler.
You still wish to stay? Well, you're braver than me, I'll give you that. Come to Dheynor, but blame me not if you do not make it out again.




Hi there! I'm Des, the admin of the Land of Dheynor, and we'd love to have you on our site. Are you wondering why you should pick us, and not all the other sites out there? First of all, we have a friendly, welcoming community. We like new people and we'll do our best to get them integrated into our site and our plots. (But don't take my word for it! Post in our guest friendly board, or request a site tour.) Second, Dheynor is a really rich, dynamic world – with everything from popular sayings to currencies, and we have a lot going on – things that you can get involved in by participating in our scenarios. Last but not least, we're huge believers in quality over quantity, so we have no word counts and applications that are as long or short as you want them to be.
I hope you'll give us a look!