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    W e l c o m e

    Hello there and welcome to my thread. Yet again, I'm on the hunt for a 1x1 partner. This go around I have a plot bunny for a M/M inspired by Dexter. Character A is a serial killer involved with law enforcement, Character B is your average guy--just a little bit damaged. I'm basing this off of Rita and Dexter's relationship a little--Character A is essentially using Character B to maintain that 'human facade'. Obviously, there's a lot more plot development that needs to be done. I'm advertising this as a 1x1x1, given that I'm looking for something long term and multifaceted. Character C still needs to be worked into the plot.

    Just an FYI, I'd like to play Character A.

    Now here come all the little things about myself that turn potential partners away. Heh.

    - I only do m/m versatile relationships. None of that Uke/Seme foolishness.
    - I'd prefer advanced partners, but if you're interested in the plot and you are confident in your writing, despite not classifying yourself as advanced, send me a Writing Sample.
    - Long term and I only RP in PMs

    Still interested? Either PM me or comment below!
  2. I hope i didnt scare anyone off...
  3. Would you be open for me to change MC a little?
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  4. Sure, I don't see why not. c:
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