Devils Playground

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  1. local stomping ground for the Un-Holy and the dead, a place with few rules and where the alcohol is served till sun up.
    This Rp has no real story plot anything goes. Come an cause trouble and then leave, its your choice.
    Normal Role Play manners apply. Please Keep OCC to a Minimal. No need to be perfect with your grammar, as long as you tried to apply it the best you can ( I am bad personally) no god dam moding , Marry sues or Garry sues.

    Her reflection stood there motionless held captive in a floor length mirror that sat in the corner of the cottage, a spitting image of herself. White hair Hang loosely around her shoulders, framing her heart shaped face. Deep-set chocolate brown eyes looked back at her like a innocent newborn. A pixie-like nose that dropped daintily down from its peak. Her Cupid's-bow red lips surrounded her small mouth with perfect alabaster teeth. Dimples were pressed under her high cheekbones. She barley reached 5 foot and had a voluptuous figure that poured into a nice hourglass shape. Anger bubbled up inside of her as she couldn't stand the sight of herself. 461 years have been to kind to her, when she wished for death all she got was life when she did not want it. She wished she had died that night in the tragic fire that claimed her family life but instead she was spared and reborn into something she loathed and hated.
    "You will burn in hell for this you beast"
    the words of the priest snapped her out of her thoughts bringing her back to reality and the job at hand.
    "you know i am not going anywhere soon"
    she sighed as she flopped back onto the small cottage bed, ignoring the pounding headache she gave herself pulling out the small Nokia phone she had come to love, opening up her all time favourite game Snake.
    "God will save me and my fellow man"
    The man she had dubbed "Virgin Priest" spat as he continued his blubbering. Why would any sane immortal want anything to do with a dead body of a drug user and a priest, she thought to herself ignoring the words of the Virgin Priest words, it wasn't her place to judge, she was just in it for the money and one step closer to the death she craved for.

    ~Few hours Later~

    "you are free to go"
    Tony's voice was like music to her ears as she came to stand and stretch
    "About time"
    she laughed as Tony shoved the now maggot infested corpse of the bed, giving her the Wtf have we gotten ourself into look and all she could do was just shrug and laugh as as she eyed of the Virgin priest who had decide to curl up into a ball and cry.
    "Aright I am out"
    she grabbed her worn down leather coat and was out the door before anything else could go wrong. Standing in the town centre of the small village who's name she couldn't even say she looked around for any place where she could spend the rest of her mere pocket money. when she saw the Tavern not far she couldn't hep the to smile like the Cheshire cat as she wouldn't mind a few rounds of yummy alcoholic drinks. Reaching the tavern a few minutes later she gave it a quick once over coming to the conclusion that it could be in worse shape then it was. Making her inside she noticed a few people occupied the rather large tavern, more then she thought.