D'evil's Five Word Challenge

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  1. For my first challenge, I decided a five word challenge will be perfect.

    For this particular challenge, since it is my first, shall be random. Using the five word's listed below, I would like everyone to write a paragraph using the words. I would like great detail and description along with creativity. This is not a challenge of quantity but of quality. As long as it is 3 sentences or more, I'm fine with it. Though, I shall put a limit of up to 10 sentences, which will hopefully make a better creative paragraph.

    Your five words are as follows :


    Have fun, can't wait to see everyone's responses.
  2. Totes Mac Goats first! *Pumps fist* Alright!

    "Police power!!"
    "Argh! Chief! The hell is wrong with you?!"
    Damien didn't have time for this... He apparently had time for a pickle sandwhich, but that wsn't the point! He was working on a case! His first case and he didn't wanna mess it up. Who'd have thought it would be the Chief of the Police Department who looked as though he was out to ruin his career.
    "Listen, I have a major dilema! It could cost the Precint it's reputation! National terror.. NO! INTERnational terror!" Nicky Monroe screamed at him, a look of pure fear and worry flling those huge blue pumpkin sized eyes of his. The size of those eyes... It just wasn't natural. Damien bit his lip. His search for the infamous Del Taco Maniac would have to wait. In four short months, he had plauged the city with tacos. Horrible tasting tacos! Food poisoning was climbing most deadliest killer ladder so fast, that smoking and alchohol were getting nervous.
    Nicky turned his head slowly one way and then the other, a creepy doll with bulging eyes. Then he lifted up something from under his coat very slowly. Damien held his breath. And then... And then!!
    "Damien, what's a seven letter word, starting with L, meaning Pillaging?"
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