Devil with a heart.

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    The premise, Regnier is a monster slayer whose body has been crafted and mutated by vile alchemy and sorcery. Unlike his brothers and sisters, he disagrees with the laws of his orders. And slays a group of abusive guards. Soon not only will he be wanted by the king, but by his own house. It is a simple story about corruption and one man trying to make the world a bit brighter.

    Your role?

    You could be the woman he saved....a witch...a guard...a sympathizer...a bounty hunter or assassin. Even a princess for all I care. Though the RP is not romantic by definition or purpose, I am not against seeing how things develop and allowing it if it becomes possible. Any race is welcomed as is any roleplayer. I don't care if you're new or a veteran. I welcome all into my rps.
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  2. I like this idea but I have to go to work if it is still open when I get in do you wish for a character sheet?
  3. Not necessary, but welcomed nonetheless.
  4. Name: Topaz/ night-stalker
    Age: 28
    Current job: Assassin
    Race: witch

    History: When she was a little child her mother taught her the ways of her blood, Topaz was a witch and a powerful one at that even as young as 4 she could do the basic spells and the more advanced ones with just a thought. Her first kill was when she was but an 8 year old child, her family having been tormented for years by some rouge kings guards. Topaz took it upon herself to help her family but the guard found out and killed her Mother, Father and her 3 younger siblings while he made her watch. But alas something inside of her snapped and she killed the three men whom had come to kill her.
    Living on the streets far from her home she learnt she was good with weapons and her own hands and protected herself at any cost. Until a man took her in and taught her more ways to kill others. Once she got to her teen years he sent her to work, and never has she come back empty handed. The last time she went back she found him killed and has been on her own ever since.

    Topaz (open)
    FemaleAssassin-1.jpg .
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