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  1. One of Capcom's flagship franchises that they unfortunately screwed up by releasing a shitty reboot that no one wanted or asked for. Hopefully they'll make a Devil May Cry 5 as an apology!

    Anyone else here a fan of this once great series? I became a fan by watching the animated series (yes DMC has an anime) using the On Demand service that Comcast has while I was in middle school and when I went into high school, one of my friends was giving away his games and I noticed he had Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition so I quickly snagged it and became hooked. To this day, it's my favorite game in the series but that might change once I play DMC4.

  2. It looks fun and enjoyable despite not being a fan myself, i guess Dante and Vergil do deserve to get the popularity they deserve, i mean if the team who made it kept the original goal of making it a Resident Evil sequel then it would of failed..Badly, luckily for them they decided to create a great IP..That is until the remake happened..I mean come on..


    Dose this look like an interesting character to play as? If a fifth game in the original series dose happen then well done for the team, they deserve to make another Devil May Cry game..That's not the sequel to the remake.

    Despite the fall, i predict that Dante Sparda will have a great future in tow!

    The original one..
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  3. Yeah, that guy looks like an asshole.
  4. >___> <___<

    I like the remake. AND-- And... I think that brunette Dante is way more attractive than snowy haired Dante.

    *does a super fancy getaway to dodge the haters*
  5. Someone needs to edit that with sunglasses and a "DEAL WITH IT" at the end.
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  6. The third one is my favorite(but omg hand cramps!!!). I traded a friend for the Special Edition since it literally came out the day after I bought the regular one. >.> I haven't played the 1st or 2nd one. My new TV doesn't hook up to my PS2 so I'm kinda screwed there.

    I completed the 4th one, it was a ton of fun if a little bare in Nero's backstory. No really, you have to purchase a separate art book in order to confirm how Nero fits in with the other boys. That could have been handled better.

    I didn't mind the reboot as far as gameplay, graphics, and design, but the plot was sadly lacking. The "big twist" was not surprising in the slightest. Didn't stop me from making sick combos though. SSSensational!!!
  7. After DmC, the only way to restore balance in the force is to have Platinum Games make DMC5. Capcom owes us that much. ಠ_ಠ
  8. That's never gonna happen. Especially since PG already has Bayonetta under their wing
  9. The reboots gameplay is Ok. The writing however is a toptier shitfest. Its even more nonsensical then the original games, with the added bonus of them trying be edgy and swear alot. It's like 90's reboot of a old comic series. It has none of the old charm, but 100% more swearing. Oh. And the guy who designed Dante/Made the reboot, Designed Dante to look like himself. So he made Dante a self insert.

    So fuck that shit, right?
  10. Devilmaycry is, in fact, MY FAVORITE SERIES OF ALL VIDEO GAMES. I loved it in all its craziness, its game play and its characters (The story was always a little lackluster, but fuck, was it fun as shit.)

    When I saw DmC... I wanted to shoot the guys that made this. YES, GAMEPLAY WAS GREAT, GRAPHICS TOO! But fuck, did they fuck up the characters.

    PS: Don't kill me, but DMC2 was actually my favorite. Silent, composed Dante was a badass.
  11. >2015
    >People still mad about the actually pretty decent remake

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  12. Hey man. The gameplay is solid. Its just supeshitty in other departments. The old writing wasn't amazing but it was funny and had its own charm. But the remake writing is some of the most garbo shit on the AAA market.
  13. Eh, I enjoyed it. And I'm saying that as a guy who disliked all the other games.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Fanboys pls.

    >Storyline drawing inspiration from Kult/Cartisian Philosophy
    >Remake Dante having an actual character arc, growing from selfish asshole only out for himself to bona fide hero over the course of the game
    >The demons get incredibly mad with you when you keep ruining their shit and it's hilarious
    >Fucking amazing soundtrack from Noisia, who should totally do more music for video games

    Don't get me wrong, it's far from perfect. And fair enough if folk don't like it. But a lot of people seem to hate it purely because it's a remake/different/"I DON'T LIKE CHAAAAANGE".

    Besides, looks like the devs have moved on to other stuff, so you're either not gonna get another DMC game or they'll likely try something else different.
  16. I agree with Grumpy. I played all the DMC's, enjoyed them. Played DmC and enjoyed it too.

    DmC was a great Hack'N'Slash game and that is what it was made to be. Maybe the writing wasn't great, or the story wasn't 'original'. Or 'Dante' wasn't the same. They never really promised that he would be, or the story, so why are people mad at them? They didn't troll anyone with a 'new' Dante. They just took the overall idea of Dante and pushed it in a different direction.

    Oh wellllllllll. If you don't like the character or the story, at least it is still a great Hack'N'Slash to play with fluid mechanics.
  17. See, this is the thing. As mentioned before, it's my favorite series ever. Is the new DmC itself shitty, well, not. There was an actual story arc (as cliché as it was), the gameplay was actually pretty good and the graphics and platforming was also pretty good (Not to mention some of the boss fights were really, really well done). But...

    They fucked up the characters is all I'm saying. New Dante is just a jerk and a teenage punk that did as he pleased (Sure, he turns into a 'hero' who cares about humanity, but he's still unlikable.) Old Dante had FUN with his 'immortality' (Except DMC2) and he knew it too. He did the best of what he could with the life he had, caring little until demons were involved.

    New Virgil is WORSE. SO MUCH WORSE. Like, I can't even start. Old Virgil had some pride, some honor that made him into a villain that was both likable, but still a villain. The new one is just... eugh.

    Mundus was actually pretty good, to be honest.

    PS: The game does make a pun about the Old Dante and that got some people pissed off. They made FUN of the old Dante.
  18. Because God forbid they have fun referencing previous entries in the series.
  19. Well they can certainly make reference to it, but to make fun of it, when it is technically NOT their game that they made? Very childish and unnecessary.
  20. Are people forgetting that really awesome Boss Battle in that digital demonic world against a Demonic News Anchor Bill O'Reilly guy?

    Because that alone, puts it above the original game. Plus I liked Remake Mundus more than Original Mundus.
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