Devil May Cry

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"Edo (Tokugawa/Sengoku) Period" - Fantasy - Realistic - Series Based - Up for almost anything.
I like a mix of things as well. Not just one soul focus on one genre.
Just an interest check for a DMC Rp. Random impulse want to Rp it but yeah.
OCs would be fine, Just nothing to over the top. (Ex. "My character was actually a third son of Sparda" ect.)
ONE descendant of Dante would be fine but first come first served.

It is to be roughly based around DMC 1 / 2 on the outside world. If you only have knowledge of 3 / 4 no worries. Its all loosely based. If you're wanting to play Dante it is DMC 1 / 2 so keep that in mind.

And Vergil is Nelo Angelo at this point so he might be off limits.

Let me know.

Not open for further replies.