Devil May Cry RP or some slice of life?

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  1. Not sure. I feel really desperate asking this. Would anyone be interested in a DMC RP? Either DMC3 or 2's Timeline? I can RP both DMC3 and 2 Dante. 1 maybe. 4 feels too immature for me. However, I am also looking for a slice of life type RP.

    I can do groups, but I prefer three or four people in the RP and there will be a posting order.

    I would also like a one X one.

    I am rubbish with OCs and not good at making one off the bat. I do have Ace the Puppet, but he isn't really developed and I don't want to add an unfinished character up.

    So, anyone interested?

    It can be with canon characters or OCs.

    If a DMC RP happens, then I will make a sign up thread. Depends on the timeline.
  2. Can I play as a Frost?
  3. I don't see why not. Sounds interesting.
  4. I really should introduce you to a friend of mine. She's a big DMC fan.

    Shall link her and see if she's interested. <3
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  5. Please do! I need to get some RP goin' on for myself!
  6. Haha I've already sent the link to two of them. They aren't members of Iwa yet.

    So keep your fingers crossed. =)
  7. Thank you so much! I can't wait!
  8. She's signing up as we speak. :) Hope you two have fun!
  9. Hey, I'm a friend of Kx'a. ^^

    I'd be down with doing a DMC RP. So, aside from preferring DMC 1, 2, or 3's timelines, what are the specifics? I assume you'd be interested in playing Dante?

    I'll probably bring one of my OCs into it (but since he's not a demon, I'll probably need to make him one).

    Also--love the Masamune avi. Honestly my favourite character in Sengoku Basara, bar none.
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  10. I am fine with OCs. I think I can do 1, 2 or 3 for this. Possibly between 3 and 1? Where he has his shop set up and repaired?

    Thanks for the avatar compliment. Basara is love!

    I will see if anyone else is interested in joinin'.
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  11. Sure, sounds good to me. :)

    And no problem; I can scout for more people too, if you like. ^^
  12. Sure!

    Shall I set up the sign up thread?

  13. Sure, it seems as good a time as any. :) How long should we wait for everyone interested to sign up, before we go ahead with the RP?
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  14. If you are up for it now. I could start if you wish.
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  15. Sorry for the late reply. ^^;

    Alrighty, lead on. :)
  16. I'll go and work on the thread! Anyone else who wishes to join,drop me a line.
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  17. Sorry for taking so long to reply; I just found the RP thread a few minutes ago. ^^;

    Anyway, posted.

    Also, would you like some info on my OC, just so you know what he is, and his parameters? I don't want him to come off like a Gary Stu or anything--he's not, he's got some major flaws--but he is pretty strong considering...well, what he is. ^^ ; (I.e. Not human).
  18. Sorry for the latness. I had an accident. I am back. Still interested?
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  19. O.o Are you okay? I hope it was nothing serious.

    And yup, still on board. ^^ So far there's three of us posting in the RP thread--anyone else approach you wanting a turn? (Just want to make sure I don't post in someone else's place).
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  20. I blacked out, luckly A neighbour found me. I am feeling better. Still sore and all.

    I am gonna make the posting order.

    By the way. Are you okay if I switch my name out? I am still gonna RP as Dante. I just have amuse for another character.
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