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  1. The day started out like any other day for Dante; as he sat around his office eating pizza, while reading a magazine. Reaching for more Dante looked when his hand just touched an empty box. Looking confused, he could have sworn there was one last piece. Turning he saw Lady standing there taking a bite out of it. "Bleh... how the hell do you eat this stuff daily Dante?" She asked. Dante just leaned back into his seat, "Now you owe me another pizza." "Technically I just owe you one piece." "Cut to the meat why you here?" Asked Dante bluntly.

    "Boy aren't we to the point? I'm here to collect as usual? Now where's my money?" Asked Lady as she walked around his desk. Finishing off the piece of pizza she eyed Dante. Pulling out his wallet Dante threw it onto the desk. Lady grabbed it and opened it finding nothing. She sighed annoyed and threw it back so it snacked him on his chest. Dante put it away and said, "As usual I'm penniless." "When you going to stop running a charity?" Questioned Lady. Dante just grinned as he looked at her, "When you going to stop giving me shit jobs? I mean the last one involving the kid and his girl we got crap."

    "Listen if you don't like my work then stop taking loans out anyways I came here to talk to you about something I heard at a bar last night. Now it's your choice if you want to hear it or not. Either way it's easy money." Said Lady. "Just tell me." Said Dante sitting up.

    "Well it's a strange story I warn you, but a few nights ago apparently a worker by the name of Dominique who worked at a bar a couple towns over went berserk and snapped out of the blue. He showed no signs of having any mental issues and was said to be the kindest man around. But that's not the strange part of it. When he snapped he started to show off some strange powers. I'm taking raw energy. Witnesses claimed reports of windows breaking, things shattering and even the very building shaking. Everyone was knocked cold and when they came too he was gone. And that's our story and no one has seen him ever since then." Said Lady.

    "And that's all the info you got... sounds like to me this guy is just a nut case. But you got me interested with the whole supernatural power thing. Just what is the job that has to be done though?" Asked Dante eying lady. "Thirty thousand to the person who can find Dominique and bring him into custody. But you know the drill if he's not a human. I actually got a person who was there that night waiting outside. She knew him a little better then anyone else. I'll bring her in she could figure out how to help you find him." Said Lady walking to the door and opening it. Signaling whoever she brought with to come in she stood there with the door open.
  2. Pulling the brim of her hat down to cover her eyes from the brightly lit day, it was hardly a mutual feeling. She barely could understand what the hell had just transpired and now she was being drug all over the city to this little... slum of a block.

    She had half a mind to forgo this little visit not overly trusting the entire thing, then again after hearing all the events, she wasn't trusting much.

    Pressing her back off the wall to brush away some of the crumble siding, her attention was drawn upwards from the cuff of her coat's collar to see the door's opening into the hole of the building. The familiar woman that had convinced her somehow to come this part of the city in hopes to reign in Dominique, her shades still covering her curious two tone eyes. Watching the motion of beckoning hands making it clear she was to come inside, she pursed her lips tightly before letting them turn into a frown. Was she crazy or just desperate now?

    Sighing, she ruffled her hands into her pockets following Lady's beckon only to listen to the doors shut heavily behind her. She had half a mind to look back to see if they were planning on locking her inside but did well not too. Reaching up to pluck off her own shades from her eyes, fingers pushed the arms down to tuck them into her pocket. Her attention was brought up to consider the unusual man sitting so casually nay bored stiff behind the desk. Oh this was just getting better by the minute.

    "You rang?" she spoke boldly, her tone striking rich and hard to prove that she less than pleased to be down here of all places. She had been already asked enough questions by the police last night, and now she knew it was about to begin again.
  3. "Yes anyways we have feelings to suspect your so called friend or whatever he was is a demon. Now you can believe us or not but here's the devil hunting expert himself. If anyone can find Dominique it's Dante here. I have to go to an appointment so I'll leave you two to work out the details." Said Lady leaving the door closing behind her. A car was heard starting up and heard driving after that and was gone. "She's joking right... I'm supposed to find this guy with little to no clues. I ain't no hound dog dammit Lady." Said Dante standing up. He then looked to the woman and said, "OK then its up to you to take me to his usual hang outs."
  4. What was the appropriate way to describe this moment. Lost? No, confused perhaps. No she was down right dumbfounded by just suddenly being dropped off here, being told that Dom was a demon of all things, this man was a devil hunter whatever the hell that was and that was it. Yes dumbfounded was the best word she could use.

    Watching Lady leave, the door shutting behind her she started to laugh in disbelief. It only got worse when she heard this Dante speaking at her.

    Smiling falsely, she lifted a hand to massage her brow. "Excuse me?" she shook her head slowly, blond tumbling in unison around her face. "No, no. Who in the sam hell do you think you are to start telling me what I'll be doing after a bullshit excuse of an explanation that just came from that woman!" hands flew up in a dramatic wave, "In fact, screw this. Whatever is a devil hunter is or you, I don't care. And as for a Dom being a demon, you are all bloody crazy! We live in the real world not this storybook crap that was just spouted off at me."

    Stabbing a finger forward she blew her hair out of her face. "So to your lovely little demand, no. I am not taking you anywhere, though feel free to check yourself into an asylum." eyes rolled, "Demons, for lord's sake. This entire city is out of their minds."
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  5. Dante was about to open his mouth to give her a good earful when he felt the surroundings suddenly become distorted. Drawing his gun he pointed it at her fired three shots that flew past her and went into the door. It crashed falling down and he walked over and kicked it away to show a grotesque looking body laying under it. He looked around left and right and turned walking back toward her when the demon got back up. Blowing its head off after that he said, "Listen up girl you're standing in the way of me and my money. You don't have to believe anything you see or hear I just want you to take me to any place you know he commonly goes."
  6. Feeling like she had rightfully put him in his place and was confident enough to waltz back out the way she came in, she froze in mid peril! Thank goodness for that as the bullets went whizzing right by her slicing the silence of the air into a singing snap, feet took it upon themselves to bounce back a step or two when she felt like she could get out of the way.

    When did this all become a nightmare from a story book? Hands clasped over her mouth not sure if she was going to scream or faint to the sight that she wanted nothing more than to look away from; panic welled hard in her chest forming a steely lump.

    Deep blue eyes lifted shakily up to him unsure what she seen, if she was dreaming or had actually just been shot; she didn't remove her hands away. She could clearly see that thing that he shot, it wasn't anything like she had ever even imagined and yet... it was there. Head missing mind you but there.

    Fear was a powerful tool even in the odds. Shoving her hand into her coat feeling the holster at her side, she cursed in her skull when she came to the conclusion that she hadn't even brought her own gun. She had been planning on going to the gun range last night when this all happened, so she didn't put it into its comfort when the police had shown up asking her questions. Then Lady.

    Fumbling a step back, she bit down on her bottom lip to draw blood into her mouth. "What makes you sure that any place I take you will be of any help! If what the police have told me is correct, he isn't the same bloody person, and I doubt highly he is stupid enough to go somewhere that he would be found so easily." she rolled her hand back out of her jacket trying desperately to steel her nerves again. Her eyes darted back to the creature bleeding upon the floor. "W-what.... is that thing?" she had to ask the stupid question, there was no way that was what she was just saying didn't exist... was it?
  7. "That my girl would be a demon and chances are whoever sent it has familiarized our faces. Neither of us can be considered safe from this point on." Said Dante before grabbing his coat and his sword before walking past her pulling her along. "Now come on we're going to search for some form of clues or you can just leave on your own and be killed. But remember the enemy knows your face now so you're just as in much danger regardless." Said Dante.
  8. Giving her head a firm jerk upon watching and listening to all that he was saying, she scoffed nervously to the entire thing. "Oh and what you're suppose to make it all better, that me leading you around is suddenly going to be safer." she had a knack for pointing out the obvious, or fault. Depending on who was looking at it.

    Trying to recompose herself, she straightened her coat fixed the brim of her hat before turning tail to following him - for what reason, she had no idea. But apparently any choice she wanted to suggest was out of the question.

    "I was nearly shot by you, I am in danger with or without you around." Saige pointed out, not enjoying the fact she had the shoved into her face, though she was alive. That was something.

    Keeping stride with him oddly enough, she could only exhale. "Since it is evidently clear you aren't going to listen to a word I say other than where I should lead you, you might as well go down town firstly. The city park down there was a famous place that Dom enjoyed visiting, for what reason I have not idea. Probably just to get outside and sketch, seeing as he was a trying artist at the time." it was her first place she would look for him honestly, but she wasn't sold on it being the place to find him. "He people watched, taking note of the scenery and sketching everything around. If he has truly flipped his lid and is there, then I can only imagine what sort of hell could possibly be breaking."