Devil May Bride [Spartan Bennett + Nassione]

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    In the Main Chapel of Fortuna.

    It'd been several years since Dante and I last saw each other. Either we were trying to take each other's head off, shooting our asses, or he was saving my ass. It's kind of embarrassing... I'm a Holy Knight of the Order of the Sword, and as of a few years ago, I became the Captain of the Order. Fortuna became my responsibility, and I protect it well. Not just for the people, but specifically for one person... Kyrie. I've always sworn to protect her, to be by her side no matter what. I almost broke my promise back then, and Dante... Because of him I was able to keep it. It's thanks to his help, that today is gonna be a special day. Today, me and Kyrie are getting married. If I can remember correctly, everything is set up. Dante, Trish, and Kyrie are waiting for me at the chapel right now and... WAIT! RIGHT NOW?! DAMMIT!
    Nero moved swiftly from his seat at the bar, leaping up with worry as he broke down the front door running out. "I'm gonna be late!" He shouted as he sprinted for the Main Chapel in the center of the city. The poor knight had lost track of time as he was celebrating with the remnants of the Order of the Sword. Announced the new leader, he now led armies of knights in defense of the city. Under his leadership there's been no signs of corruption, experiments on demons have ended, and everything the Order previously stood for was gone. Because of this, the men that follow him were happy to engage him in the last moments of the single life.

    He took a shortcut to his left, fixing up his wedding suit as he went along. Nero fixed his collar, cuffed his sleeves, and made sure his tie was on straight--pressed and knotted. "God damn it! Hang in there, Kyrie..." Nero's thoughts became optimistic as he forced himself not to worry. He trusted in his speed and agility, but he wasn't moving fast enough for his liking, or possibly his fiance's. To hopefully tip the scales and cut more time on his journey, he pulled back his right arm sleeve and reveal Devil Bringer. He cracked his knuckles of his demon arm and shot it forward towards the roof of a nearby building, snatching the edge and using it to hurtle him towards the roofs. A smirked danced across his face then snatched outwards at the building to his right. Pulling him towards it, he use the speed to close in on the Chapel.

    "Hang on, Kyrie.. I'll be there soon."
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    Standing at the alter a familiar figure to everyone was waiting, Dante in a suit and Tie, now that was a rare sight indeed but there he was waiting along with many others. He had the wedding ring in his pocket. The wedding was literally about to start and the demon hunter was certainly surprised that Nero would be late this time. Running a hand through his hair Lady went over to him poking his shoulder "Kyrie is ready... and she has noticed Nero is not here" she said pressing a bit of panic to the situation.

    "jeez that kid... I will go find him" Dante muttered walking past all the guests that had came to celebrate the ceremony

    Standing by the dorr to walk up the isle Kyrie was beside Trish. She was starting to panic as she adjusted her dress once again. 'He will show up! He always manages to make it' she thought to herself as she peered at the time. two minutes and she will walk down the isle.
  3. A smirked cooked across Nero's face as he could see the church just in the distance. He knew he was not much further from the binding moment about to take place. Not a single limb on his body felt tired or tarnished in the least; his heart pushed him on towards the building. Suddenly he felt himself slip into his thoughts as the moment felt familiar to him. The knight could remember this path being the same one he'd taken years back. He remembered being late to her performance during the Festival of the Sword years back, but making it just in time for her to truly notice. Just then, he could hear the song she sang play out in his head, so gentle and moving... A lot like her he thought.

    Just as he was about to pass up an alley way to his left, he saw the skirt of a long red dress swoop out from inside. Following behind was a fine, toned female leg that cracked Nero in the chest as he ran into it too slow to react. Nero yelled as he tripped up and fell flat on his arse, looking up to see his adversary was none other that the lead bridesmaid: Trish.
    "Hehe... Uh... Hey, Tri--" he was cut off as she reached down and pinched his ear, then lifting him up by it and dragging him the rest of the way too the church.

    "Come on now, lover boy! We've been waiting all evening and you've practicall got one minute on!" She exclaimed at him, pulling him through the back door of the chapel.

    "Ow! Dammit, easy on my ear!" Nero was then released and Trish straightened up his black suit and red tie, dusting it off and making sure all was well. "We've made it with seconds to spare, about twenty." Trish looked up at him, seeing a resemblance in Nero so close to Dante it almost seemed flattering. "Get Dante, tell him I'm ready," Nero said. Trish chuckled and patted his chest, "You worry about Kyrie, I'll worry about pizza brain."
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    Dante sighed as the music was about to play he didn't just have to wear a suit today he had to carry the ring for Nero too. Jeez this was not exactly what he expected. The guest were ready the bride to be was ready and the kid was fashionably late. 'Wasn't that the brides job?' he asked himself shrugging as he peered up to the roof and the nicely refurbished glass that had replaced the one he had destroyed. Those were good memories, the order had gone a long way since then.

    Seeing Nero out back he smirked 'about bloody time' he thought standing up straight as he looked down the isle to see Kyrie at the door. The music began to play and Dante twitched grabbing Nero by the arm and pulling him up to the alter. "jeez you took your time" he muttered quietly as he stepped back.


    Kyrie heard the music play and took a long breath as she felt all the nerves overwhelm her, this was it. Lady opened the door for her as she spotted Nero at the end. Kyrie was near in tears at the sight of him. In her elegant white dress it was stunning and she smiled to Nero as she walked up the isle to soon face him as the music stopped as the pastor begun.​
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