Devil In The Night Sky

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  1. Night Sky Castle. Also known as Castle Herion. It is said that dawn never comes to the sky above this castle.
    Long abandoned, not even merchants travel these forsaken roads, for it has been said that the castle is cursed, and all who set eyes upon this unholy place will fall into an eternal slumber. Of course, this is just a rumor.
    Legend says that the King and Queen that lived in Castle Herion had a daughter. A daughter that was cursed with a devil's soul. Her eyes were as red as blood, and her flesh as white as snow.
    They knew if their daughter's real heritage was discovered, riots would start and everyone in their kingdom would try to kill her. To keep her safe, they hid her away in the castle, never letting her step foot outside. As she matured, she gained powers, and her powers soon developed a lust for blood. On the night of her 18th birthday, she was consumed by the Devil soul, and thus, murdered everyone in the castle, even her mother and father. And eventually, the entire kingdom surrounding the castle. With the blood lust quenched for the time being, the soul inside her body went to sleep, and she regained her former self.
    Legend also says that the sky above the castle never sees day because the souls of the dead kingdom block out the sun, damning the girl to eternal darkness. Others say that it was her doing, that the sun burned her entire being, so she blocked out the sun with an eternal night using black magic.
    This was over 1000 years ago.
  2. This sounds like an interesting idea but what would be the general plot and the role of the other character?
  3. General plot is kinda "just go with it." I haven't really thought much ahead of this, I figured we could plan it together, maybe pass some ideas around.
    as for character requirements, I'm looking for someone to play a male role. The time period is still fantasy/medieval. Your character can be whatever you want. I just need him to end up at the castle somehow, whether he his an adventurer or criminal, it doesn't matter. You have complete freedom.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.