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  1. Hello there! I have a very specific request. But if the title caught you're attention then you're probably in the right place. So let me explain what I'm looking for.

    Age: If you're under 18, no smut (which I doubt will be too involved anyway), and I don't really want to rp with anyone under 16 because I expect dark themes.

    Format: I'm going to be honest, I'd really like script format. (i.e. Character: Says this -does/thinks this-.) However I would be willing to do paragraph so if this isn't for you and the rp interests you please drop me an email anyway. I want someone with decent grammar who, in paragraph form if that's what we do, would write one to two paragraphs.

    Content: Doesn't devil hulk warn you it will be dark? Please be prepared for this. It's okay if you have some triggers, but please warn me beforehand, because otherwise I will assume absolutely everything is okay. Also, there may be major character death, which I would okay with you before the scene. (Don't worry, I would never kill off one of your characters without your permission.) That depends on how many characters you play and whether you're willing to switch characters.

    Characters: I will be Banner/Devil Hulk. This is non-negotiable. You may be whoever you wish, either from the comics, or even an OC. It would be highly preferable if you're willing to play multiple people at once, but if not, email me anyway, and we'll work something out.

    Devil Hulk: Quick explanation for those of you that have never heard of him. Bruce Banner has many Hulk's inside his psyche, and devil Hulk is one of them. He is a reptile-like creature with red eyes and pale purple skin (actually it's not always purple, depends on the artist, but I want it to be purple so...). He is bigger than savage (normal green, think Avengers movies and most comics) Hulk and has all the intelligence of Banner. He thinks he's been dealt a bad hand in life and basically wants revenge on the whole world. Think Savage Hulk but always evil to everyone, stronger, smarter, and with psychic powers. Cannonly the Devil Hulk has never been out of Banner's mind, though he's been a part of Banner's mind for a long time. The point of this rp would be to see what would happen if we change that.

    Plot: Bruce Banner was convinced to try just one more thing to cure him. By who we can decide in the planning stage, because it should probably be a character being played. Rather than making anything better Devil Hulk becomes the new presenter when Banner hulks out. There's a lot of different ways this could go depending on what other characters are in use and what my partners want, but I'd love to plot together.

    Other: You don't have to know all that much about comics to do this to but it may help. I would like someone willing to do some OOC talking and really explore the character of Banner with me. And I want someone who will tell me when they like and don't like an rp, and just give me a lot of feedback in general.

    Contact: or this thread. I prefer to rp over email but I might be able to be persuaded to try the forum or google docs.
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