Devil Fruits!

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  1. Let's try to come up with some unique Devil Fruits!

    Here's mine:

    Devil Fruit: Sanso Sanso no Mi (Oxygen-Oxygen Fruit), Paramecia: The Sanso Sanso no Mi allows it's user the ability to produce and control a nearly unlimited supply of liquid oxygen, discharged from his body at will. Liquid oxygen is a pale blue fluid with a strong paramagnetic property, and is therefore attracted to magnetic fields. The substance is cryogenic, with a freezing point below -360 degrees, and can subsequently cause materials it comes in contact with to become very brittle. It also works as a powerful oxidizing agent; organic materials will quickly and stupendously burn while drenched in liquid oxygen. Since the substance also has an exceedingly low boiling point, it turns into a gas long before it reaches room temperature, make it extremely hard to keep any quantity around for any length of time, as it disappears almost as fast as it can be produced. In fact, it's boiling point is right around -300 degrees, meaning the fluid will evaporate very quickly in almost any circumstance, one exception being in a closed, insulated container. Evaporation can also be somewhat reduced in a similar way by keeping it in a concentrated place like an empty swimming pool, or a drinking glass. One of the main weaknesses of this fruit is the fact that the user is constantly in danger of suffering serious injury from the fruit itself; if users are not careful to keep the oxygen well away from themselves before ignition (for example, not cutting a Freezing Gush off before turning it into Freezing Fire) the explosion and/or flames are liable to travel back to them with disastrous results.

    Some Attacks:

    Freezing Torrent / Freezing Fire: Freezing Torrent is basically a fire hose of liquid oxygen spouting from one or both of Belslick's hands, usually shot in a slight ark toward a target and is used to freeze and inflict frost bite on the enemy. Once Freezing Torrent has been cast, it can then be turned into Freezing Fire with the addition of a single spark from any source.

    Freezing Wave / Immolation Wave: Freezing Wave and Immolation Wave are basically larger
    versions of Freezing Torrent and Freezing Fire, except first Joshua collects the element into a large mound in front of him, then shapes it into a massive wall of liquid and shoves it forward at incredible speed. Once the wave is launched, it can continue to be pumped up with more oxygen, or turned into Immolation wave with upon ignition.

    Freezing Monsoon/ Burning Monsoon: Freezing Monsoon begins with the user shooting a massive stream of liquid oxygen into the sky, amassing a large sphere. Once the size is to his liking, Joshua can do one of two things, he can either simply drop the ball of liquid, letting it fall to the earth and splashing down upon his enemies (Freezing Monsoon), or, he can ignite the mass in the air, causing it to erupt violently, sending super heated, flaming liquid flying in all directions (Burning Monsoon).

    Volcanic Lake: For his final and most devastating attack, the user first does Freezing Monsoon, dropping it to the ground, creating a very large puddle of the substance around his drenched foes. Then, he simply ignites it.
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  2. Devil fruit-

    Itami Itami no mi (pain pain fruit)


    The eater of this fruit gains an extremely high tolerance to pain allowing the user to withstand attacks far better than most. Along with a pain tolerance, the ability to completely nullify his own pain receptors. This fruit also causes the user to create a fluid like substance that can inflict a pain that's only mentally and simply requires touching the target's body.

    The fluid, however, causes the part coated in it to simply go through the body, meaning it can't physically touch or harm; as an example his hand will go through a target's arm, but leaving the part covered in the fluid and forcing the person to feel whatever pain he had designated it within his head. It also means blocking with the body will not work, but objects and weapons can block it, though clothes is an exception that can't block it.

    This fruit has no physical attacks or can cause any physical damage, but in cost of losing any physical attacks. Allows this fruit to even affect logia users for as long as the fluid gets onto them. It attacks the mind with pain that isn't there and in some cases, if the pain is severe enough that it can actually leave some damage like a burn mark or cut if the target believes the pain enough. It can cause such an intense pain that it can even fool one's body into shutting itself down, thus killing the target, though those with stronger wills and pain tolerance can better withstand the effects. Such enemies will require more time, but over time the fluid's effect grow stronger and weakens the targets body and resistance.

    Like with himself, it can not only inflict pain, but can double the amount of pain or nullify their senses so one could feel nothing or a simple punch would hurt twice as much with his pain doubling. There are various other ways to use the fluid and is able to coat an object to add the effect and increase the user's range of attack, but doing so makes it so the weapon can no longer do any phyiscal harm or damage as like coating the body give it an intangible effect. This fruit is only limited by his imagination and creativity of all sorts of pain.

    The one drawback of this fluid is that creating the fluid is a large drain on the user's stamina and requires one with an excess of stamina to use it properly. One who masters this fruit can gain a brief logia aspect by coating the entire body to become intagible to physical attacks, but weapons can still hit and harm the user.

    A few techniques-

    1. Itami Touch: The basic of his fruit ability where the doctor thinks of a certain pain then creates the fluid with the set pain to either coat his palms or entire hand. The fluid can be extended onto object or weapon that he holds, though makes the weapon unable to do any physical damage when doing this as it would simple go through the body like with coating it over his hands. The thicker the fluid, the stronger the effect as the effect can last up to two to three minutes or continously for as long as the doctor remains in contact with the target's body.

    2. Pill of life and death: Condensing the fluid into a gel like pill in a blue or red color.
    -The blue pill has the effect of completely nullifying one's sense of pain for five minutes (5 posts) Doing so allows the target to fight without restraint and bring out power most are normally unable to access due to the restrictions by their senses, but carries the risk of the user not knowing the damage they receive and could take a fatal blow without knowing it until the pill wears off. Even more that once the pill wears off, any pain they would received while it was active will hit their body all at once so the pill should only be taken as a last resort.This pill is for allies for it has no effect on the doctor.
    -The red pill is the opposite and instead doubles the target's pain so any damage they take would feel as if it was twice as strong and painful. It lasts for five minutes; same as the blue pill and is meant to be used as a trick for most opponents will not know the effects of this pill when pretending to offer to help with the effects that the blue pill has.

    3. Pain down memory lane: Not only is the fruit capable of giving or taking away pain in the body, but can do so in the mind as well. By placing his hand on the target's forehead and focusing, he can take away a memory that causes that person pain. Doing so will completely take the memory and all memories linked to it the point that it never happened and with it taken completely from their mind cannot be remembered in anyway, besides having the doctor returned the memory. Because of the high concentration it requires as well as the target to keep one of the memory in their mind as well as time it takes; it requires the target to willingly allow the doctor to take the memory. In taking away one's pain, he is then able to absorb the memory into his body and uses the pain to increase the overall effectiveness and strength of his fruit allowing it to work faster and easier on those with strong wills or high pain tolerance. The more and stronger painful memory he takes the stronger the fluid's power becomes.

    4. Salting Wounds: After touching the target's body, he can learn the body and mind's history of wounds and scars both mentally and physically. He is then able to forcefully open the old wounds, adding to Itami touch to wear down the body and mind.

    5. Pain Enhancer: Coating the hand or weapon in a fluid that will double the pain received from the part of the body struck by or, though if the target is hit square ont he chest then will affect the entire body. Can be used in conjecture with Itami touch with one hand using it and one hand using pain enhancer for combos with his attacks.

    6. Pain Link-This is considered to be one of the doctor's most dangerous, yet risky techs. The doctor when touching the target can activate it and on the spot he touched will leave a skull tattoo not colored in. It lasts for ten minutes and can't be removed unless he cancels it or is knocked unconscious. Over the next ten minutes, for every attack or damage his body receives, the skull will gradually fill in and the stronger the damage the faster it fills it, though the doctor needs to withstand attacks and take damage for this to work. Once the ten minutes are over, the skull will glow and depending on how filled it in will cause the target's body to instantly take all the damage and pain that the doctor had taken, though unlike the doctor, the pain will be doubled if its 50 % filled, tripled if the entire skull was filled and quadrupled if both the skull and eyes were filled in. If he faints or is knocked out then it is canceled, though the target will still receive the damage that the doctor had taken up to that point, though not enhanced. If used in conjecture with Pain enhancer will further increase the pain the target receives.

    This is a devil fruit idea that i have been working on for a long time and I please ask that no one attempts to steal this.
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  3. Cacti cacti fruit – allows the user to shift their body to take on the properties of a cactus. Main attacks consist of shooting needles offensively, or curling into a ball and taking advantage of the spines to protect their body from attack.

    < needs to flesh this out more . . .
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  4. Menko Menko no Mi ("me" from the japanese "ame", meaning candy, and "enko", from henko, meaning change)


    The Menko Menko no Mi is a strange and wonderful fruit even among the exceptionally unique paramecia. The fruit's powers are derived from and activated by candy, meaning it's variety of powers are limited only by the users ability to obtain a various different types of candy. If the user were to eat, for example, a jaw breaker, they would then become very hard and dense, able to withstand a good deal of abuse. Then, if they were to, say, eat a gummy bear, they would gain powers similar to those granted by the Gumu Gumu no Mi. Here lies the fruits greatest weakness; no power granted by this fruit will ever match up to a power granted by a similar fruit. Rock candy is not as strong as rock, gummy candy isn't as good at being rubber as rubber itself, and candy glass has a similar relationship with glass. Basically, this fruit provides the user with a very wide array of relatively weak powers,