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"Hello... Welcome to primordial."
You hear a voice speak from the void of darkness as your eyes struggle to part, when you finally open them.
You are met with a strange looking Canis, larger than most timber wolves, but not the largest in this land.
Her scent is of a female and her appearance is foreign.
She has long horns protruding from her head and and ears much like a saluki, her tail is long with hanging fur and her body is slim.

You feel relaxed as she raises her tail and it sways, her expression turns friendly as she greets you.

"I am Anu. who are you?. . ."

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Now that, that's outta the way!

Welcome to Devae, a new and upcoming wolf RP.
I am currently looking for semi-lit, Semi-Realistic, long term, wolf, fox, canine hybrids, and possibly others.

Rules and lore are all inside the server, keep in mind please. There will not be any sexual scenes, or any birthing scenes, it all must be fade to Black before anything graphic happens.

I will put my discord name below, I will need to give you an application before you can enter the actual server.


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Commenting isn't necessary, simply message my discord. 😊