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I was finally able to get the version I had saved. I apologize for the lack of changes over the past few days, but I really wanted to go with what I had originally planned (the details were somewhat sketchy, since this was planned months ago, hehe).

Seeing the amount of pictures uploaded, I will try to draw my mech/character in the future... although, due to multiple factors, the word "try" should not be overlooked. :P
Ok, so no more changes coming it to for now except possibly a picture? I'll approve it in that case, looks like an improvement over last time.
It was intentionally named after that movie.

*Is an MST3K fan*
I see lol.

Anyhow, I wanted to start this today but things changed and I don't have time to write up a decent IC post.. Sorry..Tomorrow it'll definitely start though.
Working on a character and his mecha. Will have it in as soon as I can! If it's not too late that is.
Nope it's not too late to submit a bio. I'll accept it since you were one of the first who was interested in this RP.

But yeah, definitely starting this tomorrow, going to make sure I have time for it.
IC is up!

Ok, if you're having trouble coming up with IC posts, basically just introductory posts of your characters, maybe showing them saying goodbye to their family and other loved ones, doing some aspect of their job or just going into the colony proper to enjoy a few drinks or something and some get fresh air.

The action will come into play soon enough.

Name: Alexa Hagan

Age: 29

Job/Class: Mainly a mecha pilot, but loves to volunteer to help the cooking staff when she has free time.

History: Alexa had always been a competitive person, driven by her own need to succeed where others had failed. Beating others into submission and taking her place at the top was probably the only thing that brought her any sense of joy and fulfillment. It wasn't that she was depressed or lonely or hated the world; she just found that she had a very fleeting sense of connection with others. She made friends with her team-mates or anyone who piqued her interest and it was in this way that she first found out about the P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. project.

After joining the military, Alexa had maintained her competitive nature. Her efficient record was not without notice and she was drafted to take part in a new project. The first wave of P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. pilots had already taken their turn, being nothing more than guinea pigs. Left with severe mental exhaustion and some with permanent damage, a new batch of recruits had been brought in. Alexa was part of this second group.

It seemed almost too perfect to be true at first. With the drug and treatment therapy came a new sense of…freedom. She felt she had no more desire to struggle with the fickle, emotional 'others' in the world. This, she felt, was an awakening of her true self. She grew closer and closer to her unit and came to deeply appreciate the intricacy of the machinery around her. Synchronization was at its peak.

Description: A young woman with peculiar attitude. Extremely quiet and calm, but in a thoughtful sense. She does get flustered from time to time. Seems to only express joy when on the battlefield or when she gets to spend time with her mech. Prefers to dress in the muted colors of her Unit, as she is their representative. Dresses as a civilian from time to time, depending on the amount of free-time she has.

Weapons: Prefers hand-to-hand combat with the aid of a stun-glove. Carries a las-pistol on occasion.


Name of Mech: P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. [Scorpio Unit]

Nickname: Py-chan

Origin: The P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. System was a major breakthrough in the field of brainwave synchronization. This system made it possible for individuals with physical handicaps to operate simple machinery and was also used to rehabilitate those with neural damage. A far more complex model was soon developed for military use. Although met with resounding success, as with anything it was not without its drawbacks.

The original P.Y.R.A.M.I.D system was found to have severe mental side-effects and it was found to be a struggle to balance the system's readings of the pilot's emotions and reflexes. The easiest way around this setback was to eliminate the least important of these factors. By reigning in the pilot's emotions and inhibitions with drugs, control over the fickle P.Y.R.A.M.I.D System increased exponentially and feedback was clearer than ever. Making this sacrifice, all P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. pilots undergo extensive drug and behavior therapy.

Environment: Made for land or stable ground with boosters for traversing uneven terrain. Though powerful, the boosters cannot operate for prolonged periods of time. Thrusters and reinforced legs allow for long and powerful jumps. The streamlined form makes for good underwater maneuverability. While underwater, the range of the Distortion Particles is severely limited and the role of the nano-bots is relegated to shield until the opposing mech can be put into a hold.


[Great Knife] – A large, heavy, plasma-edged blade. Because of its weight it is slow to wield, but once momentum is built it becomes a force to reckon with. The large, flat, tough surface comes in handy for a variety of things, such as shield or a can-opener for the side of an aircraft.

[Grabby Hands] – The P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. has an extra strong grip, which is great for…holding things.

[Beams] – Lasers. Nuff said.

Description: [Here]

Extra: Can only be piloted by Alexa.


[Distortion Particles] – One of Py-Chan's main abilities is to release a thin fog of nano-machines into the air. These particles create a field of disruption that affects a mecha's visual and physical functions, i.e. scrambling of communication links and radar. These airborne particles serve as transportation for a virus of sorts, carried by the nano-bots it is composed of. The distortion inflicted upon an opposing mecha causes a lag in the visual and auditory systems, leaving her enemies to believe the PYRAMID faster than it truly is. It causes systems to 'hallucinate' while the particle field is activated. These particles are faintly linked to the PYRAMID system itself, as to prevent friendlies from being affected. The only glitch in this system is that comm. link static increases as Py-Chan gets closer. Mechas that have any sort of brainwave or body synchronization are severely affected. When hit by the Distortion Particles, pilots of these sorts of mechas are hit the hardest. Permanent damage and eventual overload leading to death can be possible with prolonged exposure.

[Sexy Beam] – Every woman has her wiles. This one is just in the form of a laser. Sexy Beam is a cluster burst of thin lasers which are good for taking out smaller drones and other fast-moving targets. The Sexy Beam can be charged up into a singular solid beam which is good for dealing damage to larger, slow-moving or stationary targets.

[Forceful Docking] – When in close range to another mecha, Py-Chan performs a series of movements aided by thrusters. These movements bring Py-Chan to the rear of another mecha, putting it into a nearly unbreakable hold. This hold allows for a number of things to happen - another mecha can engage the target, Distortion Particles can invade and overload the opposing mecha, or Py-Chan can just tear it a new space-asshole.
Amp, bio approved! Allright.

Gonna start the action in my next post here.. I'll make it later in the day though so for those of you who want to do anything else with your characters R and R time, now's the time.
Arcum's just going to be sitting inside his cockpit running various tests and diagnostics, maybe a few agnostics as well.
Character Bio
Name: Miles Burton

Age: 23

Job/Class: Pilot/Gunner

History: Arthur tends to be cool and level headed in most combat situations. He likes to examine all the factors before jumping head long into a dangerous situation. His cautious nature doesn't mean he isn't a born explorer. He excels in piloting mechanized infantry units, and is pretty skilled marksman. He has logged many hours piloting mechanized units in various environments. In his spare time, he can usually be found maintaining his mech, or at the ships target range.

Description: Miles has short, brown hair. He's about 5 feet 11 inches tall. He has a medium build, not too muscly and not too lanky. His skin is a tad pale, since he spends most of his time in the cockpit, or on ship. He has storm gray eyes.

Clothing: A vest with the ships insignia on the left breast, and several pockets. Usually wearing a t-shirt and cargo pants.

Weapons: Plasma pistol, a pistol that fires solid projectiles (bolts, stun rounds, etc.), and a laser knife.

Mecha Bio
Name of Mech: Proteus, MIM–212 (Mechanized Infantry – Modular )

Origin: This mech was designed to be used in various environments that they could encounter on their voyage. It was mass produced for use out in the UWG colonies.

Environment: Unable to fly. It is designed to have a few different modes that can only be adjusted in the hangar. Each mode is meant to help accommodate for varying conditions, which include: aquatic, and harsh environments (space, extreme heat/cold, hazardous).

Light Recon Mode: Armed with a light rail-gun, a power knife (built into right arm), Vulcan chain-guns (built into the head unit), power sword.
Heavy Mode: Armed with tri-barrelled gauss cannon (requires two hands to operate and a power plant pack), shoulder-mounted plasma cannon turret, shoulder-mounted chain-gun (used for d, and grenade launcher (built into an arm attachment, and can only be used when he is not operating his cannon).
Extreme Environment Mode: Armed with either the Light Recon Mode or the Heavy Mode gear.

Description: 20 feet tall. The suits coloured mainly black and grey with ice blue optics that light up when the mech is active. The mech is designed in a humanoid form. The hand has five fingers, which allows the wearer to manipulate items like they were using their own hands. Its legs are design to store ammo, and looks like a blocky boots. Carries one pilot. The mech was specially designed to be have modular parts that would allow it to operate in various environmental conditions, and weapons depending on what the mission calls for. These modules can only be changed in the hangar.

Light Recon Mode: Lightly armoured, designed to be quick and agile.
Heavy Mode: Heavily armoured, designed to be carrying heavier weapons and sacrifice speed and mobility.
Extreme Environment Mode: Medium armoured, design for extreme environments ranging from coldness of space to the scorching desert. The suit is not impervious to the environment but can stave it off its harsh effects (servos and moving parts can still be clogged with sand). For space walks , a thruster unit is added to the mech. For an aquatic environment, a aquatic propulsion unit is attached.

Light Recon Module Only:
Chameleon Camouflage: Like an active camouflage that doesn't really hide the mech, but make it harder to see it.

Still need to work on the description and a few small tweaks here and there.
Sorry for the delay, looks like I'll have to make my post to advance things tomorrow, not tonight.. Urgh.

Oh well, gives some folks time to catch up..
Ok, finally posted. Sorry for the delay but better today than rushing it and making it when I was like a zombie due to sleep deprivation.

Sorry for the DP..But here are some specs For the enemy units for those curious of how they attack and what exactly they are like.

"Metal Militia Group" units.

Name: Hihawk-BEA 01

Description: Humanoid hawk mech. Painted a dull gray with brown on it's wings. The mech is rather bird like and as such, is designed with wings[complete with feathers that imitate real birds] which mostly serve as decoration and weapons, it has an adapter on the back that allows it to fly. It's even has talons and claws that can be used as weapons. Head wise, it's head resembles an owl more than a hawk and functions as the cockpit. Very weak armor wise but hard to hit.

Size: Small, very swift. Around 18 feet tall and light-weight for a mech. Weak armor but hard to hit due to it's speed.


Slash: Slashes with claws. Can be dangerous and fast but ineffective against mechs with heavy armor as it won't pierce it.

Talon missiles: Fires off 5 talon missiles from one foot. Very fast and can be quite damaging it all five hit their target.

Lasers: Shoots lasers from it's mouth. Rather ineffective but it can do this move rather often.

Hawk combination: Requires 3 other Hihawks, One Hihawk grabs and holds the enemy with both it's claws and talons and takes flight while the other two ruthlessly fly by and slash the target with their claws and then toss the target onto the ground for big damage. Very dangerous but hard for them to pull off on fast mechs.

Extra: Cannot function in water and will sink as it was built solely for flying in space and air.

Name: Armor Raptor-BEAG02

Description: Raptor(bird, not dinosaur. :P) mech. Non humanoid. Resembles a vulture and is painted red and black. It's talons are far sharper than a Hihawk's and it's armor is rather heavy, slowing it down. It is around 40 feet tall. To describe it best, it's a flying tank, armed with cannons and other weapons on it and built for defense and offense, not for high speeds or dodging. It is easily hit but is formidable.

Size: Large. Easy to hit, but has great armor.


Raptor Talons: Shreds into an enemy mech with it's sharp talons, able to damage even heavily armored mechs, very dangerous but due to the rather slow speed of a Airaptor, it can be dodged.

Ram: Crashes into the enemy, easy to dodge but can cause quite a knockback effect and a good deal of damage.

Plasma cannon: A large cannon unleashes a plasma blast. Rather dangerous but takes time to charge and glows red while it charges.

Wing bash: Bashes the enemy with it's wings. Slow but can knock down flying units out of the sky easily.

Extra: This unit was also made only for the air and space.

Name: Orge Berserker-BEA 0X

Description: A huge mech, 70 feet tall at most. Heavily armored and made of an advanced and strong metal, rather humanoid except for it's horns and the design of it's face. It is colored a dull gray all over except for it's eyes which are red. One of it's hands is a claw hand, the other is a humanoid hand that can hold other weapons. On it's back is a weapon's pack that allows it to pull out it's different weapons.

Size: Large. Heavy armor that is hard to break though. However, due to it's large size, it can NEVER dodge an attack, it is such a huge target. It is also very slow moving. It cannot fly.


Claw of the Giant: A huge claw attack with it's large claw hand, very dangerous and will pierce weak armor easily. Not too slow, it's fastest attack.

Behemoth Axe: A giant axe that can pulled out of it's weapon pack, very dangerous but very slow.

Mammon Gun: A giant gun that can be pulled out of it's weapon pack. A very dangerous and huge gun that fires out large bullets about the size of an average mech's arm. Slow but can fire 3 shots a once.



Extra: A unit that was made using a great deal of resources from the Blue Earth Army. It's one of their best units and most advanced, specializing in ground and melee combat. Rumor has it it's meant to be one in a series of mechs..
Titan bio, approved!

Hmmm, things are going slow.. I may just end this battle soon.. I know it may not be the most interesting one..I'm saving the crazy ones for later in the RP...
Oh, Weavel, just so it's clear what I plan to do, I plan on tackling the ogre mech using my Rush Assault, knocking it and myself outside so the captain can fight it there, and then flying back in to help take care of the other mechs. Just wanted you to know that I don't plan on "stealin' yer killz".
Change of plans, the battle will be advanced, not ended. Apparently there's been a lack of communication between me and the players, I expected more people before I posted next and advanced things. However, everyone else expected me to post and advance things further. I do not wish to totally screw over those of you who had plans for this battle so I won't end it just yet.

But next time, PLEASE tell me you're waiting on me or give me some sort of sign. I had to hear it from Archy that people were waiting on me. I rather have this OOC flooded with people waiting on me than not knowing whether people or going to post or not..

Anyhow, I advanced the battle... Now it's about taking down that Orge mech.

Anyone who hasn't posted yet in the battle..Should try and post now. I'm keeping this battle going for you guys whom were waiting on me.

If you want to make it more interesting, I suggest talking with your fellow players and having your characters team up to damage that damn Orge. It'd be good to see some interaction during this battle.
*Uses smoke signals that translate into "Can you hear me now?"*
Name: Greg Mervis

Age: 32

Job/Class: Armorer (Weapons maintenece and repair) 1st Class (equivelent to Sergeant Major, but an all arms rank, meaning that Greg is not a member of any military branch, but a member of both the Army and Navy, his job is to fix weaponry for all arms of service and all service personell when not on a mission)

Greg has served in the Military all his life, his parents being officers on board a Naval frigate.
since he grew up in the military, he enver had any doubts about what he was going to become, and his aptitude tess showed that he was best suited to weapons and armor repairs and maintenance, so he began his service as a Navy Repair Technician aboard the Light Cruiser Pavonis
he served aboard the Pavonis for five years, during that time he was promoted three times, reaching the rank of Naval Repair Cheif, at this rank he was brought onto the Tactical Dreadnaught Armor Project, a joint Navy-Army project to counter the growing popularity of mechs as primary combatants, the project went well and during the four years on teh project Greg made several improvements to the design and though it never came into full service, with only a select elite unit of soldiers being armed with the weapons system, Greg was awarded a place int he unit and a suit of the armor, with which he was to instruct the soldiers in the use of the suit.

this training took palce over a two year period, during which time Greg was Promoted to the All Arms Rank of Armorer 2nd Class, and he held this rank and his position until about two years ago, where after serving as a Training instructor for several years, he was Promoted yet again and transfered, this time he was transfered to the Themis, along with his T.I.D suit and a full armory of Weapons options, although only three of these have been deemed neccesary thus far.

Those serving with Greg have often stated that whilst he retains patience and an almost emotionless calm whislt repairing or servicing weapons systems, in combat Greg becomes a Stoic bringer of Death, who almost seems to delight in the destruction of his foes.

Of his skill as an armorer, Greg is said to be second to none, his knowledge of the way most weapons systems (includeding all UWG weapons past and present, including those mounted on battleships and other spacefaring vehicles)
his knowledge of Mechs and their operation is also impressive, though nowhere near as comprehensive, consisting msotly of what systems are vital and how to disable them, along with tactics for taking on all classes of Mech, from Light to Heavy Sheilded with a unit of T.I.D wearing soldiers, although this skill is somewhat less usefull when he is by himself.

At present he is working on improving several of the Themis' armory weapons systems, working to improve their capabilites and other vital satistics, leaving the fighting to the mech pilots for now.

Description: Greg is arond 6'4 weighs around 120 kilograms and is of a muscular build, his jaw is rather squared, though it is usually covered with thick stubble, his hair, which is a dark brown, is kept very short, his eyes are a dark green and they are of average distance from the bridge of his nose, which is itself of around average size and width, though it tilts slightly to the left, indicating it has been broken numerous times.

Usual clothing consists of either The Armoror's Battle Dress Uniform which looks much like an olive drab shirt and fatigues, though the Ships Emblem is stitched onto his left shoulder and his Armorer's Qualifications are stitched on his right shoulder, his Rank insignia, being that of three Chevrons with a sword and a rifle crossed is displayed both on his Shoulderboards.

Weapons: .85 'Bolt' Pistol
(Ammo capacity, 15 rounds per magazine, Greg carries 3 magazines)

Mech bio

Name of Mech: "ThunderChild"

Origin: The 'Tactical Infantry Dreadnaught' or T.I.D Armor is a unique set of Formerly Experimental Infantry Fighting Suits designed specifically to counter Mech or light infantry Units, and it had a multitude of variations, the most common being the 'Terminator' Suit, which was developed to counter Mech Formations, it gave the user Tactical Options as to ranged weaponry, came with a Powerfield armed Anti Tank Fist and a standard gauntlet, with which the user could fire almost any infantry capable weapon with one hand.

Environment: Urban/Ship Boarding /Actions, Because of the Suits size, jsut over 8' tall and 2' wide

Weapons: Greg's Suit has a few variations, though these can grow so long as the 'Mother ship' has the weapons available:

Anti Mech: Power Fist, .85 'Bolter' with Underslung 4omm Plasma gun (1 shot per loading, takes a minute to recharge after which it can be reloaded, Greg normally carries 12 reloads) this enables Greg to take on Light to medium Mech Units, though the underslung plasma gun has little penetrating power against Light-Medium shielded or heavily armored mechs, and no penetrating power against heavy sheilded mechs, the bolter has limited penetrating capacity on light mechs and no penetrating capacity against either light sheilded mechs or anything heavier.
the amount of Reloads does however neccesitate that the T.I.D carry an ammo hopper, which increases weight and makes the suit slower in it's pace.

Anti Infantry: Power Fist, .85 'Storm Bolter'
This Loudout has only the Power fist for anti tank/Mech warfare, but the twin barrelled 'Storm Bolter' is shockingly effective against infantry of all classes except for those wearing T.I.D (or its equivelent) armor, in which case their armor peircing capability is 1-10 that is to say the chances of penetrating the enemies armor is 10%

Infantry Support: Power Fist, .85 'Storm Bolter', Cyclone Rocket Launcher
The Cyclone Missile Launcher has two aspects, Anti Mech and Anti Infantry, in the Anti Mech role the Rockets are designed to detonate after impact, giving them time to penetrate, though their penetration value is limited to non sheilded mechs of up to medium armor thickness at most, but in it's anti infantry capacity, the launcher fires up two 12 rockets per salvo (the unit carries enough for two salvos) the warheads of which detonate in the air, unleashing not just an explosion but a withering hail of shrapnel

'Bolter' Technology: The 'Bolter' is based on the old abandodn concept of the Gyrojet weapon, that is an infantry weapon that fires self propelled rocket projectiles, and where the Gyrojet was innacurate and semi Automatic/Self loading, the 'Bolter' is improved in all aspects, 'bolt' weapons hypothetically fire either .85 .100 or .125 rounds, though the two larger categories are only found in blueprints for turret anti infantry and light vehicle weapons whilst the .85 shells are found in all infantry portable bolt weaponry, such as the 'Bolt Pistol' pistol design the 'Bolter' compact rifle design and the mid sized 'Storm Bolter' though the latter is the heaviest of the weapons, and usually only carried on tank pintle mounts, as a mech close combat underslung weapon or as the prime anti infantry weapon of the Tactical Dreadnaught Armor


Though the Color scheme varies depending on the mission the Unit is deployed on, in this case this particular suit was worn by the bodyguards of the Inventor of the Suit, Armand Imperator, the armaments shown are the standard Anti Infantry loudout

The armor itself is a complete exo-skeleton constructed from heavy-gauge plasteel plating, covered in thick sheets of plasteel and ceramite. Movement is made possible through the complex fiber-bundle muscles, which allow a properly-trained warrior to fight with deadly strength and skill in cramped, close quarter conditions, where this armor excels. Fully independent power supplies and life-support systems are incorporated into the suit, while various augers and auspex devices grant the wearer a full understanding of the situation he is in. Integrated threat sensors and targeters allow a Space Marine to track his target with great accuracy. A squad of warriors can be 'networked' together to share visual and tactical data, although to limit confusion this is rarely done.


compared to a Mech, T.I.D armor is much more stealthy, due msotly to the fact that it is easier to hide with camoflague.

Versitile: Depending on the weapons loadout, T.I.D armor can take on all but the msot heavily armed foes, and it specialises in taking out light mechs and infantry in almost any circumstance.

Small stature: the smaller size of the suit (though larger than a human) is still smalelr than a mech, making it harder to target and able to enter areas where a mech otehrwise would not be able to gain access.
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