Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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  1. It can't be Jensen. It can't.
    Can it?
    Only Dues Ex game I've played through is Human Revolution and well, I did that ending. Everyone dies. No story to be spun.
    But I do believe I just creamed my pants.
  2. I'd be more excited if the last game's gold and black colour scheme didn't make my eyes bleed.
  3. I loved the black/gold scheme.

    My favourite section was the one where you went off to... uh... Asian-land. Been a minute since I last played it. Was it Hong Kong?

    Anyways, I don't want to play as Jensen again. I need a new protagonist. Honestly, a female protagonist would be cool. But I'd also like some of the complexity of the original game to return.
  4. I liked the scheme. Seemed fitting.
    I've been seeing Deus Ex GotY edition on Steam. Would you recommend it? I've heard Secret War wasn't that good from some others.
  5. Hengsha (Island), just off the coast of Shanghai. Jensen also goes from there to Singapore.

    I've played all the Deus Ex games and other than their latest offering (The Fall), have largely enjoyed them all. Not to say I don't enjoy it, I just can't seem to get into it.

    Hopefully, the forthcoming title is at least as good as its previous titles.
  6. Eidos is retconning all 4 endings, so more Jensen to be had!

    Also trailer:
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  7. I just came in my pants.

    I think I just had an orgasm that won't stop. It can't stop.

  8. Welp, I'm sold!
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  9. Such a sexy trailer
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