Deus Ex: Human Revolution


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Anyone else being playing this? It came out yesterday in the UK, but to my knowledge it's been on US shelves since the 23rd (you guys are having some issues with GameStop regarding it, though).

Picked it up yesterday and have been playing a fair bit of it. Fan-fucking-tastic so far; what I hoped it would be. Everything from the art-style, the music and the story oozes that cyberpunk, technological renaissance feel, and the gameplay I'm finding suitably challenging.

Thoughts/feelings/"SHUT THE FUCK UP GRUMPY >:["?
hehe, love the game so far...though I'm focusing more on the choices you have to make.

Do I go in to save the hostages, knowing it's a trap? Or do I let the swat team settle that, with the chance that they spring the trap instead?

I love choices like these, and I hope to find a lot more of them in the game!
Actually it was pushed back to 2 days ago, I think. Going to rent it as soon as I can get to Block Buster.
Playing it, loving it so far. Finding out that what I do and when has some actual consquences (like the ability to actually loose saving the hostages) is really awesome. That and that the story is a lot longer than what one normally finds. The fact that the setting is somewhat unique in vibe and filled with tidbits of background information really aids in enhancing one's belief that the world is real (would make an interesting RP setting hint hint).

Currently playing it as a non-leathal stealth/hacker based character. The only character I've killed so far has been the first boss. It's very satisfying to tranq. two guards in a row and then run up and knock out the third before any of them realized what has happened. Though, having your planned take down go awry can also be fun as well.

[edit] One complaint however I have is the lack of... any type of storage. What if I want to keep my silenced sniper rifle or combat rifle for later use? No where to put it other than my inventory, which gets filled up way waaaay to fast. Though, it seems like one can leave stuff (by droping it) in their apartment without it disapearing... at least for so far it hasn't for me.
I love this fucking game and eya i lost the hostages too sadly But oh well it was unique! Its not all OH ITS OK THAT YOU FORGOT THEM WE SAVED EM ANYWAYS! it was all like HAHA FUCK YOU THEY ARE ALL DEAD NOW!

The bosses are crazy hard and i love the challenge. Im playing it on normal difficulty and idk if anyone else is having troubles or not but i can never beat em in one go which i like!

*Emos over the fact that Blockbuster had them all rented out... And a lot for the console that he doesn't have...*

busy with killzone and new ps3 as i wait for space marine, although i am wanting to get the new deus ex.
A developer release of this fell into my lap sometime around mid-May. There were some bugs, as can be expected, but the game play experience was stellar despite them.

I plan on purchasing this title when it's financially feasible for me to do so. I've always loved the Deus Ex series, and this game was no different.
Watching my bro play as a stealthy smart-talker... delicious cyberpunk with subtle foreshadowing to the original (this is set 20 years before) FUCK YEAR!
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Not sure if spoilers.
It's awwwright, but I wish they would have licensed Valve's face animation technology or something. I feel so awkward when doing dialog.
It's awwwright, but I wish they would have licensed Valve's face animation technology or something. I feel so awkward when doing dialog.

come on comrade. if you're going to ask for facial tech, ask for the best.

that shit they used in LA Noire to capture the actors ENTIRE performance, from voice and motion to facial expression.
I try to be sneaky....I really really try.....but....everything just ends up dying, and then ends up getting gathered into a nice pile in the middle of the room.

I'm a baaaaaaad Space Marine.
I own the original Deus Ex: GotY edition but have yet to play it. However here is an hour long video of TotalBiscuit's "WTF is..." segment on the game.

He is a very big fan of Deus Ex.

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Theres an achievement for completing the game raising no alarms, on second play though and going for it.
Wasted all my first Plexius points in DIPLOMACY SKILLS.

Spend majority of game slowly squat creeping through vents.

Spent rest of game stacking knocked out gangsters ontop of each other in homo erotica poses and luring all mooks into the rouge turrets when my Hacker Skills were complete.

My only issue with Deus Ex: HR so far is it's boss fights, which feel really rather out of place and dated in comparison to the rest of the game.

Penny Arcade sums it up nicely.