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  1. <DIR>"Thou shalt not harm the innocent." An image of a protesting crowd flashes by. "Thou shall protect the innocent." A blade flashes downward, extending from an agmentic arm. "Thou shalt not murder the innocent." A crime scene flashes by, blood pooling under a few soaked white sheets. "Thou shall-" The recording stops and you find yourself on the top of a building, the night life of the city pulsing around you. "Thou shall be the sword and shield of the innocent, the judge of the damned, blah blah blah." A man in a black trench coat walks into your view, looking right at you. "Well, you've seen what has happened to my little club, as well as the world. The future really is hell, isn't it?" He smiled as he grabbed you by your neck. "Too bad you won't be around to see it." With one powerful throw, you are falling from the top of the building, the ground rushing up to meet you and you mercifuly black out before the impact.


    The year is 2033 and the world is starting to fall into ruin. The governments are struggleing to maintain order. The elite peace keeping force nicknamed "The Order" has fallen into factions.

    And so there is you. A recent innitate into the Order. You have already met one of their numbers... Though your memory of him is scattered, fogged. You do not remember his face, only that you dispise him. Now you have choices to make. Which side do you join? Do you remain true to the rules of the Order? Or will you assist in toppleing it?

    The choice is your's.


    Ok. Fun. Hopefully that didn't fail too bad.

    Ok, some info.

    The Order is just a nickname of the group you are in. It has many names but don't come up with dumb ones ok?
    The Order is comprised mostly of agmentic ((aka cyborgs) humans who either chose to join or were recruited. Honestly this was just something I remembered. I could use some help fleshing it out.</DIR>
  2. So a cyberpunk game?

    Always down with seeing more cyberpunk on Iwaku; sadly as I'm currently running/about to start two games of my own I don't have time to join this one, but I can certainly offer some advice on cyberpunk and the running of it.

    You may want to consider looking up the stuff that inspired Deus Ex (if you haven't played the previous games as well, I'd recommend it; the first definitely, the second one if you fancy); William Gibson's novel 'Neuromancer' is said to have started the whole genre and it's easy to see why people say this, so I'd recommend looking up that.

    Plus, if you want to do a cyberpunk game, go watch Blade Runner.

    Seriously. Stop what you're doing and go watch it. Now. I don't care if you've seen it before, you must watch it right now. Again.

    The rain-soaked streets. The grim, oppressive atmosphere of the downtrodden slums contrasting with the elegance and beauty of the high-rise corporate skyscrapers built above the misery of the common man. The ever-cheery voice urging people out to the colonies as people fight to stay alive. Rutger Hauer's final speech, "like tears... in rain."

    THAT is cyberpunk. The style, the aesthetic. The protagonist not knowing who to trust, what's true and what isn't, slowly falling down the rabbit hole he's been tasked with investigating. If you can pull off something akin to this, you will have the mother of all cyberpunk games on your hands.

    Nail down the themes you'd like to explore as well; cyberpunk is full of great ones. Alienation and isolation from the rest of humanity, rebellion against oppressive regimes, transhumanism and science gone too far; these are all themes that often crop up in cyberpunk works and incorporating them into your game would make for an awesome time, both for you and your players.

    That's about all I can think of just now. Best of luck.
  3. Thanks. Things are going a bit too wierd in my life right now and honestly, this wasn't the best idea. Into the recycleing bin with it.
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