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  1. See Out of Character thread

    A group of kids are stuck in a room together for 4 hours because they all did something to cause trouble in school. These kids have never seen each other around in the school. Their detention time will bring them close together.
    -My Quick Character Info!-
    Name: Bridget Marie Corey (Bridge for short/ nickname)

    Age: Just turned 18 today.

    Height: 5'7''

    Personality: Tough, Mysterious, Bad ass. Is nice to you if you are nice to her, but if you arent you better watch out! She is pretty outgoing but is short-tempered

    Look: (Also look at the pic below) Long beautiful natural red hair, high cheek bones,, full lips, and deep forest green eyes. Wear only a very small amount of make up because she is already naturally beautiful. Perfect slim body as well. While she is in detention she wear black skinny jean that had some holes in them (it was made that way) and it has a small chain attached to two of the belt loops, a green t-shirt, green converses, and green gloves that were fingerless.


    Bridge's mom parked in front of the school and sighed, "Alright," she began, "I will pick you up in 4 hours. Behave yourself." she warned.
    Bridge looked at the school then at her mother, "Alright," she said, "See you then." she got out of the small car. She slammed the door shut. She couldnt believe she had to be in detention on a Saturday! This was cruel and unusual punishment to her. She glared at the school then walked in.

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  2. OOC:
    name: Amanda bree Nicole (mandy for a nickname)

    height: 5'8"

    age: 18

    personality: smart but not nerdy,will be nice if you don't disrespect her,and can fight if she needs to.


    IC: Amanda glared at her father as she was arriving at the school "why couldnt you call the school and get me out of this?!" she asked in a bossy tone. her father looked out the window and ran his hand through his hair "i told you i think what you did deserves punishment!" Amanda rolled her eyes "he threw the first punch!!" she shouted and sighed loudly and got out of the car not quite slamming the door. "i will see you in four hours!" his father called out of the car window. "whatever!" she said and walked away and into the school.
  3. She smirked as she entered the big room which was the library. No surprised at all she has a Saturday detention. She is always getting into trouble. In fact she gets in soo much trouble all the time that she actually has a secret stash of fun things to hidden in the vent. She sits in the very back, and puts her feet on the table.
  4. OOC:

    [​IMG] \
    (Darker Hair)

    Name- Bryan Drake Forester, Goes by Drake

    Age- 18, nearing 19

    Height- 6'2

    Personality- Cocky, Arrogant, and tries to get a laugh from anyone and everyone. He loves to wear his flat bill hat and tinted aviator sun glasses. Not smart, but not dumb either. He is proud of his skills in football, him being a the running back for school. Has good manners, but his smart mouth often gets him in trouble.


    Drake slammed the door to his 2013 black and red Camaro. He locked it, and looked toward the school. "I could be with the guys right now, but noooo, I gotta go to freaking Saturday detention." Walking towards the large building, Drake pushed open the door and looked down the hall. They were empty of course, besides a teacher carrying a stack of papers. Getting closer, he realized it was the same teacher who gave him the detention, his math teacher. He passed her, and she said "Please remove your glasses and hat in the building Drake, and I would hurry to the library! Your going to be late!" Drake rolled his eyes, and slide his glasses off and held his hat in his hand. He walked towards the library and put both of them back on. He saw the library door, and went through the door and looked around the room. He rarely went into the library and it was still strange. He saw a girl seated at a table, her feet up ontop of the table and he asked "This where detention is bein held?"
  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Jayden Vaughn Borstel
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'0
    Personality/Misc: Sweet guy, loves to flirt, and a trouble maker. He is smart as well, getting good marks on his grades, and his teachers are always surprised by it because he is quite the trouble maker in class. His name is Jayden, but he lets his good friends call him Vaughn when they want to. Also in a band, and he plays the guitar.

    In character:

    Jayden walked up to the school, not wanting to go to detention, but he had to or he would get an in school suspension for not showing up to detention for the fourth time. They called his parents to scold him to go, so he did to prevent them from going crazy on him like they have done before. This time he was in detention for yelling at a classmate during the middle of a lesson, and he forgot what he was yelling at the other guy for, but it had to be important if he started to yell. Well, that was awesome.

    He walked himself to the library, and then looked around at the students that were in there. He recognized the girls because they did have hair that stuck out like a sore thumb in school. He never spoke to them, but he always recalled waving towards them when he walked past them in the hall. So, that is what he did, he gave the girls a wave before sitting himself down on a chair and soon put his head down on the table. Saturday detention blew.
  6. She looked at Jayden, gave him a small smile then looked back at Drake with her emerald green eyes, "Yes it is. So you better get comfy because this will be the looooonnngestt 4 hours of your life." she looked at the front of the room a teacher not there yet but she knew exactly who would be here to 'watch' them... and she hated his guts.
  7. Jayden yawned as he kept his head on the table. All he could think of is sleeping in, waking up, and then playing video games. He could also get into other crazy things with his friends, but he had to go to this detention because he was forced to. "Oh my God, this sucks so much," he said out loud, not caring if the teacher heard him or not. He was just voicing his solid opinion.
  8. She cupped one cheek in one of her hands and looked at the boy with his head on the table, "Well... Sorry to burst your bubble... but the worst teacher in the world is going to 'watch' us."
  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Michelle Tara Greene

    Age: 17

    Height: 5"7

    Personality: Token Mean girl, Michelle has always had a very snobby air about her. Having one's father owning most of the businesses in the town one has grown up in gives one the right. Right? Being the richest girl in her school is most definitely a perk. Prideful and cruel the girl often starts mental even physical fights with mostly girls. Beautiful and a complete bitch, Michelle or Shelly, is the head cheerleader and has more or less chewed up and spat out most the football team. Girls want to be her and Guys want to be with her, but its not all sunny skies for the natural blonde. She has had clinical depression for a few months since the death of her mother, which of course only made her worse. Outside of school, she can be really kind and compassionate. To her pets animals at least, Humans are things to be manipulated.

    Look: Shelly has a very high fashion approach to her attire. She favors more neutral colors with the occasional pop of pink and red. Armani tops, and black Seven jeans with her stiletto heeled boots, Michelle's taste in fashion is impeccable. Always name brand, the steel eyed blonde always dressed in the season's best. Prada is a way of life, and Dolce and Gabana the breath she breathes.


    Michelle rolls her eyes as the balding disgusting assistant principle stutters while explaing the procedure of detention. Looking down at her perfectly manicured pink finger nails when finally she snapped. "Honestly, can we get a move on? I have much better things to be doing. Namely the sexy Quarterback for Brokenarrow." She licked her plexiglass lips, as she turned on her five inch heels and clacked into the "dungeon" as it was oh so fondly named by her barbie squad.

    There was a few kids here and there, scattered about sporadically. None of them interesting except for Drake, he was fun to play with. Winking in his direction she slid into a seat near the front, and nearest to the door. Setting her coach down on the floor she pulled out her iPhone and sent a text to Dallas. Hottest quarterback to ever grace that sad exucse of a school. She would most likely try and get him to join her at her school. Go Falcons. Then she realized what person a femninie voice belonged to. Whorey Corey. The ginger chick who stole an ex-boyfried of hers. Covering her mouth she coughed out "Whorey Corey!" Coughing some more she cleared her throat and smiled super sweetly in Bridget's direction. "Stupid cold."
  10. OOC: No idea how to post pictures, my life is a stuggle. D':
    Just imagine a tall-ish, pale red haired male.
    Name: Sam.
    Nickname: Chalk.
    Height: 5'9
    Age: 17
    Personality: Sarcastic, quick witted, you'll end up hating him for the amount of puns he makes. Quiet at first, gets louder the longer you've known him. Finds most things funny. Smiley, happy go-lucky type. Can be rude at times as in will burp and not excuse himself, may insult you at times. But he doesn't mean it. He's just weird. Bit of a nerd.


    Chalk walked lazily through the doors of the school muttering to himself darkly of how much of an idiot you could be to end up in Saturday detention. It wasn't his fault that his fist so happened to make contact with the other guys face. It was clearly the guys fault for having his face in Chalks way. Heading down the corridor towards the library, he let slip a burp. Usually he would excuse himself but seeing no one around he ignored it.

    Entering the library he took a look around and exclaimed in a matter of fact voice, with just a hint of sarcasm, "..Well, this looks like a barrel of laughs." Moving to a table in the middle he plopped himself in a seat and stretched readying himself for the next 4 hours.
  11. Jayden just sighed, bringing his head up from the table. He rummaged into his jacket pocket, and pulled out a pack of gum. Taking a stick of gum out, he unwrapped it and popped it in his mouth. "If it is Mr. Henry, I am going to have a blast with annoying him," he said, chuckling slightly.
  12. She laughed a little at Jayden's comment, "No, it Mr. Franklin." Mr. Franklin was the perviest teacher in the whole school, he was an absolute pig!.
    'Whorey Corey!' Bridge heard and immidiatly turned in the direction the voice came from. Great... Michelle. She rolled her eyes at her. Michelle has always had a problem with her. One time Bridge got so pissed at her she kicked her ass so bad she wound up in the hospital (she does all sorts of fighting sports to defend herself), "Yeah, sure it was you fake plastic piece of-" suddenly she saw Sam and Mr. Franklin. She scowled at Mr. Franklin.
    *This is what Mr. Franklin looks like*

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  13. Chalk sat up in his chair slightly as Mr. Franklin entered the library. He gave a quick look around the room before muttering under his breath ". . .Let the 150th annual perv games begin."
    Sliding lower into his seat he took his nintendo ds from his bag and proceeded to turn it on. 'Might as well do something productive' he thought to himself as the title screen for Pokémon X flashed on the screen, 'time to catch me some Pokémon'.
  14. Bridge couldn't help but smirk at Chalk's comment. They have a few classes together and she thinks he is a pretty cool guy. However she cover her mouth for a moment, then once she put it back down her scowl was back.
    Mr. Franklin eyes all the student (especially the girls) and he gave his creepy and pervy smile, "Hello gentlemen and... beautiful ladies..." he looked right at Bridge and smirked, "Oh and hello Bridge, nice to see your beautiful face again."
    Bridge rolled her eyes, "Shut it old man before I punch you in the face..." she glared. Bad news is, she had him in her first hour class... and Chalk was in that class as well, and that class was always interesting.... Bridge always told him off and one time she actually had to have the security guard pull her out of the class room because she punched him in the face.
    She mentally sighed, 'Great... now I have to deal with HIM on my 17th birthday...' she thought.
  15. Michelle nearly fell out of her chair with laughter, she was absolutely sure that Bridget was thinking of the one time the other girl had credited herself with sending Michelle to the hospital when in reality? Bridget had a black eye and had been extremely dramatic. Guess who got laid? Rolling her eyes she clicked her fingernails on the desk and turned to face the older man... Resting her head on her hand she giggled at what some random kid that just walked in said. With a flip of her perfectly straight blonde hair she mumbled. "Agreed." Then he said something about pokemon, she nearly said something about her sylveon but she clamped her mouth shut. Nerd underskin confession? Yea, no.
  16. Completely oblivious to what was going on around him due to the heated Pokémon battle he was currently engaged in, forgetting for a moment that he wasn't alone, he muttered loudly to himself about how the science of Pokémon was all wrong and that it was clearly the games fault that he losing the current Poké-battle.
    Muttering a string of swear words under his breath, he shut his ds off and placed his head face down on the table.
  17. Mr. Franklin sighs, "Really Ms. Corey? Must you start this again?"
    "Yes," she says simply, "In case you haven't noticed... I hate you..."
    He shook his head, "Fine, hate me all you want but you have to learn to deal with me," this makes her roll her eyes, "Now you guys will do absolutely nothing... Bridge can tell you all the rules... Now if you excuse me... I will be in my office..." and with that he walks out, locking the door from the inside out. She glared at the door.
  18. Drake was still smiling from the "Whorey Corey" comment. He nodded towards Michelle and gave a small wave, he wouldve winked back but he didnt know how to. That was one of his biggest secrets, barely anyone knows. He slide into a seat behind Michelle and infront of her a kid playing on a DC. He was quiet for awhile, his headphones playing B.o.B, his aviators on over his closed eyes, and plain black flatbill hat on. Out of the blue the music stopped. Taking his phone out of his pocket, he pressed the home button, and a charge symbol came up. "Damn it to hell.... Anyone gotta Iphone charger?" he said alittle to loud. Taking his sunglasses off he got a good look at who all was in the room. Michelle, "Whorey Corey", the pokemon kid, Jayden, and himself. He was alright friends with Michelle, they had common friends so that how they knew each other. He heard alot about "Whorey Corey" from her, but he never met Corey himself. He had no idea who the pokemon kid was, and he talked to Jayden some and he seemed alright.
  19. Bridge sighed glancing at Drake, she never really met him but since he hangs out with The 'Hag from Hell' she assumed he only knew her as 'Whorey Corey' those rumors about her stealing Michelles's ex was far from the truth. She has never been into the jocks, they are total ass holes in this school, she perfered the guys who were more on the loner side as she was one. And that rumor about her sleeping with Shelly's ex, definatly false. That ass hole just decided to spread that rumor, why is beyond her. A few minutes pass by then she stands up.

    When Drake asks for an iphone charger she digged through her backpack and pulled out one and handed it to him. "Here. " she said simply.
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  20. Drake turned to see the girl "Whorey Corey" handing him a charger. He thought to himself She doesnt seem half bad, maybe Michelle has the wrong idea about her. Taking the charge he said "Uhhh, Yah thanks." He didnt know her real name so he added with a questioning tone "Corey?" He extended his hand to shake hands with the ginger girl.
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