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  1. (Check out the OOC before joing! I let anyone join but I just want you to put a CS up :3)) A group of kids are stuck in a room together for 4 hours because they all did something to cause trouble in school. These kids have never seen each other around in the school. Their detention time will bring them close together. ~~~~~ -My Quick Character Info!- Name: Bridget Marie Corey (Bridge for short/ nickname) Age: 16 (almost 17) Height: 5'6'' Personality: Tough, Mysterious, Bad ass. Is nice to you if you are nice to her, but if you arent you better watch out! She is pretty outgoing but is short-tempered. She can also be pretty sarcastic. Deep down she is a very sweet and caring person. Look: (Also look at the pic below) Long beautiful natural red hair, high cheek bones,, full lips, and deep forest green eyes. Wear only a very small amount of make up because she is already naturally beautiful. Perfect slim body as well. While she is in detention she wear black skinny jean that had some holes in them (it was made that way) and it has a small chain attached to two of the belt loops, a green t-shirt, green converses, and green gloves that were fingerless. ~~~~~~ Bridge's mom parked in front of the school and sighed, "Alright," she began, "I will pick you up in 4 hours. Behave yourself." she warned. Bridge looked at the school then at her mother, "Alright," she said, "See you then." she got out of the small car. She slammed the door shut. She couldnt believe she had to be in detention on a Saturday! This was cruel and unusual punishment to her. She glared at the school then walked in.

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  2. Charles was in detention for many things. Missed days, he was always home. Violent conduct with other students. He didn't mind though. He was away from his father.

    He walked in the class room with his backpack slung over his shoulder. He sat where his desk had been placed, quietly scraping at the wood. He looked to the side, " Hey..."
  3. Zag sat impatiently at her desk while digging around in her backpack. Finally, she took a pen out of her backpack and started scribbling all over her hands. She covered them quite quickly and then proceeded to coat her arms in words, then, while covering her work with her arm, the desk. She took no notice of the other students.