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  1. ((I can tell you are both tired lol! Sweet dreams and btw Rosie, TiltShift added some more to his reply before yours just now :P))
  2. ((| Edited |))
  3. (Mr. Franklin left silly :P)
  4. [OOC: Sorry to say this, but I am withdrawing from this role play. It was fun while I was here. Have fun everyone. I will most likely see you all around some time. ^^]
  5. ( so sorry everyone! Ill post in a few hours, got another date tonight Dx)
  6. (( I'm so sorry. Like I feel completely terrible. I have been so busy with life that I've completely forgotten about iwaku and now I'm so far behind x . x If someone could give me a summary of what had happened sense.. page 5... that would be great o.e Again, so sorry >n< !!!!! ))
  7. (@Rosie: Thanks so much!! I'll have to post my update tomorrow as it's.... omg already 1:10 o.e So i guess..later today. Anyway!! Thanks Again <3 :3 I'll be sure to have something up!! c: ^u^ )
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  8. ((No, dis is dying. D:))
  9. ((No its not. We are waiting for Rosie... Just sent her a message))
  10. (Well, that was pretty straight forward XD well done. . )
  11. Hi guys! This is your new Out of Character thread. Please use this for all of your OOC chatter, character bios, and plot discussion. Purely OOC posts are not allowed in the In Character sections!
  12. (*Claps and cries* Poor, Poor Ethan. . Even though I didn't even know the dude to begin with but still it is sad. . )
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.