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  1. A group of kids are stuck in a room together for 4 hours because they all did something to cause trouble in school. These kids have never seen each other around in the school. Their detention time will bring them close together. ~~~~~ -My Quick Character Info!- Name: Bridget Marie Corey (Bridge for short/ nickname) Age: 17 Height: 5'6'' Personality: Tough, Mysterious, Bad ass. Is nice to you if you are nice to her, but if you arent you better watch out! She is pretty outgoing but is short-tempered. She is also very sarcastic, and she can be pretty funny. Look: (Also look at the pic below) Long beautiful natural red hair, high cheek bones,, full lips, and deep forest green eyes. Wear only a very small amount of make up because she is already naturally beautiful. Perfect slim body as well. While she is in detention she wear black skinny jean that had some holes in them (it was made that way) and it has a small chain attached to two of the belt loops, a green t-shirt, green converses, and green gloves that were fingerless.

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  2. I'm getting a breakfast club vibe :3

    Name: Symon Lewis
    Age: 16
    Personality: Doesn't talk much, is practically mute. Spends most of his time on his DS. When stressed he'll have a mental breakdown.
    Backstory: Is in detention because he didn't answer the substitutes question



    anime nerd.jpg (if anime pictures are allowed)
  3. Yesh! :3 I just recently watced that an I thought it would make a perfect RP! :3 I dont mind if you have an anime pic lol. I usually do anime but I felt like having a RL photo :P. BTW Accepted! :3
  4. Name: Malerie (Mil)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Shy, cries when yelled at or told something mean.
    Backstory: Is in detention, because she cried over something 'stupid'.
    Appearance: imagesCASLTT10.jpg
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  6. Name: Claudio Ramero
    Age: 18
    Personality: Quiet, not really outspoken. Talks to people that he knows, but doesn't really engage in conversations with people he doesn't know.
    Backstory: Claudio took a book from the library without checking it out. When confronted about it, he denied everything and got in trouble for both the theft and the argument.
    Appearance: Picture 007.jpg
  7. Name: Lewis Faneso

    Age: 16

    Personality: Very geeky but not in the clever way. He loves dubstep, video games and generally doesn't talk much. Has a HUGE crush on Bridget and does anything she says. He's also quite sensitive, though.
    Appearance: Glasses, black hoodie, scruffy hair, small, baggy sweatpants.
    Backstory: Forgot homework 10 times in a row.
  8. Name: Zag Thonnelson

    Age: 14

    Personality/Backstory: Smart, straight A student, sort of a goody-goody, but if you offend her she'll snap at you with murder in her eyes. She tries to hide what she really feels, but she let loose a bunch of anger on some random kid who accidentally knocked her books out of her hands and was sent to detention by her favorite teacher.

    Appearance: brown/blonde hair that waves a bit on its way past her shoulder, green eyes, red rimmed glasses; white turtleneck, (Even in summer) no sleeve jacket, and dark boot-cut jeans with grey boots.
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