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    Lydia was already in detention before the others arrived. While Lydia was well versed in the art of trouble-making, she was not well versed in the art of getting caught; Lydia was no stranger to detention. She spent almost every Saturday here; the Saturdays she was elsewhere, Lydia ditched detention to go smash some windows or something.

    Interestingly enough, Lydia had not committed any school felonies that week to land her in detention. Instead, she was here, making up the detention she missed last week. Lydia sat at her usual table in the back of the library, where detention was held. The table shouted 'Lydia' -- weeks upon weeks' worth of graffiti littered the table, all marked in black Sharpie.

    Lydia put her feet up on the desk and waited for the others to get here. She had no idea who would be there, and didn't particularly care; she saw the school's minor mischief makers come and go every week, and none of them made a difference.

    Ashlynne couldn't believe she had detention. She cursed her English teacher -- she had tried her absolute hardest on that test, and the teacher was well aware of her dyslexia. But, no, sixty-five percent wasn't good enough for him.

    Ashlynne, dressed in a white silk shirt, red skinny jeans and black stiletto heels, climbed out of her car and walked into the school. She had only been here on weekends for cheerleading practice or school carnivals, and she didn't like the desertion of the school. For Ashlynne, school was a place of socialisation and cheer. The empty halls disconcerted her.

    Ashlynne shot a text to her boyfriend, Terrence, as she made her way to the libaray. HEY, HOW FAR AWAY ARE YOU? SAVE ME FROM THE LONELINESS! XOXO. Ashlynne arrived at the library. Only one girl, a tanned-skinned, purple-haired girl she had seen around but never spoken to, sat in the back. Ashlynne shot her a smile and sat at a table in the middle row. Ah, the middle row -- you don't seem too eager, or too carefree. Perfect.

    Rowan had managed to cram in an hour of time in the art room before detention. He was working on a watercolour painting of a birdcage, adding little red birds sitting on the outside bars of the open cage -- a symbol of freedom. Rowan was proud of her work.

    Rowan left the art room and made his way to the library. Two girls sat in there already; one was the head cheerleader, Ashlynne Spencer, who everyone knew well. The other was a scary, aggressive, purple-haired demon girl, Lydia Schloss, who Rowan was pretty sure had punched him sometime when she was in the third grade. He sat as far away from Lydia as possible while he waited for detention to start.

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  2. Sonny Baker
    Welp, here he was... Sonny Baker, in Detention, for the first time since he could remember, it was honestly for a dumb reason too; he partook in some stupid prank with his fellow "Jockies" and, for once, they got busted... Bad. Like, running into the Principal bad. He wasn't exactly looking forwards to "news" from either of his parents, so, he realized he really had no choice but to sit here, but, at least he had company coming... He had heard that Ashlynne and Terrence were also headed over; looks like they got themselves into quite the mess themselves. Though it interested him, he remained oddly silent as he crossed his arms, kocking his feet back in his chair a little, sitting in detention; he wasn't about to do any schoolwork just yet, otherwise he was afraid he'd be so bored, sleep like a rock, and miss out on something here.

    Allison Hill
    What a mess what a mess what a mess! It looked like Allison had really messed up this time! She shouldn't even BE in detention, but she just HAD to be in the wrong place at the wrong time! She had long since finished her work, thinking she'd show those teachers that she wasn't just a bad student after all... Though, in hindsight, she realized she'd still have to sit in detention for the rest of the day, with a bunch of people she didn't know... What a fix, huh? It didn't look like she was very happy about the whole thing, and in fact, she was prepared to leave as soon as she was given the word from one of the teachers. Though, until then, she ended up fiddling with a pen, the faint clicking noise the button on one end of it made barely being audible in the room...

    Terrence Nelson
    Detention... What a boring name, for an equally boring thing to be stuck in; all he did was make a few jabs at an particularly annoying teacher of his, and now he was off to the library, to serve his "time" in detention, at the very least, their teacher had some "balls", either that, or he was just on some insane powertrip. Terrence honestly didn't care, he just wanted to be out of here, and to be quite frank, he didn't want to have anything to do with any work that particular teacher sent him in detention, he'd just show up to class with a "borrowed" copy (lots of money can allow for lots of favors from a few "contacts"). Just as he was preparing himself for an long drag of an hour in the library, making his way down the hall, he felt his phone vibrating... Hmm, that favor he called for couldn't possibly have been completed right now, which really narrows it down to his parents, or his girlfriend, Ashlynne... And considering his parents were rather occupied with their jobs at the moment, he figured it was probably the latter of the two. He pulled out his phone and his most recent text instantly popped up, he smirked; it was indeed Ashie (as he liked to call her), as he stayed his course towards the library door, he texted her back, smirking a little "Be there soon babes... Don't ditch on me now <3" he texted her back, looking just a bit less bitter about the whole thing... Looks like his hour may just be bearable, that is, presuming the others he'd be joining wouldn't be too much trouble... He shrugged a little, at the very least, he'd have an hour with his girlfriend.... And on that thought, he had just about rounded the corner, and the door of the library was practically in his sights. ​
    Ashlynne smiled like an idiot when her boyfriend entered the library. She gestured silently for him to join her at her table, glad that he had finally arrived. Maybe this detention will be bearable now, she thought as he sat down.

    "Hey," she whispered, lacing her fingers through his.

    Rowan continued to sit by himself. He didn't know any of the newcomers -- the girl with the glasses clicking her pen seemed a little familiar, but nothing major. He didn't know her name. In order to pass time before the teacher arrived, Rowan pulled out his sketchbook and began doodling the girl with the glasses.

    Rowan decided to break the silence. "Does anyone know what time the teacher usually gets here?"

    Lydia stared at the ceiling. "Eleven a.m.," she answered the artist boy. "It's five to eleven. You newcomers have nothing to worry about -- it's me he'll try to fuck over, I've been here eight consecutive Saturdays."

    Lydia turned to the girl clicking her pen. "Allison -- yeah, I know your name -- I will break that pen if I have to. I am giving you one chance -- stop clicking it." Lydia wondered if her Australian accent made an impact; it did make her voice seem rougher.
  4. Terrence Nelson

    Terrence seemed to "chill out" somewhat as he felt Ahslynne intertwine her fingers with his "Hey." he said, his tone sounding just a little playfull, he stopped giving the clock the occasional glance just for the moment; it looked like he had something else to occupy himself with... For the time being.

    Allison Hill

    Allison blinked, snapping out of her train of thought upon hearing Lydia's sharp voice, which practically pierced through her body "Oh! Uh... Sorry, I didn't notice I was..." she trailed off a little, putting the pen down and pushing it away from her a little on the desk. "... Yeah..." She said, it was clear she was attempting to retain her composure, though, her efforts weren't exactly bearing fruit, though, Rowan's question seemed to distract her from her little fumble with her actions, she looked at the clock for a moment, though, she realized Lydia had already beaten her to the answer... However, she seemed to have something else to add "He'll be late... By a minute, I think." she said, recalling the exact class she had been in; run by none other than their supervisor today, he always tended to run just a little late, for one reason or the other...

    Sonny Baker

    Well, Sonny would probably have contributed to what was happening in this room if he hadn't fallen asleep; if his eyes being more or less closed in his rather relaxed position wasn't already a dead giveaway... The faint sound of him snoring would probably confirm what had already more or less obviously transpired, he didn't even start on his work at all, looks like he really had no interest in it...​
    Rowan looked up as the teacher entered -- exactly one minute late, like Allison had predicted. Mr Schloss -- Lydia's uncle, as it was widely known throughout the school -- stood at the front of the room to address the detentionees.

    "Alright, kids, we have a different plan of events this morning," he said. "There's more of you than usual, which is simultaneously unfortunate and very fortunate indeed. Because there's so many of you -- and you're all quite different, I'm guessing -- today, I'm going to leave you for the few hours detention will last, and you're all going to discuss your differences, what makes different people tick and how certain people get along. I expect a one-hundred-word summary from all of you by the time detention is over.

    Lydia death glared her uncle with the most contempt she could muster in one facial expression. Anyone other than her uncle would have run for the hills.

    "You are not making me do this," she snarled, no doubt terrifying everyone in the room with her vicious voice.

    "Yes, Lydia, I am," said Mr Schloss. "Goodbye kids. If my niece tries to murder any of you, there's an emergency bell behind the speakers."

    As Mr Schloss left the room, Lydia glared at the door and uttered a stream of swear words and insults.

    Ashlynne gripped Terrence's hand tighter as Lydia slowly got angrier and angrier. She was actually scared.

    "Calm down," said Ashlynne quietly. "It's not that bad."

    "Shut up," snapped Lydia.
  6. Allison Hill

    Allison appeared to have already started on their assignment, she was writing like mad more or less... However, it didn't take very long for her to slow down, eventually stopping all-together, looked like Allison had already come down with a case of writers block... Either that or she was too distracted with something else on her mind? It was uncertain, but, well, on the other hand, the fit of rage Lydia seemed to be undergoing for the moment probably wasn't exactly helping anything in the long run...

    Sonny Baker

    Well, if the teacher coming in hadn't already woken him up, surely Lydia's protests would; Sonny was wide awake now, and cocking his head at the entire scene before leaning back. "You know, we could probably just half-ass something, and kick back." he said, with a shrug... Glancing at the blank sheet of paper next to him with a look of disinterest; it seemed like he really didn't care much for this assignment at all, and, well, quite frankly, wasn't in a hurry to get started on it.

    Terrence Nelson

    Terrence groaned a little under his breath seeing Lydia so worked up, he gave Ashlynne's hand a light squeeze as he turned to her "A least he isn't asking for some stupid format for this." he muttered, staring up at the ceiling... He figured he'd get this done and over with, buuut, then again, why do that when he could just call for another favor? Terrence reached for his phone, wondering if a favor he could call for could be carried out before this detention session was over; it was a risky move, but, honestly, it was better than "half-assing" something off the top of his head, like Sonny seemed to be planning.​
    Ashlynne rolled her eyes at Sonny, stood up and moved to the centre of the room. "Honestly, we don't need to half-ass such a simple assignment, we just need to talk to each other. Can't be that hard, can it?"

    "Maybe not for you, Princess," said Lydia lowly. She rose, joined Ashlynne in the centre of the room and flexed her fingers until the scabs on her hands she had sustained from punching things started to open. "But some of us aren't as open and bubbly as you. Some of us can't just throw our emotions around like they're nothing." Lydia flicked her purple hair out of her face irritably and glared at Ashlynne. Ashlynne desperately looked to Terrence for help.

    "Lydia, calm down," said Rowan, rolling his eyes. "It's not like we're all getting married. We have to talk and then write about it. Our biggest issue is cramps."

    Lydia narrowed her eyes.
  8. Allison, Sonny, & Terrence

    "Psh... Tell that to the others." Sonny said, rolling his eyes in return... Allison in the meantime seemed to have planted her head on the desk, her eyes were closed, but, she was not asleep, in fact, it seemed like she was incredibly deep in thought. Terrence groaned rather audibly "Hey, let's at least not bring our 'wonderfull supervisor' back here... Otherwise he's gonna make us write a two-hundred word essay." he grumbled, pulling out his phone, deciding to text that contact of his; they were probably in class at the moment considering the painfully long response time... What a drag, this meant he actually HAD to do the work himself, which didn't exactly sit well with him, but, whatever; at least they weren't being forced to stay an entire weekend here or something.​
    "Alright," said Ashlynne, moving back to the table Terrence sat at. She sat on the table, crossed her legs and took her boyfriend's hand, taking the strength from his presence to face Lydia. "So, we have to find out what makes different people tick, right? Lydia, what makes you tick?"

    "People," said Lydia, leaning against a table as far away from the other students as possible. "I don't like people."

    "Why not?"

    "Because people are using bastards who take advantage of other people," said Lydia heatedly. "They prey on the weak or kind and get what they need, then piss off and leave them in the dust. I hate people."
  10. Terrence, Allison, & Sonny

    Terrence snorted at Lydia's comment "Not sure if you're talking about people... Or big companies." he commented... Looks like he had a slightly different experience with the whole "using bastards" thing, though, he seemed to like making light of that concept itself...

    Allison in the meantime appeared to be paying attention to the conversation, but, as she lifted her head, she resumed spacing out, probably still trying to figure out what to write... Though, well, with little to no luck, considering that she appeared to have still come down with a case of writer's block.

    Sonny in the meanwhile shrugged "Hey, there's something to write about." he said absent mindedly, it became apparant that he was folding a sheet of paper into a rather crude paper airplane... Well, specifically, the piece of paper he was supposed to be writing an essay on...
    Lydia seemed to be formulating a response, but gave up and slouched, watching the small amount of blood on her hands trickle down her arm.

    "Alright," said Ashlynne, looking at the weird purple-haired girl with confusion. "Um ... Terrence, babe?" She turned to her boyfriend. "What about you? What makes you angry, or upset?"
  12. Terrence, Allison & Sonny

    Terrence grunted, raising a brow "Oh... That's an easy one; my parents." he said, shrugging a little... He seemed indifferent, but, a slight hint of irritation seemed to work it's way into the tone of voice he was using, though, he was, remarkably, keeping his cool rather well.​
  13. Ashlynne nodded, not pressing the subject publicly. She sat beside him. "Are you okay, babe?" she whispered. "If you don't want to talk it's fine ... "

    Rowan, guessing he should probably take over, turned to Sonny. "Erm, Sonny? Anything you want to contribute?"
  14. Terrence, Allison & Sonny

    Terrence shrugged, turning to Ahslynne briefly "I'll be fine... Just a touchy topic." he said indifferently... It looks like that trace of irritation in his voice had remarkably just... Vanished, as if it hadn't even been there at all.

    Sonny in the meantime appeared to be quite careless about the whole thing "Oooh... Nothing gets the blood boiling better than getting backstabbed." he said, shrugging a bit, it wasn't quite certain of he was joking or being serious; his tone of voice held a mixture of both.​
  15. Rowan nodded at Sonny's statement. "I completely agree," he said. "My biggest pet peeve." Rowan turned to Allison next. "Allison? What about you?"

    Ashlynne gripped Terrence's hand and rested her head on his shoulder.
  16. Terrence, Allison & Sonny
    Terrence seemed to relax now, leaning his head against Ahslynne's slightly... Allison in the meantime looked up, blinking a few times, she appeared to have written a few more things down "Oh... Uh... I guess... When people completely misunderstand a situation." she said, laughing a little out of nervousness, she glanced down at her paper again briefly, as if what she said had some sort of corrolation with her being here or something.​
  17. Ashlynne nodded at Allison's reply. "Well, I'm next, obviously -- I hate liars." She stopped there, feeling she didn't need to elaborate.

    The group looked back and forth a little. "What now?" said Rowan.
  18. Allison, Terrence & Sonny
    Terrence looked to have written a few sentences down on his piece of paper, shrugging a bit "Let's finish this." he said... Looks like that little favor he called in didn't go through after all. Allison seemed to have already done so by now, considering the sizeable amount of words her page was riddled with... Sonny on the other hand didn't look like he cared too much, and, well, unsurprisingly enough, his eyes were slowly drifting closed as he started at his still blank piece of paper...​
  19. Ashlynne scrawled some sentences onto her paper. Rowan did the same, though he obviously wrote a lot more than Ashlynne. Lydia snorted and stared at the ceiling.

    "Lydia," said Rowan, "I think you should do it. You don't want to get us all in trouble."
  20. Allison, Terrence & Sonny

    Allison nodded, seeming to agree with Rowan "I-It's better than an thousand word essay... Right?" she said uneasily... Terrence in the meanwhile let out a small huff, scribbling some more words down before leaning back in his chair, Sonny just yawned again. "Hey, relax, just write down some random shit." He said; looks like his mind was sort of off somewhere else by now...​
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