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    *Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!*

    As 2:45 P.M. Finally hit, the students of North Mt. Academy (a uniformed Academically well known school) were allowed to leave the classrooms they were in, pouring through the hallways, and on their way home. Either on the crowded buses, or walking. For most people, that's what they did. But for other's, not so much. And for other people, such as students who attend after-school activities such as clubs or sports, or teachers. But for some was for Detention.

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    Daniella (Nicknamed Dani by herself.) Rain walked down a lonely first floor hallway to F123, also known as the "Detention Room". Dani sighed, she hadn't received a detention since her early elementary and middle school years, and even back then she was given it for a reason.

    This time however, it just came out of nowhere. She practically did nothing.

    During 4th period before lunch, Mr. Bricker (Aka: "Brick House", "Iron Man", and "The Incredible Hulk"), also known as Disciplinary Teacher Bricker came in before her biology teacher, Ms. Alex showed up, yelling at all the students to become silent and take their seats. From their He handed Dani alone a pink slip, also known as a one free pass to Detention. Dani took the small pink slip out of her bag, staring at it in disbelief one last time. "Dammit. This is unbelievable." She cursed under her breath as she made it to the classroom, opening the door to see no one, not even "Iron Man." Was There.

    "Hm..must not be here yet.." She assumed in her head, taking a seat in the back and not realizing their was something written on the white board in front of her. 'Please take a seat anywhere and wait for the rest of the students to show up please.' It said in pretty cursive handwriting. 'That can't be "Iron Man's.."" She thought to herself, pulling out her phone and checking the latest message on 'Silverwall Underground' under her Online Alias name: Sakura Akira on her phone, waiting for the other students to show up.
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  2. Yamato couldn't take it any more as he swung for the student that was saying stuff about him and his family.Only to receive detention the moment the blow landed due to the fact Mr. Bricker had turned around the corner at that exact moment.Snarling as he remembered the memory from lunch. Yamato opened the door to the detention room, his black hair wavering over his eyes, due to the draft that occurred when opening a door rather quickly, only for him to blow air upwards to move it slightly to the left, its original place.He stood at 6 foot and he gave of a sort of delinquent look due to the fact his uniform wasn't up to standards.After all, his top was untucked, his shoes, weren't shoes but were black boots that he could get away with being shoes due to his trousers covering them and his hair?well his hair was longer than an average male student's hair.
    He noticed the writing on the white board and merely rolled his eyes."good old Iron man."he chuckled before walking to a seat closest to the window.Before he noticed the other person within the room"oh, hi there"he said rather cheerily as he thought he was going to be the only person within the detention.
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    Arianna was far from being the best student in the world, she was far from being anywhere near a good student. Ever since her father died, she had turned into one tough egg to crack. Nobody really knew her well and if they did, they knew her for reasons most people would quickly run away from. She wasn't evil, associated with the devil, or anything of that matter but there was people's judgement. Unique, that's what she described herself as. Rebelling against the system, the way society worked, and the daily classes she was supposed to attend.

    This was just another normal day for her, walking into the usual classroom she scanned the room with dull brown eyes. Seriously? This was a smaller catch then usual, maybe Two Tons actually was being leinent for once. She highly doubted that the moment it came to mind, a small chuckle escaping past her black painted lips. Flopping down into a seat somewhere in the front, she props her feet up on the desk. "Yippee, kiddies. It's the ride of your lifetime. Detention" She said sarcastically, sending both of them a smug and all knowing smirk.
  4. It wasn't his fault, nope, not in the slightest.

    The fight started on its own accord, it was the guys fault for walking to fast, the sound of his shoes squeaking on the polished floor and the blur like motions of his feet, just seemed so intimidating!

    So that's why Brutus took it upon himself to make sure that the owner of those horrible feet no longer threatened anyone! He had tripped the kid and grabbed at his feet, wrestling the other boy who had been innocently walking.

    Sadly at that point of time, Mr. Bricker decided to make himself know and saw the commotion, and grabbed the blue fawn haired boy by his bomber jacket yanking him to his feet. He was handed a pink slip and a lecture about dress code.

    So this is how Brutus found himself at the door of the detention hall.

    He grumbled under his breath and opened the door ignoring the board he sat down in one of the empty seat closest to the window.
  5. Upon hearing the door open, her gaze quickly averted towards the boy who had just walked in. A smirk playing at her face, she chuckled. "Aren't you the demise of Squeakers" Biting down at one of her fingernails, she quickly chewed it off. It had become a nervous tick of sorts, one thing she just hadn't been able to quit. Her eyes followed the boy as he walked to his seat. The window proved to be a good place to sit, you could flip off the people that dared to laugh and you had just the right amount of sunshine. It sort of made sense that one would want to sit in that exact spot.

    "I'm usually not wrong so it has to be you" The words rolled off her tongue, an edge to her voice.
  6. It wasn't abnormal seeing April Jeanette Lee or as she preferred to be called Aj in the Principals office on a daily basis, as she typically enjoyed doing things to get into trouble. Her motto happened to be 'Rules are for meant for breaking'. This she lived by religiously, once she had entered his office she proceeded to get the normal lecture she tends to hear at least two or three times in one day.
    She yawns listening to him rant on about how her choice of outfit was far to revealing for a place like school. Aj was suppose to wear the uniform given to everyone the moment they were enrolled into the school, but not caring much for uniforms she altered it to fit her tastes which often got her sent to the office. She turned the hideous top they provided into a crop top showing off her toned stomach, the skirt was of course thrown away instantly and replaced by a pair of denim shorts and a studded belt. As for the ugly shoes that went with the uniform they had the same fate as the skirt and were replaced by a pair of knee high black converse. Once the man was done with his pointless rant she skips out of his office and straight to detention where seemed to spend most of her time. As she skipped down the hall her long black hair seemed to float behind her. She skips into the room and passed everyone almost as if she seen no one in the room, until she reached the back of the classroom finally plopping down on one of the desks Indian style of course as she always had done. Aj flips her long black locks to one side of her head as she studied the other students that were in the classroom with her.

    ( Below is a picture of Aj.)
  7. Brutus looked curiously at her and smiled "Yeah, they tend to drive me mad for some reason." He said proudly.

    "The name's Brutus." He said as he started to shred his pink slip.

    "What's your name, I seen you around before. No offense or anything but I seen others stay away from you..." he said with a curious tone.

    The sound of the doors opening caused Brutus to become excited, he loved the sound of doors opening and he loved bolting through them he was tempted to run out but just as soon as it was open it was closed just as fast causing him to frown.

  8. Offense? Why would she care to take offense to something as simple as that? It hadn't always been this way, she actually used to be a fairly quiet little girl and only wanted to follow the ways of the lord. But sometimes things change. And once things changed, she only began to get more well known for what she did. Anyone who got in her way was sent to the floor beneath them, probably looking for their teeth while they were at it. Judgement wasn't something she took lightly.

    Running a hand through her locks of pink hair, she chuckled softly. "I'm Arianna, call me Ari though. Aight Brute?" She simply replied, a brow raising towards the other. Hearing the door open once more, her eyes scanned the girl that had entered the classroom. She had seen her around, but she was sure she didn't know a single thing about her.
  9. Dani stared down at her phone for most of the time, waving "hello" to the second person to show up and ignoring the rest as they walked in. To her count, 4 people (making 5 if she counted herself) have shown up. Dani sighed, getting off 'Silverwall underground' and laying her head on the desk she was at.
  10. Cody didn't get it. He wasn't the one who attempted to murder the groundskeeper. Stupid Iron Man accusing Cody because Cody was the only one in detention at the time. He went into the classroom without acknowledging the other kids and sat down right at the back. Was this because he did murder once? Hadn't he paid the price of death itself. It wasn't his fault they told him to do it. Finally looking up he saw the other kids. Nobody would talk to him probably. He liked it like that. Everybody was scared of him.
  11. Yamato made a small"psshh"sound at the words the first female who entered after him had said towards him and the other person within the room.Carefully inspecting her and the other two people who came into the room, especially the male.He was glad he wasn't gonna be the only male, well except for Hulk, whenever he decided to make his grand entrance, like he always did whenever he entered a room.
    "names Lonato" he said out loud, not really saying it to anyone specific mind.After he did he took out from his Black and white bag a pencil and one of his books, his English book to be exact and then started to draw within it random things, mainly doodles of anime characters to get his mind working for whenever he got home that night.
  12. Brutus grins at Ari "Cool name, and my siblings call me Brute too!" He chimed, he looked around the room before noticing the most recent to have entered the room.

    He was curious as to why he felt slightly scared of the boy. He climbed out of his seat and approached the boy, Brutus wasn't the brightest but he was fearless.

    He squatted near him and reached into his pocket pulling out an apple "Hey." He said somewhat softly.
  13. Aj remained on top of her desk listening to the conversations that were going on around her. "And I'm Aj!" She replied to the boy that was introducing himself to everyone, not like she cared but she figured she'd join in as well. She turns her attention the boy squatting on the floor. "Say, do you have another one of those by any chance." Aj asked referring to the apple he had in his hand, causing her to lick her lips.
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    Mayumi (Nicknamed May or Klutzy Or big boobs or Goody-Goody by everyone) Tachibana made her way to detention by jogging, constantly adjust the papers and books she had against her chest. She was terrified to go to Detention for the first time in her life. It was all an started out as a small arguement between her and a teacher that lead Mayumi to shout "Shut the F**k up!" At a teacher. Out of no where, Mr. Bricker showed up, handing her a pink slip and a free access to detention. And for the first time in Mayumi's life..she cried in public at school. As she made it to the room, she immediately fell and her books and papers sprawled everywhere. She quickly gathered them up, picking herself up and bowing 90 degrees, "I'm terribly sorry for being late!" She blurted out quickly.
  15. Had she have known that little snippet of information, she might have delayed the nickname. The family she did have left all called her Anna. She hated the nickname for some reason, it just left a bad taste in her mouth. Rolling her eyes, she watched as Brute approached the kid that sat in the back of the room. She knew him, he was someone that kept his head down, had a pretty bad reputation too. Not many people gave a fuck about other people. So she was honestly surprised by the aura of the room at the moment. Usually it was two hours of complete silence.

    Looking in the direction of the girl, she snickered. "I have food but it's far from healthy Ms.Apple Juice" She always came up with the stupidest nicknames for people. It had been somewhat of a normal thing to her nowadays. "I got cookies, candy, two bottles of shaken up soda, a left over meat on top of meat on top of meat sandwich and some pretzels though, if any of those catch your tastebuds" Shrugging, she turned her attention to the big breasted girl.

    "Dear are you tripping over your tits again?" She asked, raising a skeptical brow in Mayumi's direction.
  16. Cody let out a very long sigh. Now he had to socialise? What torture was he going through? "Hello," he replied, but didn't look at Brutus. 'Why are you talking to me? Is it not obvious that I want to be alone in this very boring room full of very boring people?!' he added but only in his head. He looked for a moment at his backpack. Cody wanted to swing it round Brutus' head so he knew to leave Cody alone. He didn't, but he would've. Problem was if he did he would've got more detention. Which meant more socialising.
  17. Brutus looked nods "Yeah! In fact I have more stuff in my bag!" He says handing her his backpack "I never carry books or anything of the sorts I carry food!" He says "Help yourself." He adds with a grin.
  18. Yamato slightly laughed at the forwardness of the girl calling her self Aj and also Brutus.He had then out the corner of his eye seen the boy known through out the school as a killer.Cody."oh great"he muttered to himself before closing his book, his drawing mood had just gone out of the god damn window.then he noticed a peculiar spectical after Aj had asked Brutus if he had another apple. Mayumi had just entered and had said sorry for being late, which cracked him up badly."mm yah not late, after all you don't belong in detention do yah little miss goody goody, or has something actually happened to the oh so klutzy may which shows that no one is fully good?"he raised an eyebrow, it was obvious he was bored of detention all ready and had found an ideal person to get rid of his boredom.
  19. "Did you say cookies!" Aj perked up rather quickly hearing the words. "I love cookies, may I have a couple?" She plastered a smile on her pinks lips tilting her head to the side as she replied to the girl. She then turned her attention to the boy who was named Brutus. "Sounds about like me, I don't do much reading...I hate this place." Aj shook her head as his backpack landed on her lap. "Well thank you, I shall stuff my face now." She giggled as she started to search his backpack for something delicious to throw down.

    "Hiya titzilla!" Aj giggled sitting the backpack down and jumping down off of the desk skipping over to the girl picking up her papers. "What the hell are you doing here anyways? She bends over giving her a questioning look .
  20. "Sh-Shut up!" Mayumi whined, adjusting her glasses. "I-I thought.." She started out, not being able to finish her sentence. Dani rolled her eyes and stood up, looking towards the sophomore, "Hey May..come sit with me in the back..forget these assholes.." Dani shouted. Mayumi turned her attention to the freshman in the back, her eyes lighting up from recognizing a familiar face. "Okay!" She nodded, quickly moving to the back and sitting down next to the freshman.
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