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  1. This is how your character will generally start out, everyone starts off with the same stats, but may prosper differently depending on which "valued stat" you've picked for them. Effects are what your ability can possibly cause, however no one has any at the start of things.

    HP= Hit Points(How much damage you can receive before dying).

    SP= Stamina Points(Your limit of performing abilities). (May also cut into your HP when you have an insufficient amount)

    AGL= Agility(Your speed & movement).

    Seto Souji
    Lv: 1

    HP: 20
    SP: 15
    AGL: 10

    Unique abilities (SP usage/ Effects): Zio(4/ None) which casts down a single bolt of lighting, and Mazio(9/ None) which calls down bolts of lighting equal to the amount of enemies before him.

    Once per fight abilities: Summon the persona, Izanagi, to either buff his or ally's defense, attack strength. And decrease the enemies' defense. He can only perform one of these actions per fight.

    Once per day unique abilities: Narukami, summons 5 spheres of electricity that acts as grenades & causes paralysis to the enemies.

    XP: 0/50 until next level.

    (Contact Yhu Narukami and give a listing and description of your abilities for a review & list of possibilities. Note: You can gain more abilities by leveling up.)


    3 players will be placed within a room together along with 1 or 2 NPCs, the other 3 will be placed in a room across from the other members.


    Somethings will be passive, possibly classes, lunch, and passing period. Though any of these can become non-passive when a event takes place. A scenario will be provided by the DM and the group can choose to approach in any manner they desire.

    When the demons come out to play:

    Anyone who breaks a rule (even NPCs) will bring about a demon who will come to hunt and kill them. Any door the rule-breaker approaches will instantly lock, preventing them entry or leave. Only when you are either killed or have killed the creature, will the doors unlock and things return back to normal. Fighting or solving mysteries and riddles will help you gain XP to level up.

    Finding & using items:

    A description will be given for each room you enter and sometimes you may find something of value. Look toward the list below to see a few properties for items.

    Pain-killers: Halves the damage you receive.

    Energy drink: Gain a additional 10 points in SP.

    Apple juice: Gain an additional 10 points in HP.

    Kitchen knife: Toss it at enemies to drop their HP by 50%.


    Forming relationships can give you a bonus, though relationships with NPCs will have greater stats.

    Friends: 1+ AGL
    Close friend: 2+AGL & 3+SP
    Best friends: 10+HP & 5+SP

    Summary and things to expect:

    -You will start off on level 1 and possibly develop further as you progress through the school year.

    -You may bring any weapon - with the exception of firearms - with you. However, you may have projectiles.

    -This story could possibly go without a single player controlled character engaging in life endangering fights.

    -Just as the DM's own character is able to die, so is yours. No one is excluded from dying.

    -You may survive fights by using your wits and cunning tactics. Being physically strong alone isn't a sure thing here, but nor does death have to be immanent.

    -Ailments exist here. Some enemy attacks can render you blind or without speech, both temporally.

    -Powers are acceptable, but you will need to speak to the DM to discuss them.

    -Premade or OC, doesn't matter. You're welcome to join.

    -It is requested that you are at least fairly active for the rpg. Perhaps a single post or two a day is manageable enough?

    -Traveling in groups will increase your chances of surviving, and doesn't effect your exp gain at all. You could use others to better yourself here.

    -Enemies YOU cause to come forth will return stronger than before if you manage to defeat them. Perhaps a single level higher or maybe even twice your own.

    -If you require aid in creating a character with certain powers, contact the DM and he'll gladly assist you in doing so.

    -The DM will determine when the sun will rise and when the moon will fall. Being out in the hallways is indeed possible, but will be breaking the school's regulation, thus a creature will seek you out through the night.

    -Doors will abruptly close and lock, depending on particular player's actions, it could become more consistent to prevent them from interfering with certain situations.

    -You may indeed revive someone, but! Everyone will only be allowed to do it once. You cannot revive yourself however.

    -Leveling up increases strength, agility, magic & attack properties. Example: Having the ability to cast ice can become stronger. Leveling can lead it from slowing enemies down, to completely freezing them solid. If higher than the enemy, you will also be considered more agile than your opponent and vice versa.

    -Relationships can play a role here. A list of bonuses will be added shortly in the near future.

    -There will be times where dialogue alone will be acceptable. An action is not required for every post.

    -Holidays will be added into the rp, as well a change in weather and season.

    -Bandaging with torn cloth or bandages, resting, taking pain-killers, eating, drinking water, and as the day passes, you can regain HP and SP.
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