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  1. World Name: The name of the planet/world/dimension
    Genre: Where in the library would you look for stories with this kind of setting?
    Mood: Does your world have a mood that permeates the setting? e.g.: Oppressed, carefree, grim, party time, suspenseful, etc.
    Technological Level: e.g.: Stone Age, Space Age, Modern Age, etc.
    History: What are some major historical events that have shaped the world as it currently is?
    Atmosphere: What is the air/sky like on this world?
    Terrain: What kinds of terrain/biomes/environments exist on this world?
    Races: What sentient races populate your world?
    Creatures: What non-sentient monsters and other critters live in this world?
    Plants: What kinds of fauna grow on this world?
    Lifestyle: Is life for the average person on this world generally easy? Difficult? Privileged?
    Good Jobs: What are some respected/valued jobs on this world?
    Bad Jobs: What are the sucky jobs that someone's gotta do?
    Classes: Describe the differences between the upper, lower, and middle classes.
    Religion: What religions exist on this world?
    Gods/Spirits: What kind of supernatural overseers exist in this world?
    Magic: Is there magic in this world? How does it work?
    Travel: How do people usually get around?
    Conflict: What troubles or goals is this world currently dealing with?
    Areas: What separate nations/countries are in this world?
    Trade: What commodities are valued, and who trades what for what?

    If you want, fill this oust for each country in your world
    Country name: The name of the place most of the story happens
    Majority Race: The race of most of the population
    Clothing: How do the rich, poor, and middle-class citizens usually dress?
    Terrain: What kind of land is this country built on?
    Big Names: What famous figures are household names in this part of the world?
    Other Specifics:

    Accepting ideas/additions!
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Thread Status:
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