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  1. Hello, minion! My name is Keloryn, but you can call me Kel or whatever for short. If you're here, you must think I am awesome and you must want to start an amazing roleplay with me! Or, you got lost trying to find the loo...

    *sigh* it's this way...

    Anyways, for the select few of you who are still reading this, I’m looking for a few detail-oriented, driven writers (Maybe two? Three?) to start a roleplay with. You can read more about my roleplaying preferences below. Please PM me if you'd like to discuss something more in detail. ^__^

    For those of you who hail from RpNation, I used to "Mordecai" there. Furthermore, if you want examples of my writing, please ask. I have oodles!

    Preferences I’m not going to call them rules or guidelines, because they’re more of preferences than anything else. I’m really pretty flexible, but I'm not a doormat.
    · Detail: In my roleplays, I definitely prefer a detailed roleplay partner. I usually average 600-700 words a post, or more, if some passing inspiration drifts my way. Sorry, roleplays only really interest me if I have something more than a few sentences to read. I’m not going to put a required word count, but three decent-sized paragraphs at minimum would make me a happy woman.
    · Activity: Honestly? If you get me at least one post a week, I’ll be happy. More would be awesome, but not necessary. I am a full-time PhD student, so I do get busy, but I will get you a post at least once a week. I will let you know if something has come up and I’ll be away for a while. I hope you do the same. My average post turn-around time is 1-3 days.
    · Plots: Please participate in plotting with me! I love both discussing ideas with my partners and/or being surprised at a turn of events in a post. I don’t believe in passive roleplaying and I will get bored if you aren’t willing to bounce ideas around with me. I'm very talkative and love making friends.
    · Pairings and Genders: I do enjoy romance. I don't want to just throw two characters together and mush them together for the sake of "romance." If it happens, great. If it doesn't, great. I love exploring the dynamics of a friendship(/family/enemies/etc.) just as much as I do the dynamics of a couple. Don't get me wrong, romance does tend to spring up in most of my 1v1s. I play both genders, but have been pigeonholed into playing males a lot lately. I wouldn't mind playing a girl every now and again. :P
    · Anime: Sorry. I don't watch it.
    · OOC: Talk to me! I love to talk! :D
    · Creepy Pasta: Please don't ask about this. I don't even know what it is, really. Is it a fandom? A style of roleplay? My Italian leftovers from over a month ago that have been pushed to the back of the fridge and is now smelling a little funky? IDEK.

    Interests If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please feel free to suggest! I love trying all sorts of new things. Sorry, I don’t really do too many fandoms. Italics means I prefer to play that role, but I can be talked out of it.
    · 16th century anything {Pirate x Royal, Pirate x Pirate, etc. etc.}
    · Royalty x Royalty/Peasant/Servant/etc. {Can include fantasy. Any setting: past, present, or future.}
    · (Post)-Apocalypse {Disease, zombie, nuclear fallout, war, or whatever.}
    · 18th century American Revolution
    · Gangster x (Undercover) cop {I'd prefer more mafia-style gang to gangbangers of NY}
    · Slice of life {We need to plan a plot or something before we begin. Plopping two characters in, like, a library or something gets boring real damn fast.}
    · Fantasy {Past, present, or future setting.}
    · Gritty superhero, antihero, noir hero, etc.
    · Bounty Hunter x Bounty {Any setting: past, present, or future.}

    Also, a few fandoms I may be willing to try:
    · Lord of the Rings {OCs only.}
    · Arrow {Only watched up through second season}
    · Borderlands
    · Criminal Minds
    · Witcher

    Plot Ideas Wanna read my endless bundle of plots?:

    Read them here
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  2. *raises hand*
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  4. A New Heard!? MY HEART.

    Also why are all of your plots flawless?
  5. :D All the hearts!

    Aww, thank you! (: That means a lot to hear.
  6. This is hilarious. I love it. Let's eat creepy past together. Jk! I just wanted to stop by and say great pairing ideas!
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  7. 16th Century Pirate x Royal seemed interesting and it would be a change from the usual modern RP, I'd be interested in doing some ideas if you are interested. :)
  8. I can get behind this

  9. @keloryn ~ I'm up for either the Gangster x Undercover Cop or the Pirate x Pirate pairing!

    Please let me know if we can to together!

  10. Royal x Servant or Post apoc.?
  11. Lord of the Rings and Borderlands sounds pretty good. =)
  12. i read your plots and i'm so digging "The Thaw" plot :^)
  13. Your plots are fantastic, @keloryn

    Especially your Burn Out, Fade Away plot.

    Aaaaaah I would definitely be up for that plot if you are still interested! ^^
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