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ART SHOP Detailed Drawings for You!

Discussion in 'MEDIA SHOPS & REQUESTS' started by Absyinthe, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Hello! I need some practice for drawing so, if you'd like a -detailed- drawing from me then fill out the form below!
    Traditional, Digital, or Both?: [Do you want the drawing in traditional pencils, in digital, or both?]
    Detailed Description:

    Go at it!
  2. Can my request be an already made character?
  3. Of course!
  4. Name: Rabithia the Rabbit Goddess
    Traditional, Digital, or Both?: Traditional
    Size: 8 in × 10.5 in
    Detailed Description: This drawing must depict a humanoid woman with large feathery wings and rabbit ears made of fire. She must be clothed in pure white robes with a golden scepter tipped with a carrot. Here fur must be pure white.

    Think you can handle it?
  5. I guess not
  6. Weeeell, they haven't been on since the 22nd.