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  1. This kinda requires incest to be a thing, as well as romance and smut (eventual, and sprinkled evenly throughout), so turn back if this wasn't what you were lookin for.

    It's so hard to find DMC roleplayers who enjoy Spardacest these days, so hopefully I can manage a good catch here?

    Basically, I'm looking for a Dante (DMC3 or 4 version only) for my Vergil. I definitely want some kind of plot, and have something in mind, but maybe we can work together to further it a bit more? I'd really love for there to be slice of life in this, if possible, though I suppose that part is somewhat unavoidable?

    Got a couple of plot ideas, though of course we could mash them together.

    1. Vergil decides against defeating Mundus after falling to Hell, deeming it better that he strengthen himself further. Ten years pass by without any indication that Vergil may be alive to Dante, and soon he returns to the human world to further his plans to gain the power he craves. This leads him to become a Demon Hunter - one who manages to take up quite a bit of Dante's usual clients. Of course, Dante's in need of cash himself, leading him to investigate this so-called mysterious Demon Hunter.

    2. Vergil attempts to defeat Mundus, but fails, leading to his years-long corruption. However, he managed to fight through the corruption, leading him to return to the human world in hopes of recovering - however, being worn down as he was, Nero manages to find him and ultimately brings him back to Dante's shop to be looked after. As a side effect of the trauma, Vergil chooses to be mute, though over time, he decides open up, though only speaking to Dante.

    Of course, in both of these prompts, romance and smut here and there will ensue. The primary focus is to really focus on (the healing of) their relationship as brothers, as well as something a little more.

    Writing expectations stress me out, and others as well, so I'm very loose about them as far as when my partner replies. No one-lining (a paragraph at the very least is fine, and I myself try to match length), and please just get back to me when you can; I'm aware we all have lives to attend to. But I would like it if we were on often enough to get this rp moving along. I'll happily let my partner know when I can't quite make it on for an extended period of time.
    On that note, I only want literate people, meaning grammatical errors and such are kept to a minimum, punctuation is used where it's needed, etc, please!

    I prefer private chats over forum threads, so exchanging Skypes/putting up a prompt on Cherubplay for one of us to snatch is ideal, thank you!

    Please take a look at my information on my profile page to get a further idea of what I like, etc.
  2. Still looking! =♡=
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