Destruction: The Begginning (Part 1)

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  1. <<<<<<Plot

    Our downfall started at our peak. The human species had finally created technology that had it's own mind, it's own feelings. 'The perfect companion!' they called it. They'd been all through space looking for the perfect material, interbreeding, and many other things. Now, this 'perfect companion' was killing everyone. Nothing was safe on Earth or many other planets. It is the beginning.


    Kate walked down the hallway, her gun sweeping from one side to the other. Blood was splattered all around one of the rooms. She continued around the school where a child had brought one of those dreadful 'Perfect Companions'. She heard a noise up ahead and jumped, her glasses scanning for any heat signature or movement. Where are you... she thought to herself.
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  2. The alien known as Carter stopped behind the school building, his gaze scanning for any humans. He had not been here long, three days at the most, one at the least, the time cycles here were foreign to him.
    He had made a desperate landing several days earlier when something, or someone had forced him down with a hail of explosions. His first twenty-four hours went by with many, many mishaps. He quickly learned that he could breathe the air, but also that humans were volatile creatures. He had seen one ripping another's guts out earlier, not knowing it was a "Perfect Companion" and taking it as a common human greeting. The second day he managed to find transportation and a disguise, and today he stood in front of what he gathered was the center of knowledge for all humankind, which looked majorly underwhelming to him. He planned to learn their language here, and try to find an instruction manual for quantum physics repair.
  3. "This place stinks," Seyn buzzed on Kate's comm, "I don't think there are any suvivors. At least, none of these bodies really look like they can be alive." She was passing through a different section of the school, alert for any sign of life, or of a 'Perfect Companion'. She was both impressed, and disgusted at how easily the Companion had cut down the human children and teachers. The horrific sights of slaughtered children had kept many humans from accepting this mission and Seyn was grateful for her Kronset lineage. Only the thick stench of blood that hung in her nose turned her stomach.
  4. 18460- DK was walkingrunning in the school playing around not real nowing why people were on the grpund and that one of her kind was in here. as she was running around she soner found person standing "your it" she toched the lady then ran by her giggling soon after sing another himen she yelled "run the lady behind me is it" she giggles runing by her as well.
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  5. Kate jumped at the touch, flipping around to aim her gun, she paused. "Uhh...I'm what?" She slowly followed the newcomer, mistaking her for a young child from the school. "Seyn, I think I found someone...." She called in her comm, watching the girl carefully. "UUmmm..Hello..What did you say earlier?"
  6. After searching the back yard and having a terrible experience with the playground swing, Carter opened the back door and immediately found a corpse. He reeled back in surprise, and let out a scream that woud have been classified as that of a ninny's back on his home-world.
    He quickly silenced himself, frozen in the back doorway, Then, he let out a faint, more exasperated cry.
    "Wee-Woo... Wee-Woo..."
  7. "Who's there!?" Seyn snarled, bursting out of the cafeteria area, gun immediately turning to the source of the sound. She had been about to reply to Kate when she heard a loud shout that almost made her trip over one of the blood-stained lunch tables. Her gun trained on what apeared to be a man wearing a blue body suit that had six fingers. The scent that pushed it's way past the blood smell in her nose told her otherwise. This was not a man, but it certainly wasn't a Kronset. "Who are you?" Seyn growled lowly, "What are you doing here?"
  8. A human! Carter quickly turned to face her, then slowly raised his hands and slid a finger across his throat- his nation's universal sign for surrender. He tried to say something polite and calming, but the surprise had made his vocal cords unusually rude-sounding.
    "Scha-woo! Scha-woo! Br-ree! Chi-Br-ree!" ["Stop! Stop! No harm! I mean no harm!"]
  9. She giggled and stopped running "I said your it come and get me" she smiles and giggle then starts to run. but soon after she turrns around and yellls searming.her onw cind was here and reped over and over "Distroy 18460-DK" a once she was next to the lady she hidd behind her. the thing stoped "move humen must distroy 18460-DK" the thing got its wepon out agai and ponited at the lady
  10. ( Errr, I'm a giant cat. My bio is in the plot discussion. Unless he actually thinks I'm a human because he doesn't know better.)

    "Calm down and keep quiet," Seyn snapped, the creature had startled her badly and it made her short tempered. She pulled out her comm with one hand, still keeping her gun on the stranger. "We've got a situation," She said, her nerves settling, "Bring the suvivor out back. I'll need your help with this." Not waiting for a reply, Seyn put the comm away and gestured to the back door with her gun. "Let's go outside," She said evenly, "As long as you behave, I won't have to put holes in you."
  11. (He has no earthly idea what anything is, if he found a worm he would call it "Tiny squirmy human".)

    He gestures wildly, trying to understand what she's saying. He looks around, spotting a cafeteria lunch menu and deciding that any word would help.
    "Masde Po-ta-toes! Gre-Nu Beens? Ca-Bag! Half-Prys!"
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  12. ( Hehehehe, tiny, squirmy human.....)

    Confusion clouded Seyn's features and she realized he didn't understand what she was saying. With a sigh, she out down her gun and held up her paws in a calming gesture. "Alright, alright," She muttered, "I guess I need to try a different approach." She walked cautiously up to the creature, her paws still up. "Let's just stay peaceful here," She said in a quiet, calm voice.
  13. (Tiny, squirmy, ego boosting humans.)

    Pleased and encouraged that the words had worked, he tries another motion he learned from observing humans. He forcefully shoved his right hand forward, palm facing her.
    "Hye! Fiyv!"
  14. Kate froze. "Shut Down. New Objective?" She said this very strong, trying to change the 'Perfect Companion' mission objective. She took a step forward, hesitantly, and stopped. "Stay behind me." She told the young girl before flipping her comm back on. "Seyn, I'm stuck. I found one. A Perfect Companion. I might have changed it's objective...Hurry if possible..Hall 6-2 beside room...uhh.." She paused, looking for a room number, but they were all missing. She noticed a list of words in one of the rooms. "Room 4-b. Hall 6-2 Room 4-b."
  15. "Im scared" she said still behind her she tn heard the voice 'let me out' "no" she said in a whiser so the lady cant hear her 'but you know i can save you just let me out' she shakes her head no and the voice sighed 'fine 'but if you change your mind just yell your name' she sliverd. the thing didnt leson it counted to walk toword tham "they took out the voice camona your going to have to shoot it some still have voice comand" the 'thing' came at tham full headly and she scaremed
  16. Amused Seyn reached out and was about to complete the human gesture when her comm buzz off. "Seyn, I'm stuck. I found one. A Perfect Companion. I might have changed it's objective...Hurry if possible..Hall 6-2 beside room...uhh....Room 4-b. Hall 6-2 Room 4-b." Seyn immediately reached down to answer Kate. "I'll be right there," She replied, "But I've got my own situation here."
  17. Pulling the girl away, she yanked them into a room, closing the door. "Get behind the desk!" She said, pointing to a large desk and taking position across the room, gun pointed at the door. She couldn't have shot it, she would have missed. She waited and spoke into her comm. "Seyn? We've got a problem. Perfect Companion is hostile, and I'm barricaded in a room. Stay where you are."
  18. Carter continued to hold his hand up, wondering if there was another step in the process. He had left before he observed what the humans had done next. But, he had gotten a good first contact, so he decided to ask her for help.
    "Huu-Maan... Li-er-a-cher. Li-er-a-cher! Huu-Maan?"
    He tapped his head with his free hand, trying to signal 'Knowledge'.
  19. 18460- DK did as she was told and hid in the back of the room and under a desk. as she did so the thing banged at the door trying to open it. sooner or late it got had enof of the games and slice the door down and walked in "18460-DK be distroyed must distroy 18460-DK" the thing scand the room and didnt see her
  20. Immediately Kate was on her feet and shot the Perfect Companion three times. She back into the wall, just standing there. I..I hit it. I actually hit a perfect companion... Lost in thought, she subcounciously shot the robot once more before coming back to reality. "Seyn, we're clear..Heading to your position." She walked over to the desk. "Uhh, So, um, you're name is 18460-DK?"
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