Destruction Awaits

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  1. "Bravo Two, this is Hawk 4, " the com chirped in his ear.

    Shaun's feet were currently holding him in place and he was just complimenting himself and doing a great ab workout. The guard had posted himself 5 meters underneath him ten minutes ago, he didn't know how much longer he could arch his back and hold his upper body up. Using just his adams apple to speak, similar to that of a ventriloquist he responded back the usual:

    "Hawk 4, stand by."

    He hated when he was interrupted, but he knew that the Captain of the silent helicopter was just doing what was ordered, asking for a situation report every 30 minutes. Shaun smiled to himself, he was happy that they had finally gotten the SI: 67. The Corporation had asked for them two years ago but was told due to funding that it was impossible. The machines could fly into an objective drop the agent where need be, and be out before anyone had tracked them. Amazing technology for his kind of work.

    Dripping sweat, Shaun let of a silent sigh, He had to kill the guard or be discovered.

    Reaching back into his hip pouch, he grabbed his garrote. Piano chord used to choke and decapitate an enemy. Slowly he lowered himself, hanging upside down, behind the guard. He smelt the man, aftershave and cigarettes, and snapped the garrote around the guards neck. It took 30 seconds for the mans body to become lifeless. dropping down from his hiding place his grabbed the man from under the arms and dragged him into the nearest room.

    "Hawk 4, Bravo Two,"

    "Hawk 4, Go ahead,"

    "Roger, sorry about that had to get rid of some garbage, continuing down to the target,"

    "Copy, good hunting."

    The line went dead. He could feel his load bearing equipment brushing against the wall. He remembered what his instructor had always told him. One, Never let your guard down. And Two, Never chew gum. He smiled a bit at the last one, everyone did.

    He goose stepped his way down the hallway keeping himself low and in the dark shadows. he was lucky that the prison kept the lights so dim at night. He dropped his thermal scope down over his left eye and stopped. Three guards ahead, automatic weapons. He cut left sipping down the adjacent hallway. He had done this 100 times, a 5 year veteran of the Corporation. The Corporation, was well just that. Getting contracts from confidential customers and were paid a substantial amount of money for completing the contract given. There were many parts Accounting, Death Planning, the Rescue Responders, it was hard to remember everything. He had spent 10 years in the military and was hired into the Death Planning area very quickly. After a year of doing things he had done for so many years, he had switched to the Rescue Responders. Better to help people than to kill them.

    His contract today, was the rescue that of over a million people, by killing one.

    He swept back his blonde hair, he had the standard issue military haircut, but the top had got longer than he liked. he felt the sweat through his glove. The hallway was marked "Sector 7". Exactly were he needed to be. He looked at the labeled doors and saw the number he needed: 312.

    "Hawk 4, Bravo 2"

    "Hawk 4, go Ahead"

    "Roger, Open Cell 312"

    "Copy Bravo 2"

    At the end of the transmission the cell door unlocked click. The sound echoed down the large corridor, Shaun hissed snapping his head left and right. Drawing one G18 pistol from his holster, he waited there. expecting a huge alarm and 300 armed guards to come around the corner.

    "Not a bad way to die" he thought to himself the pistol positioned over his arm. His thermal scope scanned seeing nothing.

    Shaun inched his way through the door, only opening it as much as he needed than closing it behind him. He lifted the Thermal scope and searched the cell. Small, the size of a dorm room maybe, with a toilet on one side and a bed on the other. slowly walking to the bed, he lifted the blankets slowly....

    ((OOC: Anything goes guys Ill be happy to see were this story goes )))
  2. Nicholas rounded the corner into the sector 7 hallway. He lightly laid down his general issue guard boots with ever step. He counted to himself the cells as he passed them. 298, 299, 300. The guard uniform he wore was one of three he'd been given since he started working from the inside. This was his favorite, it was the most comfortable. He removed his flashlight from the leather holster on his left side. 306, 307, 309. He laughed at the skipped number. There was no cell 308, not since the gang had targeted every prisoner put in that cell for years. 310, 311. He didn't draw his service pistol, he didn't need it for this... 311 1/2... Heart pounding.. 312. With the butt of the flashlight he tapped twice then three times. He pushed the door open. To reveal an agent in full tactical gear.

    "Bravo 2, Alpha 1." He said quickly before the agent could turn. "Alpha 1 here for rendezvous"

    A few days earlier, Nicholas had ensured the cell to be empty by booking it with a deceased prisoner's name. The cell was only for their meeting.
  3. Shaun heard the loud bangs on the door, they startled him causing an immediate reaction. He reached for his pistol.

    "One, Two,"
    "One, Two, Three."

    But before he could turn he heard a voice.

    "Bravo 2, Alpha 1,"
    "Alpha 1 here for rendezvous."

    Good he had met up with the agent inside, he threw the blankets to the floor, sliding them toward the door. He had to ensure that no sound escaped the room. If a guard happened to wander by and wondering who this "Prisoner" is talking to he might open the door. Them himself and Alpha 1 would be in a heap of shit. The door acted as a fatal funnel, but the fact that there was no other exit or cover in the room.. he shook his head he did not want to even think of that.

    He removed his com from his ear for some peace, he felt the cool air on his face and inside wear his com had been. He hated the thing but it was necessary. Putting two fingers up to the bridge of his nose, he could feel a headache coming. He had forgotten to sleep the night before, and the run in with the guard earlier had made his body remember the fatigue. He reached into his side pouch, removing an energy bar and breaking a piece off for himself. The taste of banana overwhelmed his mouth. He took a deep breath, handing the rest of the energy bar toward the agent who had just opened the door.

    "Here take some, and my name is Shaun, Sergeant first class. yours?"
  4. Nicholas watched the agent carefully and soon relaxed as the man recognized their rendezvous. He stepped further into the room allowing the blankets to be set against the bottom of the door.

    "I'm good, they feed us guards pretty good here.. Nick, Specialist, undercover."

    Nick drew his Beretta service pistol from its leather holster and removed the single magazine. "Spare any 9mm? They only give us one mag a piece.." He simultaneously took out his prison security guard ID badge and offered it to Higher ranking Sergeant. "Key card, level 2 access. It'll get us damn close."
  5. Shaun put two magazines down on the floor and slid him toward Nicholas.

    "Nice to meet you."

    Putting the Com back into his ear he gave his Sitrep.
    " Hawk 4, Bravo 2"
    "Bravo 2, Hawk 4" the com chirped.
    "Roger, Have met up with Alpha 1 Break" Break giving the person on the other side of the radio notice that the message will continue.
    "And we are currently going over the details of the mission. Will continue in 10 Mikes" Mikes meaning minutes.
    " Bravo 2, Roger keep us notified with sitreps, Over"
    "Hawk 4 Roger, Bravo 2 out"

    He drew his own Glock G-18 and checked the magazine, Ensuring everything was loaded properly and with the palm of his hand he slid the slide back ensuring their was a round in the chamber.

    " Level 2 access? what are you a supervisor?" Shaun smiled, looking at the keycard. He slid it back toward Nicholas and reached into his front pouch.
    " Make sure you only shoot if you need to, Ill silence my pistol just in case we need to take down any guards. Make sure we keep this quiet and too the book."

    He hated sounding so professional. Everyone that worked for the Corporation and worked in the field, In his opinion, were all the same rank. The person next to you is the guy whos going to save your ass if the shit gets cooking.

    " The next step once we get to Level 2," Shaun continued, bringing up a map from his Com Console, a small computer on his wrist the displayed the entire prison on a small scale.
    " Is to access level 3, even if that means taking out a guard and taking a access card for ourselves." He pointed to the stairwell leading to Level 3.
    " Once we have reached level three, our target should be in the last room to the left. Thats her office." He pointed again to the office at the end of the hall.

    Shaun reached into his back pouch grabbing a Com Console and Communicator, sorry I forgot about this. He threw it to Nicholas,
    " You have been working here, what kind of security are we looking at?"
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  6. Nick caught the com console and fitted it to his wrist under the cuff of his guard uniform shirt.

    "The rest of sector 7 should be fairly clear. I have full accesses up to the lobby of level 2. There is a guard locker room at the end of this hall just before the elevators. We can grab you a uniform coat to slip on, your tact pants will make you pass for a field guard or sniper."

    "The lobby of level 2 will have one desk clerk who we will get past no questions asked, but from there it'll get hairy. Patrols moving through the halls and stairwells. Level three all passageways will be posted with two sentries."

    He adjusted his gear and waited for confirmation to proceed to the locker room.

    "I suggest we do this with the quickness, there are two cameras imbedded in the bulkheads of this hall, but the guy on duty doesn't pay much attention."
  7. Shaun smiled, holstered his weapon again and got to his feet.

    "Impressive," he said to himself, saying aloud "Sounds like a plan."

    Shaun slowly opened the door, looking down the hallway toward where Nick had just mentioned the locker room. the entire hallway was dark, besides the green hue of the exit sign at the end. He estimated 300 meters to the locker room. He exited the room, his feet rolling, from ball to toe, to minimize the sound. he noticed the camera on the left, shifting himself to underneath the camera, keeping his back against the wall he continued down the hallway.

    5 Minutes later he touched the door to the locker room, slowly turning the handle he cracked the door and slipped through. grabbing the nearest locker door, he opened it and grabbed out the uniform and put it over his shoulders. Exciting the locker room, he continued down the hallway this time acting normal, keeping an eye out for any guards he might have to explain himself to.

    "There is the elevator," he said, he cocked his head, " Do your stuff."
  8. "Hawk 4, this is Delta 6. do you copy?"

    A sniper, Scot, outside the compound whispered through the com to the team inside. He was in position up a steep incline about 300 yards from the perimeter fence with a clear view of the north side of the building. His Job was to keep tabs on the target and gate, and if things went south to take the shot should it present itself. He was prone looking through the night scope of his silenced Remington when he saw something unexpected take place.
  9. Ty had used his magic to bend the light, no matter how slight, around him and became invisible. He also muffled his movements with sound magic. He had been following Nick, the level two guard, and eavesdropping on his plans for some time. Ty was not sure if he should help or stop the man, so he was going along for now. When Nick finally went to the cell with the dead man in it and opened it, Ty quickly slipped in and went to a corner. He was still invisible and saw the other man that wasn't actually dead. Neither said their name, but that didn't matter as Ty would need to reveal himself soon.

    He had trained his magical stamina to be able to stay invisible and quite for some time. However, other magics were not so easy to use or did not last as long. So, Ty had trained mainly using light and sound magic to blind enemies if he didn't have a flash grenade. The sound magic was to keep his movements quite or even send out a shockwave to stun enemies. He could attack with other magics, but it would drain his stamina immensely. That's why he usually used a knife and 9mm pistol. Of course being hired to be a sniper was excellent, since no other sniper would ever see him until he fired.

    Shaun started out the cell, Nick followed and so did Ty as quietly as possible. They made his way to the locker room, Shaun went into the locker room and quickly put on the uniform the two had discussed earlier. Ty decided it would be good to blend in as well, even though he could be invisible. He grabbed a uniform from a slightly farther locker and quickly followed the two.

    Ty became visible and heard while searching through the pockets of the uniform he had picked up. He was still 100 feet away and slowly walking towards the two. #Oh I hope there is something useful in here.....# He thought to himself still walking slowly, but not watching the men.
  10. As i watched the scenery unfold before me, i couldn't help but feel extremely bored at the situation.
    I got called in to my masters room, where he proceeded to tell me i had to go to a meeting with this woman who ran a prison of sorts. There i was to retrieve whatever she had for me and bring it back to him.
    The driver glanced back at me and my henchmen. "we're almost there sir. Maybe another 5 minutes or so."

    I only nodded and pulled my left pistol from it's holster. Illegal Modified Baretta Cheetah and on my right was a Korth Combat Revolver, also modified.
    These guns were both gifts, more powerful than ordinary sets and way more accurate.

    Arriving at the gate sooner than expected, Armand got out and opened my door. I exited the vehicle, my eyes adjusting to the difference in light.
    "This way sir."
    My two armed henchmen walked behind me as a soldier at the front door greeted me.
    "good to have you back Admiral Romero. The headmistress is expecting you."
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