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  1. Hey there! I'm Leviathane and I am new to this site, basically this is my thread for meeting new people , getting to know them and to find new role-play partners

    Now I will tell you a little more about me:

    As well as being on this site now I have many other places where you or anyone can reach me, I have Gaia, Twitter, skype and many other social media sites that may take a while to write down. I'm a very friendly person when it comes down to the crunch. I hate being mean to others and take it upon myself to be as friendly and cheerful as I can.

    I love anime and anime based role-plays. I have an addiction to Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Shingeki no kyojin and many more.

    I've lived in many places throughout the world - London, California, Tokyo and Queensland (Australia). I currently have an addiction to boy love role-plays or more formally known as BL, Yaoi or boyxboy. I have many different ideas but I love hearing your ideas as well.

    That's pretty much all I can think of right now to be honest.
    Anyway, to whoever reads this I hope you have an awesome night/day.



    ღღღღღ = Love it.
    ღღღღ= Like it very much.
    ღღღღღ = I can deal with it.
    ღღღღღ = Maybe but I will need a little convincing.
    ღღღღ = Come up with a good enough plot?
    ღღღღღ = No frick frackin way in hell sorry.


    ღღღღღ Vampire x Human
    ღღღღ Werewolf x Human
    ღღღღ Werewolf x Werewolf
    ღღღღ Gifted x Human
    ღღღღ Dryad x Human
    ღღღღღ Neko x Human
    ღღღღღ Angel x Demon
    ღღღღღ Angel x Angel
    ღღღღ Angel x Human
    ღღღღღ Demon x Human
    ღღღღღ Demon x Demon
    ღღღღ Elemental x Human
    ღღღღ Shapeshifter x Human
    ღღღღღ Vampire x Vampire
    ღღღღღ Timelord x Human
    ღღღღ Alchemist x Human
    ღღღღღ Wizard x Human
    ღღღღღ Wizard x Vampire


    ღღღღღ Step Siblings
    ღღღღღBest Friends
    ღღღღღ Older Siblings Boyfriend x Younger Sibling
    ღღღღღ Kidnapper x Kidnapped
    ღღღღღ Abusive Relationships
    ღღღღღ Master x Slave
    ღღღღღ Mafia Boss x Right Hand Man
    ღღღღღ Age Gap
    ღღღღღ Guard x Wrongly Accused
    ღღღღღ Dance Instructor x Stubborn Student
    ღღღღღ Professor x College Student
    ღღღღღ Insane Asylum (In progress but willing to do another.)
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  2. I would happily do the Neko x Human, or the Angel x Demon. Just advanced warning, I don't have much experience, but I think I'm okay at writing (Urgh that sounds like bragging)

    Plus what ARE those things you use for the rating system
  3. I'm okay with both of them though I would much prefer the angel x demon rp.
    Message me and we can go over the finer details?
  4. The dance instructor x student sounds cool, as well as the Timelord x human one. Do you still want to do either of those?
  5. I'm okay with either, just message me when you have time
  6. Ok i guess you aren't interested with roleplaying with me.
  7. Hello there, if you're still looking I'm interested in this :3 I love the supernatural, and I think something involving either a demon or a vampire plus the abusive relationship theme would make a lot of sense, but if you feel like roleplaying any of your other items, we could talk it out. I like brainstorming for plots n.n

    I posted a thread looking for partners too, I'll leave the link since there you can read the things I like doing in my RPs, my posting expectations and that kind of things.

    Also you're always invited to take a look at my roleplaying resume. Have a nice day~

    And yes, Ezio IS a manwhore, but he's everybody's favorite manwhore *stares at poster of Ezio I have in my room*
  8. I got really intimidated with what you said and thought it would be best to get some sleep, so that way when I replied to you I wouldn't come off as rude, I don't really know what to say in regards to what you wrote the first time.
  9. Y'know, this is a request thread, not a fine-I'll-RP-but-you-have-to-conform-to-my-standards-even-though-these-are-your-ideas thread. Mate, if you want to join in a roleplay, you might wanna try being a bit less... obstinate.
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  10. Oh sorry i did mention that i get a tad passive aggressive when i'm in a bad mood and i was in a pretty bad mood when i wrote that gosh what was i thinking really sorry if it came out rude.
  11. Being in a bad mood isn't an excuse to treat people badly, not in the internet, and not in real life either. :/
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  12. I'm like a mouse, shy as all hell. >.<
  13. Interested in Mafia Boss x Right Hand Man.. I'd like to be the Right Hand man. PM me. :)
  14. Well i'm real life i'm similar too but i kinda have a internet alter ego if you haven't notice though again still sorry about the post.
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