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  1. Destiny's Path

    Destiny's Path is something many question and most don't understand. No one can control the path Destiny wants for you. It all comes down to you to just follow and make what you can of it. There is no use pushing against it.
    The disaster that came was like that. Families, adults and children alike where staring up at the dusky sky, lights like stars were shining high up, beautiful yet no one even let the hidden danger cross their minds.

    When it hit, it was already to late. With whistles of wind the large crystal like meteorites came down. The once mesmerised families were now running in fear trying to find shelter from what was happening. But few got the chance to run very far.

    It was like an eternity that stretched by, falling, breaking and burning to the ground, but eventually it stopped. Some stand in shock not knowing what to do. Others crying for lost family members. All caught up in a different emotion, to busy to realize what had really happened.

    Magic, something parents told young children about, were now brought to life from those fairy tails. Some who had been in contact with the crystals when they fell had gained Magic, all kinds, and the ones with these gifts are scattered all over.

    Some years had passed since the disaster and man kind, still struggles to with Destiny's path and rebuilding their world.

    Akane (open)





    Akane isn't very sure of herself and can hesitate at times. She is quiet and likes to keeps to herself, but don't let this fool you, Akane has her beliefs and stands for them. She has a hot-headed and cocky side but its not seen very often. Akane even if she might seem cold, is very friendly and caring towards her friends. She is yet to discover her magic power since Memory Manifestation isn't much without memories.

    Memory Manifestation

    Akane grew up an only child with a single mother. Her father had died before she was born and her mom never really spoke of him, she never knew how he died, when, where or why all she knew was that he was dead.

    A few hours before the incident that nearly caused the extinction of man kind, the young girl turned 13...then it all happened.

    After that Akane couldn't remember much. Her memories were all lost. She could only remember her mother, all the people running then black.

    A young girl stood on the out skirts of a small village staring out at the desolate desert that stretched out in front of her eyes. It was hard to believe that a few years back most parts of the sandy terrain was covered in grass and forrest.

    Letting out a sigh she looked up at the burning sun, it was hot, most people were out of the sun and resting in shade. But if she was going to go look for resources and supplies she had to get out there some time. Not to mention all those strange creatures that were mutated back when disaster struck.
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  2. Marcus (open)

    Name: Marcus Grelson
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Equipment: A longsword and a shield. A few pieces of strategic metal armour covering his forearms, shoulders and legs. A bow and arrows. A compass and large map of the area before it became a wasteland.

    Magic: Illusion Trap. Marcus’s left eye has the ability to steal a being’s sight and replace it with a kaleidoscope world of colour effectively blinding and disorientating them. However to do this Marcus must close his left eye and see the same world which is confusing for him.

    Personality: He has a serious side that he uses when dealing with clients. However when he is around his friend he is much more open and relaxed. When he feels safe, i.e. when he’s in a settlement, he likes to ignore the wasteland and do his best to enjoy the time he has. This generally involves drinking and card games (both gambling and non-gambling). While travelling the wasteland he can be a bit awkward as he’s always partly focussed on his surroundings and looking for danger. He is slow to anger and doesn’t hold grudges in general.

    History: Marcus grew up in a small settlement of a few hundred people. The strength of the settlement came in its high walls as it had once been a fortress that had fallen to be replaced by a village. Being so well defended it didn’t take many people to keep the village safe which led to a fair few young adults being bored. Marcus was one of these and in his youth was quite a troublemaker. Until the apocalypse came and his settlement was horribly damaged. As a surviving healthy person he became someone the people would rely on. After a year of this the villagers packed up and moved to one of the bigger cities for safety as their walls had been destroyed. At that point Marcus left them to pursue his own future.

    Marcus emerged from the village leader's house and wiped his forehead. The old man liked the heat and kept the windows covered by black cloth. It was like a furnace in there. And he'd still refused to sell him any supplies for the trip ahead. So it meant scavenging out there and hoping there was something.

    Looking around he spotted Akane standing at the edge of the small town and walked over behind her. "Looks like we'll have to be going out there." he said to her, following her gaze up into the sun, "Nothing more for us here."
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  3. Akane nodded her head then looked at her friend "There is nothing, not even the heat" she said moving to stand in the shade of a nearby hut.

    "I was going to suggest we travel at night, but once again, who knows what we might run into" she let out a heavy sigh tapping the hilt of her long sword.
  4. Marcus tilted his head in curiosity at what she said, unsure of her meaning. Nevertheless he followed her into the shade and leant against it. The slight drop in temperature was a welcome relief to him and his slightly wet clothing. "Indeed, I'd rather see what's coming. We'll travel through dusk so it'll be cooler then, but it's probably best we start moving soon. We can't really afford to wait." he let out a small laugh that was more to release tension than anything humourous. "The chief isn't selling anything again so we're left with what we have as usual."
  5. She let a small smile slip over her lips as she looked up at her friend "Nothing you say" she let her voice be light "Well either they are just as short as we are or would wish to keep all to themselves" she said gazing over the sand watching the heat waves make it look like water.

    She looked on the sand like that for a moment more before a grunt noise grabbed her attention, she shifted her gaze to her far left. "I have no idea the how far our next stop will be" she said while pushing herself away from the wall "So I say we use
    those (open)
    to make our travel in this heat a bit easier" she said while pointing at two hairy beasts.
  6. Marcus looked over to where Akane was pointing and his eyes widened slightly at the sight. The beasts were in a small fenced in area to the side of the village, most probably the chief's property. He frowned slightly, grasping his friend's intent but not sure how he felt about stealing from the settlment. "How are we gonna do that?" he asked her. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some of the metals strips used as currency in the wastes. Perhaps they could forcefully buy the beasts without the chief's permission.
  7. Smirking Akane slowly walked closer to where the beasts where standing "I have no idea, let us get a closer look" she said quickly walking over. Upon closer inspection Akane's eyes widened they were big, really big, bigger then you average horse. "Wow" she breathed out.
    "We could always just open the gate, jump on and run of" she mused out loud "Or we can bribe the guard" she said weighing her options "not that we have much to bribe with" she realized and dropped her hand to her side.
  8. Marcus stood next to her and examined the beasts. They were indeed very big though they looked fairly docile. "Would they even know what to do if we jumped on their backs and said run?" he asked with a chuckle. Still they looked unstoppable. If they got one running he didn't think anyone would dare stand in their way. And the fence probably wouldn't hold them either. He looked around and saw most of the villagers weren't paying them any attention. They could probably get away with it. "If we can get one moving it'd work, looks like they could hold two people fine. If we can't we miiiight need to start running anyway."
  9. Akane now stood right next to the fence and looked the thing up and down "if it would be like a normal horse, you could always just hit him and see what happened....buuut I don't wanna get trampled" she laughed a bit nervously "so I would say, climb over the fence and onto his back and see what happened" she said smiling back at Marcus.
  10. Marcus looked around again then back to Akane. When he saw her smile he gave in with a sigh. "Alright, we'll try it, but, you're the one stealing it." he pointed right at her, "If you get it out I'll jump on as you ride by. I'll keep an eye on the village while you work. Good luck" He gave her a smile back. He wasn't entirely comfortable with this but it would make their travelling easier. As he waited on Akane he pulled out some money, ready to toss it to a villager as payment.
  11. Akane gave Marcus and exited smile and climbed over the fence and stood right next to the huge animal "WOW" she softly said under her breath "Some one must have wanted to ride that one it has a saddle on" she said pointing at the other animal. Akane walked over to it and slowly touched its fur, it let out a loud huff and looked at her "Well umm...Hello" she said feeling stupid talking to an animal like that "I'm just gonna...." She trailed off as she put one foot in the stirrup of the saddle and her one hand grabbed a rope tied to the animal's horns "" she hoisted her self up on it "that wasn't so hard" she said patting the animal and looking down at Marcus.
  12. Marcus glanced around again but so far no one had noticed Akane. He watched her talk to then successfully climb onto the beast with ease and couldn't help but smile at her. He walked over to the area's gate and slowly opened it. There was a slightly squeak to it but he hoped it wouldn't carry over the distance. He placed the money on the fence next to the gate where it would be clearly seen then ran over to Akane and hopped up onto the beast behind her. "Go go go." he said.
  13. Akane started to laugh, she felt like a child again "I have no idea how to make it go, go, go" she laughed and patted the animal hoping it would work "Nope" she said the spot a whip-like red rope hanging from the saddle bag "I got it!" She yelled, grabbed the whip and made it crack in the air. With that the animal's eyes flew open and he let out a sound between a bellow and a roar "aaaahhh" Akane let out a yell as the beast took off she grabbed for the reins and just hoped that Marcus won't fall off in the process.
  14. "Hurr-" Marcus was in the act of saying when the beast suddenly roared and lurched into motion. He almost fell off and only stayed on by quickly grabbing Akane's shoulders. The village would certainly know what they were doing now, but he was too busy concentrating on holding on to look at anyone else. Pulling himself back onto the saddle he wrapped one arm around her waist and grabbed the beast's fur with his other hand, "Let's get out of here!"
  15. "Hold on" Akane yelled as the beast ran. The beast ran through the desert sand like nothing, its large hoofed feet sinking into the sand with ease. Akana looked back for a moment to see he village, indeed the guards and some villagers were now streaming of their shelter. There was no way they would come after them, it was to hot and they were moving quite fast.

    After running for a while Akane put the beast into a walk, knowing just how tired it must be. She pressed the back of her hand to her forehead and wiped the sweat away. It was hot and night was still a while away, all there was around them was desert sand and dust swept up by a harsh hot wind.
  16. Marcus didn't look back at the village as they ran off, too busy hanging on still to make other movements. He kept sliding off the saddle which was obviously designed for a single rider. He was very grateful when they finally slowed down to a walk as it gave him time to reposition himself better.

    He looked around at where they were and was worried by the wind. The sand in the air was making it hard to see if anything was coming. He kept scanning the area as he spoke, "Sun's ahead of us so looks like we're heading west. Should be a city in two day's travel this way. Though probably less with our new friend." He glanced at Akane though she couldn't see him with how they were sitting, "That was quite successful." he said with a smile.
  17. Akane beamed with pride, she was surprised at herself she didn't even plan anything and they got away so easily. "Two days....where shall we rest when night comes" she asked Marcus not looking back at him "All I see is white sand and a few lost rocks here and there" she motioned to the sand with one hand "Sure with him here" she patted the beast "we will make it in less I hope" she smiled a bit.

    "Hey Marcus" she said looking back at him "do you think we should keep him?" Akane asked as the beast let out a grunt, animals sure was a huge weakness for her.
  18. "We'll just have to keep moving and hope we spot something by night. If not we can hide behind this shaggy thing." Marcus reached down and rubbed the beast's side in what he hoped it would take as an affectionate gesture. When it didn't react at all he decided to take that as a good thing.

    When Akane looked back at him to ask her question his mouth tilted in thought. "I don't know if we can afford him. We don't even know what he eats." The beast had been in a pit of sand at the village and they were marching through sand now. Unless it ate the stuff he didn't know what it would.
  19. "Your right" Akane said looking down at the beast "I really don't know what would it...unless it can go for a while without food" she shrugged her shoulders "someone at our next stop might be able to tell us" she said while rubbing the beasts large head.

    She looked around for a moment more and squinted her eyes, the dust was getting to hard to see through and the wind was getting a bit harsher "I can't see where to go" she said bringing their mount to a stop.
  20. Marcus gave Akane's shoulder a small squeeze, "We'll see if we can. Someone's bound to know what we're riding."

    As they came to a stop Marcus began scanning around more intently. Even the sun was getting harder to see with the wind picking up. It was the perfect time for an ambush if there was anything out there. "Keep moving forward." he said quietly, "Aim towards the sun for as long as you can see it." With his free hand he drew his sword, better safe than sorry.
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