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  1. There is always a story to each person who lived. Their accomplishments, their failures, their traits. Though in this story, you are this person, and you will be put up to the hardest challenge in your life.

    Pigsbirth High school.

    Rules: The usual Iwakuin rules, nothing too serious. Mature content is Not allowed.
    No godmodding: If you somehow find a way to godmod in High school, try not to do it.
    Be kind to other people: While your character can be the snobby cheerleader, try to be nice to people outside of the roleplay.
    OOC remarks and quirks: A thread will not be made for this, just use the spoiler tags at the end of a post. Like this! How to make a spoiler tag? Type in [ spoili] Insert text here [/ spoili] Though delete the spaces in the brackets.
    Character limitations: Almost None! They could be a pink bounty hunter raised by Jango Fett himself, who is also a Minotaur! The only thing you need is for them to look human while at 'School'.
    Teachers & Parents?: If your heart desires to be a teacher, then go ahead! But if you want to be the parent of somebody, make sure to ask them first!
    Character sheets: Are they needed? Nope! A character sheet is completely optional, but as always they are highly encouraged to help both you, and your fellow Roleplayers!

    Name: Hashimitsu Yuuka. (Last name for short)
    Age: 17.
    Personality: Will very often keep to herself and refuse help from others. Studding very often during a conversation. Shy, and easily intimidated, doing as she's asked without question. Though she has a will of fire protecting those she trusts, carelessly putting her life forward without a single thought.
    Grade: Senior.
    Extra: She has asthma and will often puff her inhaler each half hour, whenever she is frightened, or just to get the point through that she actually has asthma.
    Extra: Socially awkward, often getting into peoples space.
    Extra: Has a fear of anything electric, a simple phone making her unwary.
    Extra: Fascinated with water and could spend hours gazing into a stream.
    Extra: Her eye color is a deep emerald green, similar to this.
    Appearance (open)
    Kurisu Makise! <3[​IMG]

    "It's so blue." Yuuka whispered to herself, staring out toward the vast sea. She had moved here not even two days ago, and already everything was beginning to fascinate her. She was standing on the edge of one of the long bridges connecting the island to the rest of the Continent, she didn't even remember which one.

    Leaning dangerously over the side of the railing, Yuuka gazed into the water below her with awestruck eyes. Each and every ripple, the way it flowed with the rest, but dependent entirely on its own design. The way the water curved around boats, people and birds, how it practically separated to give the fish a pathway through. She was amazed on how close the relationship the tides were with the moon and the sun, as if the water was reaching toward them, begging to be embraced.

    Yuuka's hair reached down to just below her knees, and when a slight breeze caught her it flowed backwards like a cape along with both her jacket and tie. After the breeze finally died down, Yuuka pushed forward again and gazed back down below. Not even realizing it would take a small shove to send her plummeting down.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Fumi was coming back from a day of Fishing. If was a little on the hot side so his shirt was unbuttoned. His slender but lean body peeked through. He was in a very good mood. He had caught more than enough fish to feed his mother and little sister for the next few days. As he crossed the long bridge to go home her spotted a girl standing on the opposite side of the bridge's safety rails. She looked like she was going to jump. He Dropped his gear and ran over to her. His shirt flapping in the wind like a super heroes cape and his black shoulder length hair whipping wildly behind him. He wrapped his arms around her, "Hey, everything's going to be okay." he whispered as he held on to her tightly.
  3. Yuuka was to busy gazing below to notice the person dashing toward her. And was actually just noticing how far over she was when she felt someones arm wrap around her, instinctively she screamed, expecting to be thrown to the ground or the drop below. Though when she heard the persons whisper against her neck she felt her body go cold. "W-what do you want?" It came out as a frightened squeak, far from the bravado command she had expected.
  4. Fumi pulled her over the rail and fell back to the ground shielding her from the impact, "Are you okay?" he asked concerned, "Sorry if I scared you. I just didn't want you to jump." He felt his back had been scraped against some broken glass but he wasn't to worried about it, his mother could help him pick it out later.
  5. Yuuka tried to twist herself from the persons grasp during the fall, but only succeeded in having her face pressed down into the dirt. "I... I wasn't going to j-jump." Desperately trying to control her breathing, which was just beyond the point of hyperventilation, she knew that if she didn't calm herself right then and there she was going to have an attack.

    Yuuka let herself go limp, praying to whatever higher power that her 'attacker' would loose interest, or that some one would at least try to help. The moment I can, I'll run. The thought kept racing through her mind, unable to push it away.
  6. He sighed relieved then stood up with a pleasant smile on his face, "You be careful on the rail." he warned and started to walk off to get his things. He must have really startle her for her to have that big of a reaction. His shirt started to absorb the blood from his wound as he bent down to pick up his fishing rod and catch bucket.
  7. Yuuka stayed there for what she felt like was ten minutes (it was no more than ten seconds) and finally pushed herself into a sitting position. Her breath now coming in normal paced, but ragged movements. She fumbled in her coat pocket in her inhaler, finally getting a grasp on it and putting it to her mouth, taking two deep breaths from it.

    Yuuka slid it back into the pocket and stood, slowly to prevent herself from getting dizzy. Gazing about with her eyes, it seemed as if no one had noticed what happened, and she couldn't tell who it was that just did that to her. What if it didn't even happen? The thought confused her, and she started to believe it actually didn't in the first place.

    Yuuka took one more glance around her and began to walk back the way she came, this time sliding against the rail to support her. She was heading in the same direction of the person who had just grabbed her, but she had no idea that she was.
  8. He looked other at her, "I haven't seen you before. Are you new here?" he asked politely. He wasn't sure what kind of contraption she was using to breath but it made him very curious. He noticed she was having trouble standing, "Would you like me to carry you? We still have quite a long walk until we reach the end of the bridge."
  9. Yuuka passed him without a single glance, sure she was new here but she didn't like to socialize. But something was itching at the back of her mind, for some reason he was familiar, but she didn't know what. She stopped and turned to look at him, letting go of the railing.

    It hit Yuuka like a bus, his voice. He was the one that grabbed her. Although she didn't have a panic attack, she did become unwary. But why she was so afraid of someone that though they were saving her life she didn't know. "I'm fine..." She whispered again, less squeaky. Unsure of what to do, she stood there and just waited for his reaction.
  10. He stopped walking, "Okay, then what's your name? I'm Fumi." he offer his hand to her in a greeting. She was a weird one, but what else would you expect from city folk.
  11. "Has-" Yuuka waas about to say her full name, but figured she would just go with her nick name. "Yuuka." She flinched slightly when he offered his hand, but in an attempt not to be rude she slowly took it anyway, her hands more like twigs compared to his. She didn't really understand why she was always to afraid of people, she just knew she was like a hermit sometimes. Always keeping to herself and avoiding crows as if it would kill her. Though why she was on the bridge, she did not know.
  12. "Yuuka huh? Pretty name." he shook her hand and pulled away. The sky grew gradually darker, "It's getting late. I suggest you head home before you can't see five inches in front of ya."
  13. "I probably should..." Which was true, a whole matter things came out in the dark. Spinning on her heel Yuuka went back the way she came without another glance, moving with a slightly quickened pace after she read her watch. 8:09, how'd it go so late that quick? Keeping her eyes glued to the ground and her hands in her pockets, she continued making her way to the shabby apartment she called home.
  14. Fumi went to his apartment and was greeted by his little sister and mother. Fumi passed the fish off and went to his room to put away his gear.
    "Big bwother! You need to stop getting hurt!." Little Yumi scolded him. She sat hi down and threw off him shirt. Fumi sighed, "What can I say. I'm a cluts." he said smiling warmly, "Plus I have you to patch me up." he continued. Yumi sighed and got out her equipment, a bowl and tweezers, and started to pool the shards from his back, "You is going to start soon and those meanies are going to go after you again." Yumi said frowning, she hated to see her brother bullied and beaten. His wound had all summer to heal and know that they were gone he was a blank canvas for the year, "Hey, don't worry. I'll be much more careful this year." Fumi reassured her. Their eyes met for a second and Yumi broke contact because she knew he was trying to make her feel better.
  15. Show Spoiler

    "You're going to school tomorrow! Okay? You did enough damage yesterday! Just because your father is a high class criminal doesn't mean you have to be!" I sighed in annoyance.
    "Um, actually it does ma. He owns and runs the mafia of the state, and then some. I'm the heir to his thrown! Dad could die or go to the big house any day, I have to be ready. I'll go to school or whatever but I'm not going to guarantee my sanity will be included."
    "Just don't do anything stupid Lucas!"
    "No promises ma...but get some sleep. I love you!"
    "Love you too sweety."

    Don't get me wrong I love my ma to death, I'd do anything for her, but she doesn't understand that I have to do this. My father brought me into this life and I have to live a life of crime if I like it or not. And I don't like it...I love it. I may or may not have blown up a rappers car, because a song he was only a few days away from releasing. The song was leaked to a set amount of people, one of those people being part of the mafia. So to impress my father I blew up one of the rapper's newest cars and left a message at his doorstep. It read "If you release this song, we will find you, and we're going to do the worst things to you that you can ever think of before we put you through a slow and painful death and take everything you own. Sincerely, The Heir" ...not too bad right? I'm a criminal, and I guarantee you, no cop nationwide knows my face. School is going to be a challenge though. I haven't been in school since the end of 8th grade. Now it's my senior year in high school, when I officially become part of my father's organization, being the most skilled and now the youngest of all of the gang members. The year that I'm needed the most, is the year that I go back to school. This is going to be interesting.
  16. Yuuka stared at the bus as it turned the corner to the road leading to her apartment. Recalling the previous night, there was nothing new or interesting to what she did.
    She walked through the door, tripped on the usual counter that stuck out in a weird angle. Read her books, studied, got in the shower, ate, read again then slept.

    Tearing her gaze from the window, Yuuka finished slipping on her shirt and jacket, straightened her hair quickly, grabbed her inhaler and was out the door in a matter of seconds. She didn't need any school supplies yet, just her memory. Greeted by rain and gusting wind, she cursed loudly in annoyance as her hair blew away from the position she had it in. So much for straight. Which was likely true, as every loose strand of hair, clothing, and her key chain was flapping in the direction of the wind.

    Having finally reaching the end of the sidewalk after loosing her jacket multiple times, Yuuka leaned against the length of a stop sign for support. She stood there and waited for her first day at a new school. Hopefully this one isn't as bad as the other...
  17. Fumi walked calmly through the raging storm with his backpack protected by a plastic sheet, his uniform under a water tight black coat and a hefty umbrella shielding him. He was comfortable in this surprise weather. He walked to a bus stop need his apartment and saw a familiar face. He smiled and waved, "Hello there."
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    Angle walked out of the small home snuggled between strong oak trees, she loved her small cottage. The wind was blowing madly that day and Angle smiled letting the wind pull her hair up off her back. Angle had always had a deep connection with the wind, it was a natural element taking whispers away. She strolled along the sidewalk, there were new faces at her bus stop and she sighed, she wasn't ready for senior year.
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  19. Yuuka cursed to herself. Him again? It wasn't the fact she didn't necessarily like him, but it was because of how often she was seeing him. He was too... Friendly, friendly was either good or very bad. She hoped it was neither.

    Standing there without responding, Yuuka impatiently ticked off the seconds until the bus would finally stop in front of her, already having a plan when it did. I'm just going to rush in and take the first empty seat. Avoid eye contact, don't speak to no one. That keeps you anonymous, right? It better, because she already had another school in her sights as a backup.
  20. I watched through dark shades as the bus doors opened. I walked up the three steps and made my way to the back, studying each face I saw, being careful not to trip on anything. I wondered if someone would try to bully me this year. I chuckled at the thought. That bully would be really dumb to even look at me the wrong way. They have no idea who I am. I took a seat in the middle of the bus. It was then I pushed my shades up to rest on my head and plugged my headphones to leave reality for a while, well at least until I got to school.