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  1. This is an interest check for an rp adapted and based off of the video game Destiny developed by Bungie. The plots and stories would be inspired from the game, but in a more cohesive and plot-by-plot basis as opposed to free span plot. The initial plot would focus on the arrival of a rogue house of an adversarial alien race known as The Fallen. This race believes in creed over freedom and establishes themselves in houses representing their disposition over all other species. When a new and more sinister house threatens not only Earth and the order of Fallen, The Guardians must face new challenges to protect The City and The Traveler, while also forming reluctant bonds with a race with nothing but malice for The Guardians. The Queen of The Awoken and all her legion.

    For those of you who don't follow Destiny, that's okay as the plot will reveal the definitions and backstories behind the certain characters/beings/places to be explored. So at heart this is an action/sci-fi that will have a lot of character development and abilities to use depending on your class [Titan, Warlock, Hunter] in a semi space opera that will rely on cooperation. The plot will advance after the main initial plot is finished as well, and there will be a sense of freedom between characters, but every action has a consequence.

    Energy Types:

    Arc - Energy associated with lightning and electrostatic universal energies, capable of surging through blue enemy shields. Can incapacitate foes if strong enough.

    Void - Energy formed from the essence of space and cosmic energy. Breaches violet enemy shields. Can also reduce/nullify enemy abilities.

    Solar - Energy of the sun and of flame, with the ability to burn through any solar shields and foes alike. Flames can eat away at a foes life force.

    Kinetic - The most standard energy of basic concussive force and energy. With enough force foes can be staggered and disoriented.

    Brief description of classes:

    Titan - The Titan is a Guardian class which specializes in armor. The first Titans built and defended The Wall that protects The City. Their heritage is rooted in strength, sacrifice, and mercilessness. Titans can be distinguished by their heavy, full-body armor and swept-back helmets. The Titan's unique armor piece is a mark, a piece of cloth worn on the right hip intended to show their allegiance, lineage, or achievements. Striker and Defender common subclasses. Only master Titans who understand the fire of passion and protection may claim the Hammer of Sol and unleash the Sunbreaker skill class.

    Warlock - The Warlock is a Guardian class that specializes in combining "magic" powers granted by The Traveler with modern weapons. Warlocks have long studied The Traveler, which gives rise to their ability to harness some of its powers. As the warlocks advance through levels, their arcane powers strengthen. In appearance, Warlocks can be distinguished by their rounded helmets and long coats. As with the other classes, in addition to head, chest armor, gauntlets, and leg armor, they have a special fifth armor slot that is unique to their class and further helps to distinguish them from their brethren in arms: a bond (armband) worn on the upper-left arm. Sunsinger and Voidwalker common subclass. There are virtually minimal Warlocks who can channel the essence and universal energy of the cosmic storms, that would infuse them with the power of the Stormcaller subclass.

    Hunter - Hunter is a Guardian class. Hunters are "quick on the trigger and deadly with a blade," so much so that they have earned a fearful reputation and are known as the "Masters of the Frontier". Hunters can be easily distinguished in-game by their signature hooded cloaks, thin builds, and lightly armored outfits, which contain an armor-to-cloth ratio of about 50-50. Also, as with the other classes, in addition to helmets, chest armor, gauntlets, and leg armor, Hunters have a special fifth armor slot that is unique to their class and further helps to distinguish them: a cloak worn on the head and back. While Hunters, like all Guardians, can use any and all weapons in-game, they employ a unique utility blade, the Hunter Knife, for stealth kills and melee combat. Bladedancer and Gunslinger common subclasses. But there are a rare few who embrace the lone void. Whose skill is unmatched by droves of others, making them in control of space and shadow. They are the Nightstalkers skill class.



    Humans - People of the planet Earth that have existed for millennia. Fair skinned appearance and homo erectus posture; intelligent species.

    Exo - Machine like race; self-aware war machines developed by humanity during the Golden Age for a long forgotten war, with the sole purpose of protecting their creators. They were rebooted during the Collapse and now have no memory of their original function. Exos are "so advanced that nothing short of a Ghost can understand their inner functions. They remain ciphers, even to themselves; their origins and purpose lost to time. Whoever built the Exos fashioned them in humanity's image, gifting them with diversity of mind and body."


    The Awoken - Awoken are a bluish-gray-skinned species. They are descendants of Humans who, during the Collapse, tried to run to the far edges of known space to escape The Darkness. Something mysterious and strange happened to them at the edge of Human-controlled space, which altered them forever. Many of the Awoken live in The Reef, but others also live on Earth. Earth-born Awoken who adventure to The Reef often go unwelcomed by the Queen as outsiders.


    If anyone is interested respond below! Preferably with your race and/or class if you'd want a prime spot in the rp. My character will be a female Awoken Warlock. If this gets traction of course. I would only need about 2-3 ppl, but if more want to come then feel free! Everyone is important. More information about lore, races, and universe will be decided once I know enough are interested. I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS!!!
  2. Destiny is my drug, i'm certainly in. I would like to take the class of Titan since warlock is already taken.
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  3. Cool, the story arc I want to start with is The House of Wolves. That seems to be the only thing that would make sense to unite my character (Queen's Guard Awoken Warlock) with the Vanguard and other guardians.
  4. That or TTK with the greater alliance between the Reef and the Tower
  5. Yeah that's what I want to use HoW for to establish at least a halfway positive relationship for Crota and Oryx arcs...Hive won't be too much of a factor starting out
  6. You have NO idea how in I am! (Just a small note, but if your Awoken is a Warlock and also aligned with the Queen then they would still technically be a Guardian, because you can't really manipulate Light without the Traveller's graces.)

    I'm definitely going to be a Hunter. So, just to be clear, we should probably keep our gear limited to what was available in Vanilla and HoW, right? And what events from the game have and haven't happened yet, exactly? Like, have all the Strikes happened? The Vault of Glass? Has anyone conquered the Black Garden?
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  7. You're very correct on the technical guardian bit, but officially the QG aren't Vanguard Guardians as the Queen can manipulate the void from her ascension from the Collapse (albeit from The Traveler) good observation!

    And I would say you can have Vanguard/Crucible gear of any kind, not TTK stuff as of yet. HoW stuff is allowed (but you'd have to get involved with the Queen's Guard and Variks to get the PoE stuff) and everything from the Collapse up until start of Vanilla has happened. It is here where things will shift, HoW will be the first arc as opposed to the Black Garden. No Vault of Glass, no Crota nor Oryx, not even Wrath of the Machine yet. It will be an adaptation so that if anyone wants to join that doesn't know Destiny lore they can develop the universe around them as the Rp progresses.

    So I'm guessing your hunter will be under Cayde or Shiro? One of those ones that idolized the Vanguard since youth and wanted to join the ranks soon as they were of age? Lol just guessing.
  8. Well, actually, I plan on making my Guardian a Crucible champion. He's much like the Vanguard before they were the Vanguard in that he blazes a trail through the Crucible and even the Iron Banner. I already have his primary arsenal and a couple of weapons he switches between decided.

    Of course, he also fights against the Darkness, and sometimes the Vanguard call on him for exceptionally dangerous missions. His infamous skill is what made them decide that he would be fit to help the queen with Skolas.

    Also, I feel like as far as story goes, it should go HoW -> Vanilla -> RoI -> TDB -> TTK -> Vanilla. I stick Vanilla in there twice because there's also a lot of stuff involving the Devils, which I feel would lead into RoI pretty well since the House of Devils are the ones who found SIVA. Dealing with the Fallen, then the Hive, then the Vex just seems like an easier way to map out the story, to me.
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  9. That's close to mine! I'd put RoI at the end then everything else the same order. And sounds good to me! If this kicks off, it will be very much like in the universe of the game. The Queen's Wrath will not have any affiliation with the Tower at first, but through an event that jeopardizes both groups, our characters would meet in a reluctant team up to stop the threat. I will say the master sub-classes are gone for now as well (sunbreaker, nightstalker, and stormcaller) and when the Rp starts I'd like for everyone to have only one sub-class to focus on, getting the other as they get stronger.
  10. My character is already a Bladedancer anyway. He has no interest in Gunslinger because he's already virtually mastered his abilities, and I doubt he'd have much interest in the Nightstalker simply because he dislikes Void abilities because the Voidwalker is annoying; if he ever does die in a Crucible match, it's from a Nova Bomb.
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  11. Still accepting? If so, I'd like to submit a Human Gunslinger.
  12. Sure, no prob

    is everyone else still down for this?
  13. I very much still am
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  14. I just showed up, so... Yup.
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  15. Any idea when an OOC for signups might be put up?
  16. Working on it now :]
  17. OOC is up!!! I put a lot into it I hope you all like it!

  18. If you've got room, I'd love to throw my hand in for this.

    I have an affinity for the bladedancer, but it appears you have two hunters as it is...If you're holding strict to the laws of the game- I could throw in as a titan- either exo or awoken?
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  19. Titan is fine of either race, the lore will be adhered to but in the RP I'm making a new order. For example, Black Garden has not happened yet, nor Crota, nor Oryx. The first arc is House of Wolves. So feel free to choose whatever race and subclass you'd like.
  20. Cool, thanks for the response @ch0sen1. Should I post in the OOC thread?

    I've only played vanilla and some of taken king- so ... I'm certainly no expert, but at least have reference for what it is you're talking about most the time. haha.
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