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Who would you rather see IC as a main antagonist?

  1. Crota, Hive Prince

  2. Oryx, God King of Hive

  3. Skolas, House of Wolves General

  4. Vex God

  5. Uldren Sov, Queen's Right Hand

  6. Maybe a Rogue Guardian?

  7. Atheon, Time's Conflux

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  1. This is the official OOC for Destiny the Rp, greatly inspired by the game Destiny by Bungie. This won't be a "super free roam" style as much as it will be a centric plot to adhere to, with characters deciding to or not to engage in the main plot, as there will be side quests/missions as well. If you're not familiar with the game, I have placed a synopsis below to help explain the basis behind the story. In this rp you will choose from three races [Human, Awoken, Exo] and three classes [Titan(Combat), Warlock(Magic/Energy), Hunter(Stealth)] More details on the interest page here :

    I need serious interest and no people that are prone to sign up and drop as soon as the rp starts. So if you're interested then reply below or message me with questions!


    1. Follow the CS posted to ensure organization.
    2. Some characters might die (probably not) but in the event of that just be ready, I don't kill for the sake of story it'll actually have to mean something.
    3. For those of you who know the game, you know about the absolutely beautiful weapons and armor in the game, and you WILL NOT be able to start off with Exotic Weapons and Armor. They will be extremely rare and hard to come by in this Universe. To make things fun under your CS under Extras section place ANY quote you like from a person, game, show, etc. To be randomly placed in a roll for a Thorn or Gjallarhorn. And to see you paid attention lol.

    4. Be respectful of each other and others' characters in the rp. I love conflict IC and good challenge and story but there will be NO bullying/disrespect OOC.
    5. Romance allowed, 18+ take it to PM anything else just keep it fade to black or suggestive and not concrete. This will be a pretty gritty universe anyways so there will be seldom time for lovey dovey.
    6. If you want to double up on characters ask me first. The plot and story needs to get going first before we do that, because some people can't upkeep with two while the story moves fast.
    7. NO ONE LINERS. At least a few sentences and something to keep your character and the story engaging and fresh.
    8. HAVE FUN! :D
    9. I will generate main enemies, targets, events, weapons and gear to be fought/distributed/purchased IC, we won't be doing a game-like damage system but the weapons will matter. The events will of course have ripples and effects later depending on how we deal with it.

    Get to responding!


    "The Traveler, the mysterious beacon of hope and expansion for humanity. Legends say The Traveler sacrificed itself to save us. The mysterious sphere still hangs where it made its last stand, low above the Earth, keeping silent watch."

    The Traveler's origins are unknown. When it arrived, humanity first discovered it on Mars. It sparked a Golden Age of humanity that allowed humans to migrate from Earth to colonize other planets within the Solar System. Some speculate that the Traveler is a large vessel; others believe that it is a sentient being or artificial intelligence and some may even consider it a deity. As of yet its true nature is unknown.

    The Traveler is credited with humanity's survival during the Collapse, a point in time where The Darkness came and destroyed most of humanity's civilization of the Golden Age. The Darkness contained minions of the unknown, and of malice. They came to this solar system and wiped out most of human kind seeking to destroy the Traveler's light, but its light was too potent. After the Traveler sacrificed itself to save humanity, it remained in low orbit over the Earth, and became silent and dormant. A main stronghold called The City was built in its shadow and under its protection, where its inhabitants are temporarily safe from the threat of the Darkness. Above the people of the City lies The Tower. These are where the Guardians stay, protecting the citizens of the human race, along with the Exo, a sentient robotic creed created by the Traveler, and the Awoken, former humans affected by the Collapse physically.

    The Traveler grants some of its mysterious powers to the Guardians that take the form of usable abilities against The Darkness. Ghosts, the personal artificially intelligent companions of Guardians, were made by the Traveler itself in its dying breath. Within the Tower, The Speaker acts as the representative of the Traveler and guides all Guardians towards their destinies...

    One Destiny.

    Weapons (open)

    Primary Weapons - Weapons mainly carried and used in the field.
    • Hand Cannon: Magnum based pistols shooting high impact power at slow fire rates for precision.
    • Scout Rifle: Ranged single burst rifles used for stability and control; medium impact.
    • Pulse Rifle: 3-burst rifle with small but precise impact, but with balanced stability and range.
    • Auto Rifle: Fully automatic, low impact rounds with great stability but limited range.

    Special Weapons - Weapons used for support and certain conditions.
    • Shotgun: Close quarters weapon with extreme high impact and assault tactics. Low control and range.
    • Fusion Rifle: Energy, charged based weapon with adept impact with slow fire rate, great stability and range.
    • Sniper Rifle: Single burst, long range weapon with medium impact used for stability and ranged control.

    Heavy Weapons - Yupp, used to wreck shit up.
    • Rocket Launcher: High velocity, powerful weapon with rockets exploding in great radius. Very slow fire rate and heavy handling.
    • Machine Gun: Maximum rate of fire with medium impact, with very low range.

    Factions (open)



    • Vanguard: Grouped Guardians focused on handling interplanetary affairs of evil and The Darkness. Led by the highest skilled of three classes: Cayde-6[Exo Male] Master Hunter, Ikora Rey[Human Female] Master Warlock, and Commander Zavala[Awoken Male] Master Titan.
    • Crucible: A regime that trains all Guardians in combat through rigorous modes of fighting among each other to hone skills and tactics. Led by the Quatermasters.
    • Future War Cult: The FWC is known for its vast military prowess, but they are also secretive. The FWC believes that another war with The Darkness cannot be avoided, regardless of whether they stay in or flee the City, therefore they must be ready to fight. Lakshmi-2 [Exo] is a rep at The Tower for FWC.
    • Dead Orbit: Dead Orbit wants to abandon The City. Members of Dead Orbit intend to escape the dying Earth before The Darkness returns, as they've given up on The Traveler and put little faith in The City's ability to hold out against a major attack. While they recognize that such a move could be very costly in terms of lives, they see no other alternative for survival, and instead put their faith in finding enough Golden Age technology in vaults and abandoned shipyards to allow them to escape and find a new homeworld. They are even willing to cross New Monarchy's legal authority to achieve this end, but they also recognize they will need to bring Guardians to their cause in order to fight against any future threats. Arach Jalaal [Awoken] leads them.
    • New Monarchy: dedicated to maintaining the haven and bringing back the Golden Age. Dissatisfied with the fragmentation within the City, New Monarchy advocates abolishing the Consensus and transferring governmental power from the Speaker to an elected Monarch. Executor Hideo [Human] represents them.
    • Queen's Wrath: The Awoken Queen's most feared and sound group of her guard. Predominantly Awoken, they seek to protect The Reef, Queen's Home, and the people of the Awoken and all they face.
    • Crota's Bane (Not Available)
    • House of Judgement (Not Available yet)

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  2. [Standby for CS Template...Loading...]

    Class (If Applicable):


    Appearance: [Find a Destiny related pic online, or for humans just use a photo/realistic picture]



  3. Will make a Character when I get home from work.
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  4. Name: Swara Nov
    Age: 25
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 133 lbs
    Occupation: Queen's Wrath Faction; Sub-Commander.
    Race: Awoken
    Class (If Applicable): Warlock [Master Sunsinger, Adept Voidwalker]

    Features(5): Loyal/Honest/Adaptable/Driven/Intelligent
    Flaws(5): Aloof/Stubborn/Melodramatic/Devious/Domineering


    Skills/Hobbies: Piloting, Lethal in hand to hand combat, Use of universal energies, Weapons Expert, Profound Leadership, Tactician, Stellar Marksmanship, Abstract knowledge on space and time, Survivalist, Adept Explorer, Mild stealth abilities.

    Weapons Lineup: Hand Cannon, Sidearm/Fusion Rifle, Machine Gun.

    Bio: Swara Nov was born and raised on The Reef under the care of Mara Sov and the Queen's Guard. Swara's parents were killed immediately after she was born after The Darkness managed to seep its way into the system and somehow bring a catastrophic chain of untimely events that ripped the Reef apart to the broken, tarnished looking realm that it is now. She was raised watching the Queen's fiercest warriors, Queen's Wrath that consisted of the strongest Awoken fighters The Reef had to offer, a heavy population of them females. She also took mentorship under Uldren Sov, leader of the covert ops Uldren's Crows and brother to the Queen. She learned her ways of fortitude and capability then, giving her a stern sense of willpower and discipline. Her intellect came from the allies the Awoken made during the Dark Age known as the Royal Guard. They consisted of a race called The Fallen, who otherwise would be seen as a threat race. These specific Fallen strayed from their Houses of Fallen order and their Kell's, and decided to gain empathy for the humanoid races of the Solar System, thus forming a kinship and servitude. At 18, Swara quickly rose among the ranks of Queen's Wrath with stellar combat and tactical skills, and a close relationship with the Queen thrusting her to a Chief Captain title amid The Wrath. Her nickname is "The Fabled." She takes her people's disposition towards outsiders, even becoming a mild racist towards Humans and other species. Her superiority complex is not overbearing though, as she believes all beings serve a greater purpose. She is extremely independent and seldom goes on missions with others. She is more capable and efficient alone, but an expert tactician and survivalist when leading a pack. Now as she investigates Fallen activity on Venus, she will be delved into a greater cause, one that will lead to a great destiny.

    Extras: Extremely athletic and toned, mesmerizing neon blue eyes, very silent and reserved in nature but a extroverted warrior on the field, scared of not living her purpose, generally distrusting, serves the Queen with no hesitation but does rebel from time to time, secretly researches the Collapse and The Traveler to fully understand its power and how to harness it. Her nickname comes from destroying waves of Hive on a Nightfall Strike mission given to her from The Queen...alone.
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  5. Uh a question about the age. Is it the age that they were brought back as a guardian, the age of how long they have been guardians, or just how long they have lived?
  6. Regular age, how long they've lived.
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  7. Ok thanks, I'll post my CS in an hour or two.
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  8. I was wondering if we were allowed to use a picture of a famous person for what i want my character to look like, such as Johnny Depp for an example.
  9. If it's a human sure
  10. Name: Zak Valkyr
    Age: 20
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 195 lbs
    Occupation: Lone Wolf (usually), [BCOLOR=#000000]Dead Orbit[/BCOLOR]
    Race: Human
    Class (If Applicable[​IMG]): Hunter: Master [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Gunstlinger[/BCOLOR], Adept [BCOLOR=#0000ff]Bladedancer[/BCOLOR]

    Features(5):Alertness, Boldness, Endurance, Creativity, Faith

    Flaws(5): Hard Headed, Couch Potato[​IMG], bad attitude, cusses, self centered (usually)

    Appearance: [Find a Destiny related pic online, or for humans just use a photo[​IMG]/realistic picture]

    Skills/Hobbies: excellent marksman, prefers scout rifles

    Bio: He was the only child of Charles and Marianne Valkyr during the golden age. As he grew up it was hard for him to make friends. When he turned ten both of his parents died in an accident. He became a mechanic when he turned 16 and worked in repair shops and even some hangers. When he turned 20, one day while on a called in job he was killed. When he was brought back by a ghost he didn't have any of his memories except for things like his name and how old he was. It took Zak a while to get used to being a Gaurdian, but as he went a long it just kinda grew on him. Now everyday he defend the light from the darkness..... (to achieve his DESTINY!!!!! lol jk)

    "The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed"
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  11. Post to get alerts. I'll see to a character later.

    Kinda nice since I've actually made progress in-game lately. Hello, five treasure keys!
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  12. You still need to put a bio. Even if he doesn't remember, just put that in the bio while explaining his background and lifestyle leading up to the present.
  13. Name: Eran Sol
    Age: 29
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 195lb
    Occupation: Historian/ Scientist. Part of the New Monarchy
    Race: Human
    Class (If Applicable): Warlock [Voidwalker]

    Features(5): Clever/ Intelligent/ Hardworking/Observant/Logical
    Flaws(5): Self-absorbed/Uncaring for non-humans/ Overzealous/ Stubborn/Cold


    -Genius level intellect
    -extremely knowledgeable on the history of humans (including pre-golden age)
    -adept weaponsmith
    -enjoys researching ancient human culture in his free time

    Bio: Eran Sol grew up during a time much of the earth has forgotten. Born into a world before the Traveler graced it with its presence he lived a simple life that, for better or worse, he now tries to keep out of mind. His own passing is a mystery to himself as he found himself in a completely different world unknown to him when he was awoken by his ghost.

    After becoming a full fledged Guardian of the Last City, Eran’s path led him to become a researcher and historian to learn of the glorious Golden Era that he missed in his time “asleep.” While unwilling at first to stop his quest for knowledge and fight the rising darkness, his attitude soon changed when the City became under siege at the battle of Twilight Gap. More or less shoved into the battle with the Fallen, Eran gained a new appreciation for his brothers and sisters in arms. While still distrustful of the Exos and Awoken Guardians, he now begrudgingly fights alongside them while continuing his research on the Golden Age

    Extras: Is uptight about his appearance, keeping a cloth on him at all times for both his armor his fusion rifle. “The world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places.” -J.R.R. Tolkien
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  14. Mines clearly not done, but here is what I have as of now.
  15. Too many warlocks.

    Titan time.
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  16. Making a Hunter when I get home. Handcannons and Snipers >.>
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  17. ok i will i'll do it in a half hour maybe sooner.
  18. Okay, I added one in I just couldn't think of anything at the time but now I figured it out.
  19. Updated the OOC post with factions and weapons now
  20. Just a small question on the factions. What about Iron Banner (Though they are more PvP they are still a faction.) And (this isnt a playable faction, but a faction) Uldren's Crows. They are used for spying and all that kind of stuff.

    Just a question about them :P
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