Destiny - Test of Strength

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  1. Hours after Axel had fought and defeated the Genin challengers, he was summoned to the arena to fight the first main contender, The Fire Reflection. The air was cool and crisp from the mountain breeze that was currently circulating in the spring climate of the mountains.

    Mokui cracked his knuckles and stretched his arms. He drew a kunai from his belt and chewed on the tip. A quirk of some sorts. For one, he was awestruck that a youngster was going to become the Earth Reflection. For seconds, he was unsure if the kid could actually surpass the 2nd Earth Reflection before him. That was probably the only reason he signed up to fight "Axel". He was worried about his aligning village, and was worried in particular if this kid understood the political standards of war. He walked through the archway and into the arena. Time to find out.
  2. Axel bent over backward, realigning his backbones. The fights weren't exactly a walk in the park. Some of the ninja were pretty smart. but they weren't so good that he had to resort to his hair for battle. This one, he knew, bay require considering its use. Raising in ranks was no problem for Axel. But becoming the Earth Reflection was far from his mind. He just liked the fights. He wasn't sure about the political aspects of the job but hey, what was life without uncertainties?

    He stood with his hands in his pocket, watching as his opponent entered the arena. His eyes widened and his stance became more alert than lazy.

    It was the Fire Reflection.

    "Well damn," he muttered.
  3. Mokui just gave Axel a menacing look. He formed his hands into the seals, and performed the Kage no Bunshin jutsu. he made 3 clones each of which lunged at Axel, throwing wild punches and throwing Kunai. As his clones attacked, he began to make the seals for the long Body Enplacement Technique.

    He grinned at Axel, who was probably fighting vigorously, and said "Are you're up to this, Kid?"
  4. Axel managed to whip out a kunai of his own to knock away the kunai knives but took a few hits before he was able to slice through one of the clones. Distractions were not good. Who knew what the guy had up his sleeve. "Ignis," he muttered, thankful he put on his gloves before the fight. His hands crackled with the power of fire and he cut loose, managing to down anther clone. These were tougher than he imagined, but it was to be expected. The man he was fighting was no pushover. Axel had kept a careful eye on his actual opponent, and saw his hands move.

    Crap. He had to do it this time.

    Blocking a roundhouse from the last standing clone with his own leg, he quickly slapped his hands together. "Release!" With that, his braid was revealed and he wasted no time in muttering "Fluer de Lis!" His braid lashed out at Mokui, razor ended blade poised to pierce. The clone he hadn't forgotten, took a flaming fist to the chest, dissipating in a puff of smoke. Axel returned his attention to his intended target, ready to put a little more effort into what he was doing. But just in case, he quickly made the seals for his Earth Style's Fissure.

    He hoped he made it out of this one alive.
  5. Mokui stopped mid-jutsu. He jumped out of the way of the razor hair just barely. He weaved his hands at amazing speed and brought his fingers to his mouth, and uttered:

    "Fire Style, Great Fire Ball Jutsu," and he exhaled air, that trans-morphed into a giant fire ball.

    Moments, and a giant crack began flying towards him, he couldn't dodge it. He fell through the fairly wide crack, and smacked his head on the ground beneath. It was only about 30 feet deep. He Wall-ran up the wall, and as he jumped out, he whipped 3 kunai before flipping out onto the surface of the ground.
  6. Axel leaned all the way backward, hands over his belly to form additional seals as soon as he figured out what jutsu to use. The ball of flames passed dangerously low, grazing his fingertips and narrowly missing him. He barely had time to recover before three knives shot toward him. His blade ended braid retracted fast enough to stop one and redirect another. The third nicked him in his cheek. Had he been fully upright, it may have torn through his side.

    Too damn close.

    With a breath, he shot his braid out toward Mokui. The braid separated into sections, each with its own blade. Hands already in position and moving in time, he stomped his left foot. "Earth Style, Tomb Stone!" The ground broke apart, large boulders rising and crumbling into nothing more than sharpened pebbles. They also shot toward Mokui.

    If Axel couldn't find a way to beat this guy, he may just deplete his chakra reserves.